Ideas that can be put into action in order to generate more traffic by Logan Lenz

One of the most common challenges that you hear from the business owners is lack of website traffic. In fact, there are many who report to have lost a significant portion of their web traffic over the past few years simply due to the numerous algorithm updates that have been released by Google. Most businesses who share an online space are constantly looking for brand new ways of driving traffic to their website. If you too are someone who is looking for ways in which you can drive targeted traffic towards your website, here are some tips that you may look into.

1.      Concentrate on long-tail keywords: Gone are the good old days of focusing on single keywords for each page. You should always ensure that each and every post in your website contains all the relevant phrases and terms that are related to your topic. If you’re still not well-versed with the importance of long-tail keywords, you can make a Google search and try to learn about their popularity and necessity.

2.      Start a Facebook group: How about embracing the social media in order to drive the target traffic to your website? You can focus on creating a niche-specific group where the members will all participate in Facebook and ask questions and obtain support from people. However, make sure you always point them back to the main site where it is relevant to boost the visibility of your content.

3.      Initiate a forum on your website: Did you know that with an active forum, it is possible to start ranking for all the long-tail keywords that you use? This is also a great way of decreasing the bounce rate of your website, building a community and increasing the time-on site.

4.      Promote blog posts to your mail friends: Well, this need not be the main focus of all your emails but you can sometimes include a link or two to your blog posts as this can considerably increase sales, leads and traffic. Include a link in order to boost web traffic.

5.      Improve the headlines of your post: The headlines of your post are those that get people to your door, especially when you share your posts on the social media. This is why you should make sure you make headlines in such a way that it can attract people and clearly articulate the purpose of the post to the readers. If needed, learn the tips to write perfect headlines.

6.      Guest posts on high quality blogs: There’s not much purpose in guest posting in a site with an unrelated niche. Hence, you should ensure that you contribute your guest posts only to the high quality websites and blogs. This will redirect the audience to your site and that can be converted to high quality traffic.

Hence, if you’re seeking information on the ways of increasing web traffic, you can take into account the points mentioned above. For more information, you may check out

How to Protect Your Website from Viruses and Malware by Logan Lenz

Your website is vulnerable to attacks, viruses and malware every single day, so it is essential to take precautions to prevent these attacks from occurring.  Whilst you are likely already aware of the different programs that can protect your PC from attacks, when it comes to your website, you need to remember that the viruses won’t only affect you, they could affect any potential customers that visit your site too.  So, if you want to protect your website, read these tips provided by IT support gurus that will help you prevent attacks from occurring.

Ensure Your Protection is Up to Date

The first thing you want to do is ensure your virus and malware protection is up to date.  There is no point installing software and then forgetting about it.  Every time a new virus or form of malware is discovered, your software provider should release an update which will help protect your website from these new attacks.  Make sure your computer has a virus protection software installed as well, and consider signing up to emails which will notify you of updates.  Finally, make sure that your CMS is also updated every time a new release comes out.

Create a Good Password

Whether you are using a Content Management System like WordPress or a specially designed site created with Joomla or Drupal, it’s vital that your backend login passwords are hard to decipher.  Make sure the password you use is completely different to any other passwords you have, and that it includes a variety of letters, numbers and special characters.  Many hackers make use of decoding programs to get into the backend of websites, so make it as difficult for them as possible to gain access.

Avoid Opening Email Attachments If You Don’t Know the Sender

A lot of viruses and malware are sent through email attachments, with the virus or malware designed to infiltrate your computer once you download the files.  To avoid becoming victim to this, ensure that you only download files sent to you by people that you recognise.  And, if a file has been sent via a bulk email, avoid opening this at all as the sender’s email may have been hacked.  Install a firewall onto your computer which will give you added protection.

Keep a Backup

Finally, sometimes no matter how much protection you have in place, your site will still fall prey to hackers, viruses and malware.  In cases like these, you’ll wish you had a backup of your site in place, which can be rolled out once the problem has been fixed.  If using a WordPress blog, you will find a number of plugins that will automatically back up your site for you, but your host should also have some backup options in place.  If you don’t have a backup, you are putting yourself at the risk of losing everything.

