Why is Digital Marketing So Important and How You Can Become Involved by Logan Lenz

Digital marketing has become a significant part of every company’s marketing plan. Having a strong brand online is now easier than ever, and there are so many ways that you can promote your business including social media, email marketing or game advertising.

Companies now need people who can understand the nuances of this rapidly evolving form of marketing, and that means there are plenty of opportunities to get involved. For those who are looking to get into the business, here are some valuable tips.

Getting involved

There are some ways that you can get involved in the digital marketing business; for those that have just started, they often use freelancing sites to promote themselves. It can be a good first step, and it builds a good reputation. If you want to become your own boss, then there are companies such as Fully Promoted, which offer digital marketing franchise opportunities to those who want to start their own business.

Working with Social Media

The more social media accounts you have, the better when it comes to business. Depending on the company, you can utilize different parts of the social media platforms to enhance their profile and increase their followers.

For example, if you are dealing with a photography business, then a platform like Instagram would be perfect because of its photo angle. Regular posts would soon get people clicking through to their site.

One site that can help businesses interact with other company owners is LinkedIn. It can make other companies aware of what their competitors are doing as well as encouraging associations and collaborations.

Helping with Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing is still the most popular way to promote a brand. It is important to give customers an email with good content that will hold their interest and encourage them to click through to the site.

Digital marketing can help by creating engaging content in a way that is bold and stands out to the customer. It needs to be interesting, or they might not even open it. There are other ways such as competitions and special offers that can entice people to take a look.

Website Optimization

The content that is created for a company’s website has to be both informative and engaging. Otherwise, no-one will stay on your website long enough to see what else is on the site.

By making the content interesting and by using SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), you can not only increase the views of the site, but also help it to climb the search rankings.

These are just a few of the ways that digital marketing can influence a company’s presence online. Businesses from large corporations to small start-ups are eager to tap into this pool of new customers. It could be someone like you that they come to for help and advice on the latest trends.

With a little research and some practice, the world of digital marketing can be a place that changes your career.

How to Minimize the Potential for Data Loss in Your Company by Logan Lenz

We all know the phrase ‘fail to prepare and prepare to fail’, and in business, this is particularly relevant. Successful businesses are founded on vast amounts of preparation to counter act the ‘what-if’ scenarios that can rock their very being. No situation can be unprepared for, you have to prepare for the worst and develop systems that can cope with the unexpected.

Disaster recovery plans are devised as a documented process or set of procedures that employees can follow to ensure business continuity in the event of a disaster. The disaster can be anything from flooded offices, an earthquake or even a terrorist threat. While the safety and well-being of employees is obviously the main priority in such circumstances, a close second is the need to recover and protect the IT infrastructure to ensure minimal damage to the workings of the business. The first ten days of computer outage are critical: if a company can’t get back online within this period, they rarely financially recover.

Great disasters are not the only reason for business downtime and data loss, and it is how companies deal with the potential threats.

Develop a positive workplace culture

It is all too easy to work for a company and think that the IT department are the only people that take responsibility for all things computer related, but employees must take personal responsibility for the actions that they take. Disgruntled employees are often to blame for businesses to lose critical data; they will be less inclined to do so if they have had a positive experience working in the company. Foster an open line of communication between employees and their managers so that any suspicious behaviors can be easily reported.

Another benefit of having a transparent and open working culture is that if mistakes do happen, the employee will feel able to report them, without the fear of retribution or long-term damage to the company. Only rarely are documents permanently lost (unless DIY solutions have been sought which often overwrite data), and companies such as Secure Data Recovery can restore documents that have accidentally been deleted.

Regularly update employees about current virus threats

Computer viruses cost, on average, US companies 55 billion dollars per annum. Training must take place within companies to educate the employee as to what can be downloaded, and what can’t. There are often global virus attacks that make the headlines, stay tuned in and up-to-date with reported viruses.

Test your backup procedures

Shockingly, 96% of workstations aren’t backed up, and even if they are, 34% fail to test their methods are adequate; and out of those that do test, 77% are found to be either not working or having backup failures. Whether you have a whole team of IT professionals or not, there is no reason for not backing up your documents. Again, communicate with your team the importance of doing so, and build back up into your workplace culture, make it as natural as refilling the copier when it’s out of paper. Do be aware that the quality of your backup is dependent on the quality of the tools you use: a thrift store USB stick will not provide the same quality or have the longevity of, for example, a cloud-based solution.