Whether you run a business website or a personal self hosted blog, make sure you keep these tips in mind.  They should help to drastically lower your chances of having issues with viruses and malware.

4 Important Criteria for Choosing Digital Signage Software by Logan Lenz

If you are in the market for digital signage software, you are probably overwhelmed by the amount of choice that you have. When it comes down to it, however, you want to have software that meets your most vital needs.

Companies like fourwindsinteractive provide modern digital signage solutions that have evolved quite significantly from earlier year’s systems that have come to be known for their clunkiness and resource hogging.

Find below some of the most important criteria for choosing digital signage software.

1.   Charges and costs

With the fast pace of technology changes in both software and hardware, digital signage has evolved quite significantly from a time when expensive and bulky components comprising mainly of hardware like computers and content management software were required.

Now hardware is as small as a USD flash disk and powerful enough to do the job, and software is light and on the ever present cloud which means a lot of other overheads have also been significantly cut down.

2.   Simple and easy to use

Traditionally, digital signage systems consisted of several different modules for them to function synergistically to produce and publish content for display. They mainly comprise of:

1.      A server for network management

2.      Reporting server

3.      Content design

4.      Media player licenses

5.      Other add-ons

These modules when looked at individually can be very costly and complex to manage, they often need different expertise and hardware resources to be effective. However, with the advent of cloud computing, things have become much more streamlined and efficient.

Work is done remotely, uploaded into the cloud and updated into localized systems so that content can change in several places all at once and with very little effort. The resources needed to make all these changes are greatly reduced which means managing such systems is easier and more efficient.

Users can now fully focus on the message and less on the background work it takes to present and display the message.

3.   Robust customer care and technical support

With the now aging digital signage systems, customer care is a vital component of the service. This is because several different modules all have to work efficiently and synergistically for the message to be displayed. For example, for software updates to be made, special resources have to be allocated to enable consistent and continued use of the systems. These are often charged at a premium.

With modern systems, customer care and technical support is still as vital, but because systems are more streamlined, managing systems such as updates is done automatically and the whole process is much more seamless. This means that most customer care departments have more time to deal with other more specific problems.

4.   Variety of choice

Modern digital signage systems offer the latest in software, hardware, and content creation solutions so that the creation and display of digital signage messages is not encumbered by formats and differences in platforms.

If you want to use a specific operating system, it should be available to you. For example, if you want to use Linux, Windows or Android systems, you should have the choice to do so.

Best SEO Practices for Small Businesses in 2015 by Logan Lenz

Search engine optimization is a field that is constantly evolving. A technique that has huge results today can be completely obsolete in a few months. This makes understanding an application of SEO for small business owners very difficult. If doing it yourself, you have to sacrifice a few hours of your time each week to ensure you remain ahead of your competitors.

While SEO is a long-term marketing strategy, it doesn’t have to take up most of your time, especially if you contract the services of an SEO expert. Below is a list of important strategies that you should employ, as the year goes on, if you want to see any noteworthy gains from your SEO campaign.

1.     Content is King

The phrase “Content is King” was coined by Bill Gates in an article he wrote more than ten years ago. This is perhaps one of the few SEO techniques that has remained as relevant today as it was a decade ago. Content has taken greater precedence over the last ten years, and will continue to do so in the foreseeable future.

Consumers turn to smaller businesses over the big brands because of their quality of service – they get a personal touch, a solution created specifically to cater to their needs and content that is not only relevant, but also valuable and meaningful. Creating high-quality, relevant content will offer you the greatest advantage over the bigger brands within your niche.

2.     The age of mobile

Last year, the number of searches run on mobile devices finally overtook desktop searches ushering in the age of the mobile device. In response, Google has included yet another update to its algorithm, designed to measure the mobile-friendliness of a website. If your site is still not mobile-optimized, forget about any visibility on mobile search SERPs, which is now greater than desktop searches.

In addition, ensure that your mobile landing pages are optimized to provide value to a mobile viewer whose needs are different from a desktop viewer’s. Your site should be responsively designed, or you should have a specific mobile website.

3.     Change your link-building

Google has changed the way it views backlinks to websites in several ways. You probably know that you need only to have high quality links from authority sites in your related field of business. In addition, Google now examines content surrounding the back link. This content should mention and/or show a relationship with the link. Sometimes, you may not even need to add a link – if another site talks about your business and mentions its name; Google interprets this as a back link.

4.     Shift focus from keywords

This is especially hard to hear if you have been an SEO expert for some time. Keywords are no longer considered primary factors for ranking. This means that keyword-stuffing and building content specifically for certain keywords are techniques that should be thrown out. While you needn’t completely discard the technique, remember that Google is not more focused on the degree to which your website delivers on promises made to consumers.

This is done by measuring the site’s ROI – lower returns indicate lower efficacy, which in turn reduces your credibility ranking. Higher ROIs conversely indicate higher value. Websites are actively working to deliver to clients and gain higher conversions as a result.

5.     Social markers

Content is King, but social signals are also paramount in today’s ranking algorithms. No matter how small the business is, ensure you maintain an active social profile on the most important sites. It can be discouraging to fight for visibility against huge worldwide brands that gain millions of fans and followers without any effort.

However, you probably don’t need a worldwide following yet, so start small. Engage with customers and consumers in your locality by running promotions, events and publicizing them on social media. Generate a buzz around your brand also by offering high quality relevant content that will win a lot of shares as well as generate conversations. Engage with your audience by replying to comments as soon as you can.

6.     Site security

With the rise of cybercrime today, it’s most important to ensure that your site is fully secure so that your customers’ details are always kept safe. Identity theft is on the rise, and while most consumers have become more accepting of online shopping, this trust bears a great burden on site owners.

Google and other search engines favor sites, e-commerce and otherwise, that have set up robust security systems for sensitive client information transmission. Search engines care about users, hence would not direct them towards sites where their sensitive information may be at risk. Ensure that you have made all effort to secure your clients’ personal details – credit card information, names, telephone numbers, physical addresses etc. – whenever you ask for them.


Author Bio:

Daniel Mattei (@mattedt) is a web Marketing Specialist at Dynamic Search with a love for film-making, content marketing, and photography. He lives with his wife, Grace and Pomeranian, Couscous in Phoenix, Arizona.

5 Great Ways to Enhance Your Production Web App Server Set Up by Logan Lenz

After your app is up and running inside a cloud server environment, you might be wondering what you can do to ensure your server environment works in a full-fledged production. Planning and implementing your production environment is very important. So where do you start? Well, the primary step is to create a loose meaning or definition of “production.”

A comprehensive look at production environment

Generally, in the context of web application, a server environment consists of personnel, operational plans, data, software, and hardware. All these are important in keeping your application working. A production environment is a server environment designed and implemented with total consideration for satisfactory levels of the following factors:

·         Recoverability

·         Availability

·         Performance

Here are the five components that you can use to change your current setup into an effective production environment.

1.      Backup system

An effective backup system should grant you the ability to come up with periodic data backups as well as restore the data from your backups. This system also provides rollbacks in data to an initial state in case of undesired modification or accidental deletion. Any of these cases can take place because of a variety of reasons that include human error. At one point in time, computer hardware can fail. This can temporarily cause data loss. Consequently, always maintain a recent backup system for all crucial data.

2.      Recovery plans

These are a set of documented processes that recover any important data from administration errors or potential failures in your production environment. You, at least, need a recovery plan for every crippling scenario which you deem will inevitably take place, like accidental data deletion or server hardware failure. On top of high-quality documentation, an excellent recovery plan might leverage deployment scripts as well as configure management tools, like Puppet, Chef, or Ansible to assist in quickening and automating the recovery process.

3.      Load balancing

You can include load balancing to your server environment in order to enhance performance as well as availability through distributing the workload on multiple servers. If you experience failure in one of the servers, the other servers shall handle all the incoming traffic until the one that has failed returns to normalcy. Within a cloud server environment, you can typically implement load balancing through incorporating a load balancer server, which runs a load balancer software.