How Smart Marketing Can Help Sell That New Product by Logan Lenz

Whether you are a new business or an established one, marketing is at the forefront of your company. Promoting your brand and getting new customers is what it is all about. However, it is not just about how you market your brand; it is also about how you launch new products or services. People might know your name, but they might not know about the exciting new product you have just released. We can all take note from Steve Jobs on this front.

Designing the brand

You may have a brand already, but what will your new product be called? Will it have a logo? If designing logos and names is not your thing, then you should consider bringing in an outside source such as a graphic designer. This is an important part of the product, so you want it to be right. You want them to design the logo and the packaging to reflect the product while keeping it up to date. Your packaging needs to be simple yet easy to read and see from a distance. If someone cannot remember the name of your product, you want them to be able to describe it to another person.

Once you have the name and logo finished, it is time to start thinking about where you are going to show it off.

Getting your product noticed

So, you have the packaging, logo, and brand all designed and ready to go, but how do you get people to take a look at it and try it for themselves? There are many ways that you can get people’s attention, either directly or via another means. You need to find out how best to show off your product in a way that will encourage people to use it.

An online campaign may be a good idea, but if it is for a perfume, then people might not buy it if they cannot smell it. Therefore, you can try to give away samples on the street or at local events. This is a good way for people to see your product and try it for themselves. You could always add money off voucher or some other offer to persuade them to buy the product.

Social Media

Social media is a tremendous marketing tool that will get you and your product noticed quickly. You can pay for advertising, or you can simply post details and free offers, and entice people that way. If you ask people to fill in a form, you can send them a sample; it also gives you their data for future marketing.

You can also pursue more expensive advertising, but you might need capital to fund the campaign. There is the option of securing capital through business loans to pay for the advertising; it should repay itself with the increased earnings over time. There are companies who will provide you with capital in a matter of minutes, while finding you the lowest payback rates.

If you want to get your product noticed, there are many ways that you can achieve it using a mixture of online and physical advertising. All you need to do is evaluate which types of advertising are going to be the most useful for your product.

The Easy Way to Move up the Career Ladder by Logan Lenz

Sometimes, getting ahead in the workplace can be difficult. But it needn't be. Too many employees are stuck in a hole of familiarity and struggle to take that next step up on the ladder - whether they're looking for a promotion, more responsibility, or more money. We're going to look at some key tips to help you take the next step in your career. Some of them might seem obvious - but you'd be surprised how many people don't even try the simplest of things to make the most out of their career.

Move Jobs

Sometimes, you really do have to move on to move up. It's one of the simplest but also most challenging ways of taking your career to the next level. For a number of reasons, you've probably been pigeon-holed in your current role. No matter how hard you work - it can be difficult to break out of this, especially if you've been doing the same role for a while.

You might not want to move jobs, and that's fair enough - but it might be one of the only things you can do to break out of your current role and take a step up in your career. Your colleagues and bosses will have built a certain perception of you over the months and years that can be hard to dislodge. Even if you're a valued worker, you'll often be overlooked for promotions in favor of outsiders. Guess what? Those outsiders probably had to quit their old job in order to move up, too.

Go the Extra Mile

While many people do need to move on to move up - it is still possible to impress in your current role. What's the best way to do this? It's not rocket science - work harder. If you've been in your job for a while you've probably slipped into a routine of doing just about enough. Remember when you first started and you wanted to impress everyone? You're going to have to go back into that mode and simply say yes to everything. Stay later if you have to. It's not going to be easy but if you really knuckle down and start working at 100% - it shouldn't go unnoticed.

You might be saying to yourself that you already work as hard as possible, but you probably know deep down that isn't really the case. While talent and other factors can be important, hard workers get noticed. They're also often the first to get rewarded for their extra work.

Educate Yourself

If the main reason you keep getting passed up for promotions is because you lack key skills or qualifications, the best way to fix that is obviously to learn more. You don't have to go back to college - many qualifications can be studied for in the evening or even while you're on the job. Some employers will even encourage (and pay) for additional workplace training or courses - so have a word with them. They'll also appreciate you trying to better yourself which could help in itself.

If you're trying to get that next promotion at work or take the next step up the career ladder - hard work and improving your skillset must be the basis of your focus. There isn't really a quick-fix, but if you apply yourself you should get the career you've been looking for.

About the Author

Peter Ellington has years of experience in the career industry. He knows how difficult it can be do move up in the same job, that's why he recommends private tuition for those looking to get ahead.