Visit to learn more about how to monitor your servers.

4.      Monitoring

Monitoring supports a server environment through tracking the status of services. Monitoring also tracks the trends of your SRU (server resource utilization). This goes miles in providing great visibility to your environment. You can configure monitoring systems to trigger actions such as sending notifications, or running a script whenever a server or service goes down. It is also necessary when a particular resource like storage, memory or CPU becomes over-utilized. The notifications usually enable you to respond to any issue immediately it occurs.

5.      Centralized logging

Centralized logging provides a very easy way to search and view your logs. The logs are stored locally on single or individual servers across your whole environment within one place. With logs, you can identify all issues that span a number of servers by correlating their metrics and logs during certain time frames.

Top PowerPoint Templates Looking Awesome in 2015 by Logan Lenz

The use of PowerPoint templates is surely an ideal way of looking your best. Impressing your audience is easy if you know how to make excellent use of your templates. Sadly, today, many downright ugly and outdated PowerPoint templates exist. The million-dollar question is, how can you find the most modern templates? How do you get templates that do not look as if they were designed and/or created by a financial expert in the 1990s on a Compaq Presario?

Have you been looking for the best PowerPoint Templates? Well, look no further. Here is a comprehensive list of the top ten templates, which match perfectly with the current design trends:

The Maya Presentation Template

This is an exceptional tool to dazzle audiences. It brings with it an elegant and clean design. The Maya Presentation Template is easy to play with colors as well as modify shapes. Users also have an easy time changing and modifying charts and texts.

The Mega Empire PowerPoint

This awesome presentation bundles boasts of ten gorgeous templates. They cost approximately two dollars per template. You have hundreds if not thousands of slides to choose from. Therefore, regardless of the presentation you are making, this great tool should do the magic.

The SlidePro PowerPoint Template

The SlidePro PowerPoint Template is a great way to do your data-heavy talk in an interesting and colorful way. The template has plenty of color, icons, and charts options to select from. Use it today and discover its magic.

The Booker - Business Presentation

Are you looking for a template to help you make a professional and strong impact? Then Booker is your best bet. Booker has a formal and clean look. Use it for your upcoming big project and enjoy the impressive results.

The Yves Elegant Presentation

Yves stands out as a highly glamorous presentation. It is exceptional at making a bold statement. Yves contains more than thirty unique slides. Its streamlined and sleek look will definitely make your presentations stand out.

The Omni Creative Presentation

There is no doubt that Omni is an ideal choice for coming up with eye-catching slides in an array of color designs and schemes. You get more than fifty slides. This package is very easy to edit.


Vertex offers you a professional and super-sleek template. This tool provides very easy-to-read slides, which can pack plenty of information in a highly clean format. Grab yours today.


This is an impressive template from displaying information and images with a modern and sharp look. Abstrax brings with it more than forty-five slights. You also get two different templates to use.


PowerNote is a minimalistic and simple template that comes in handy for business presentations. With this great tool, you enjoy basic and simple color palette. You also get a straightforward way of displaying information.

Design Power

This is an excellent choice for those looking for a modern and sharp way to display statistics and graphics.

Author Bio

Enock Bailey is the founder of a leading PR firm in Boston. His company provides exceptional and effective tips when it comes to PPT templates. Visit his website for more information.

4 Cost-effective SEO tools by Logan Lenz

Which are the ones that are worth your time?

When it comes to anything that involves business, achieving the right amount of long term profits is the primary goal. Making some fast cash here and there is always a good thing, although they say that there’s no shortcut to success, yet it allow you to have a constant cash flow and peace of mind. SEO is the process of optimizing your website in the best possible way for a particular term. Using SEO tools can save your time and money. However, most of the tools are too expensive for the digital startups and the small business firms. So, if you’re a startup, here are some cost-effective SEO tools that can have a beneficial impact on your business.