Why Computer Performance Matters When Running a Design Agency by Logan Lenz

With the increasing demand for better visual content and the rise of internet marketing, design agencies are working on more projects than ever before. The popularity of social media makes the demand for high-quality visuals even higher; we haven't even begun talking about video marketing.

More projects mean more challenges for digital agencies. Designers and creative directors need to work fluidly with each other to keep up with tight deadlines and high standards. Capable computers with good performance are becoming a necessity.

Better Performance = Smooth Experience

Designers rely on inspiration and the power of their tools to create stunning designs. The more seamless design apps such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator you can run on a computer, the better the results will be. The slightest disruption in the process – a glitch or a computer that stutters when handling heavier load – can quickly ruin concentration.

The computer's performance also plays a significant role in helping designers keep up with more tasks. Smoother user experience leads to designers being able to complete projects faster and more efficiently. Design agencies can expand their capacity by investing in high-performing computers to support their talents.

There are ways to ensure smooth user experience and top performance. For design purposes, sufficient RAM and fast SSDs are key components to add to the computer. Almost every computer can be upgraded to have up to 64 GB of RAM, including Apple’s iMacs. There are iMac memory modules you can buy to improve the performance of your machines.

Access to More Creative Tools

Most design and video editing apps are coded to be as efficient as they can be. The latest version of Adobe CC 2017, for example, will run just fine on a system with 4 GB of RAM and 5,400 RPM hard drives. The performance of these apps will still be limited to the resources available to them.

Plugins, however, aren’t so kind to limited resources. Noise-reduction plugins are great examples of resource-heavy tools that your designers can’t access unless they are using capable computers. The plugin takes ages to load and longer to process images, rendering them almost unusable.

Video editing apps and the plugins that go along with them are even more resource-intensive. You need at least 16 GB of RAM and a capable processor for a complete editing suite to run smoothly.

Higher Quality Designs

Last, but not least, we also have the fact that good performance is needed to produce high-quality results. Clients are now expecting higher resolutions and more details from the visual contents you create. 4K is becoming more common and processing 4K content to get the best results requires more computer resources.

This is why computer performance matters when running a digital agency. Without capable computers supporting your talent, it will be difficult to keep up with tighter deadlines, work on multiple projects simultaneously, use the latest and greatest creative tools available, and produce better overall results at the end of the process. Capable computers are a great investment for your design agency.

3 B2B Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid At all Costs by Logan Lenz

With the recent advancements in social media, digital media, and various other channels, there are more opportunities than ever for B2B marketers. However, with this bevy of choices comes a lot of confusion and increases the chance for error. Here are some of the most common mistakes B2B marketers make and how you can avoid them.

Not Focusing enough on SEO

Many B2B marketers tend to neglect SEO for some reason and focus mainly on getting leads and meeting face to face. However, SEO should play a major role in your strategy, whether you’re selling laser cutting equipment to multinationals or work with local businesses. It is estimated that over 20% of all searches conducted are for local businesses, so you’re leaving a lot of money on the table if you’re not taking advantage of SEO. You should contact an SEO company and ask them to audit your site. You should, ideally, rank number one for your company’s name. If that isn’t the case, you have a problem.

Not Having an Email Marketing Strategy

Email marketing is one of the most powerful and overlooked strategies when it comes to B2B marketing. It is also one of the methods with the best return on investment. As a matter of fact, it has been estimated that email marketing has a 4,000%+ return on investment across all industries.

One of the best ways to gather emails is to use an email finder tool such as theemailfinder.co. A tool like this will allow you to find emails that are still active and not waste time contacting people who no longer work at a certain company. Next, you can contact each one personally and throw a personalized pitch, or blast messages. However, make sure that you comply with the anti-spam regulation in your area. In the US and Canada, you can send unsolicited emails to companies as long as it is clearly marked as a marketing solicitation or advertisement. Only emails sent through a preauthorized mailing list are exempt.

Not taking into Account On-Site Conversion Rates

The main goal of any website should be to convert, right? However, you’d be surprised at how many people neglect the conversion part of their website. They have an “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it” approach, but rarely can they ascertain if their site is working. Improving website conversions is an easy way to boost your business without spending too much. It is estimated that two to three percent of all visitors to websites end up converting into leads. You could easily double that by making some minor modifications. You could run some a/b testing on your site and make tweaks to your web copy, or you could use analytics software such as HotJar to identify patterns and make corrections.

If you’re in the B2B business, remember that SEO should still play a major role in any strategy, as well as email marketing, as long as you abide by the rules in your jurisdiction. Last, but not least, seek to constantly improve your site’s conversion rates for better results.