1. This tool is available at a price of $48 per month and this is perhaps the dearest among the other tools mentioned in the list. Nevertheless, this is being mentioned first because it is used quite often. The most extraordinary feature of this tool is the SEO correlation testing feature. This is built to allow you to test the tactics and strategies that are actually enhancing your rankings and those that aren’t. The actually gets to the heart of what data marketing is all about. If you’re someone who has still not used tools to recognize and evaluate the connection between your attempts and consequences, you’re perhaps not utilizing the tools in the right manner.

2.      SheerSEO: This is yet another all-rounder tool available at various pricing options, ranging from $7 to $40 a month. This particular tool tracks search engine rankings and imports Google Analytics data. This SEO tools even includes an alarmingly large and helpful collections of tools in accordance with its price tag. Among them, one of the most noteworthy is the blog view request tool. That tool can be leveraged to create a message and send it to the bloggers, requesting them to review your site.

3.      Search Enabler: This is a tool that has its pro version available at $49 and the Starter version at $15. Although it doesn’t have any standout features, yet there are some well-acclaimed benefits. The web analysis tool audits your domain for errors and also looks for areas of improvement. The link analyzer tracks the links along with the links of three other competitors. This tool may lack Page Rank information but it allows you to discover anchor text and also amplify the spread of no-follow and do-follow links.

4.      UpCity: This is more of an educational resource and less of an SEO tool. All the small business organizations looking for doing SEO for themselves can reap benefits from this tool as it guides them through the entire process, assists them in selecting keywords and offers some of the nascent tracking features as well.

In a nutshell, you don’t require breaking your bank to place your safe hands on the best SEO tools. The above mentioned list comprises of the best price search engine marketing tools in the market. Purchase the one that is tailored to meet your needs. 

The 5 Best Ways to Start Your Digital Marketing Campaign by Logan Lenz

In this digital age, it seems obvious that digital marketing is the perfect way to market your business, and its use varies from best edge medical marketing to model railway marketing. Most people can use digital marketing in some way, but what is the best approach to it. After all, there are more ways to use the internet to market a company now than ever before. Here are the most popular ways to use marketing on the internet to encourage people to use your business.

Affiliate Marketing

A simple but effective way to market your company is to use another business to do it for you. Affiliate marketing allows you to advertise on another company’s website. This is a low cost way to start some digital marketing, though you will need to pay the host site a percentage of your profit in return for being allowed on their website. Depending on your affiliate, you could see a tremendous return, and could eventually even host others on your website.


SEO is an important part of any digital marketing strategy, but is not one that the customers actually meet face to face. SEO is the way that your business’ website will be found on an internet search. A good SEO strategy will see you rank highly, but without one, it is hit and miss as to whether you will be seen at all.

Social Media

Social media is a way to engage with customers to try and build a trust that will be passed on to other users through likes and links to your site. This is an ever expanding marketing opportunity, which is shown in the figures from, which shows that 73% of the U.S. population has a social media profile. That is a huge potential customer base for any company.

Banner Advertising

Also known as Display advertising, this is a form of advertising that you will see every day on the sites you visit (even if you pay little attention). A graphic display is shown on a web page, email, or messaging application, and will simply sit there waiting to be clicked. The placing of these advertisements is vital, and that is why you will see adverts for travel insurance sitting on a webpage about skiing, or an advert for slimming pills on a dating page. More often a simple display, these adverts can also come in the form of audio or video clips or a short animation. Not only will they (hopefully) bring you new custom, they are also a great way for your business to become a more visible presence on the net


E-mail marketing is a very hit and miss affair that needs a lot more research than you may imagine. Firstly, you will need a database of email addresses to work with, and though you may want to write your own marketing email, it will need to be constructed in such a way as to encourage reading rather than a quick delete. There is also the problem that people receive many emails these days, and that even those that circumvent the spam folder will be discarded without reading. However, this type of marketing does work, and is a brilliant way to encourage return business from customers you already have.

An eclectic approach to digital marketing is probably the best idea, and some of these ideas will be better suited to a specific need, such as marketing at low cost, than others. The truth is, you are probably better off consulting a specialist and taking it from there, but at least you can now go for your consultation with some digital marketing knowledge under your belt.