How to Drive More Traffic to Your Website by Logan Lenz

If you run a business then one of your key priorities is to drive traffic to your website and try to convert those visitors into customers. If you are looking to drive more traffic to your website, then there are a few basic methods that are used successfully by marketers. If you are new to marketing strategies, then you might need to research more thoroughly and ask for advice from marketing experts. However, for now, we are just looking at the high-level concepts.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization is the methodology behind driving traffic to your website organically. By the term organic, we mean through unpaid traffic methods. This mostly consists of ensuring your website content gets a good rating by the criteria used by the search engines. There is no definitive answer to how to get the highest scores, and the algorithms used to calculate rankings are adjusted at regular intervals. However, there are some general principles that you can follow to improve your SEO performance.

Marketers consider that the following plays a significant part in search engine rankings:

Keywords – Including relevant keywords in your website pages can boost the ranking, but ‘over-stuffing’ runs the risk of being penalized. Therefore, you have to work hard to get the balance right and make sure that any content is natural and useful.

Links – Adding links in your content to trusted sites is also deemed to improve ranking. Using links that add real value to your content are the ones that you should be going for. So, if you are using research results to add as evidence to your page, people will find value in this.

Image Tags – Tagging all of the images on your website with relevant tags will enable the search engines to identify them. If you leave the tags blank, the search engines will ignore your images, and this could hinder prospective clients and customers.

Meta Description – The meta description is a summary of text that appears under your website’s URL within the search page. It is important to get the right type of words here as it will persuade users to click on the links to your website.

PPC – Another effective way of driving traffic to websites is through paid traffic such as Pay Per Click. This is where you pay to display an ad for your website and each time someone clicks through to your website you pay a fee.

Marketing Channels – One of the best ways to get new customers is via email marketing. By constructing effective emails that persuade the recipients to either visit your website, call your office or email you, you will get higher numbers of customers. If you master the creation of good quality email content, with a strong call to action, you can drive significant numbers of potential customers to your website. Once you have a high number of visitors, you will need to persuade them of your expertise/quality of products through

4 Foolproof Tips to Increase Your Blogging Community by Logan Lenz

If you are struggling to break into the internet market, it is highly likely you are not using the right marketing strategy. Many website owners have fallen for scams in a bid to increase online visibility. Such schemes end up ruining website ranking and it is advisable to only use tested and proven strategies.

Blogging is one of the most effective marketing strategies if you are looking for organic traffic. It is a white hat and Webmaster-approved tool to boost your ranking on search engine result pages (SERPs) while also positioning your brand in your industry. A blog is also invaluable in building customer relationships.

Well, while many websites now boast a blog, most website owners complain about poor traffic to their platforms. It is widely said, and rightly so, that building a blog can take minutes but building a successful blog with a significant following can take months if not years. 

Luckily, creating a blog is easy and faster using the following tips:

1.       Inviting Interaction

Many blogs have fantastic content yet they don’t enjoy much traffic. It is normal for readers to leave a comment and leave but as a blogger, you have to think of unique ways to inspire more readers to interact.

A call to interact is easy to implement by simply asking readers to comment about your products and services, asking questions, writing discussion-type posts which will elicit response, polls and challenges, and off-blog invitations among other strategies. 

2.       Utilize Influencers

This is a unique and highly effective strategy to attract serious readers. To do this, you have to start interacting with influencers in your niche by visiting their blogs and asking them to contribute to your blog. This networking might take time to bear fruits but once they are ready to write for you, make sure everyone knows about it. This strategy gets you quality content and access to better distribution through the influencer’s networks.

3.       Use a Conversational Voice

This is a cardinal rule when blogging. Make sure you don’t talk at readers but rather talk to them.  This is a trap most authorities in different niches fall into. Just because you know a lot about a particular topic should not be a reason to turn away interested readers.

Make your content conversational and interesting. However difficult the topic is, break it down just like you would in a conversation. This is a simple way to invite more readers to come back for more. Tell stories, use personal language and share opinions if you want to grow your blogging community.

4.       Use Challenges

Readers go online because they want to learn and interact. If your content is just informational, it will bring in traffic, but not as much traffic as it would if you included a challenge. Many top blogs today grew their communities through challenges which brought on more and more participants. You need to assess your target audience and the blog’s objective when creating a challenge to ensure you have a relevant following.

There are other strategies including face-to-face meetings, putting your readers in the spotlight, repurposing your content in line with SEO and industry changes among other strategies.