2 Online Editors You Can Use To Merge PDF Files by Logan Lenz

There are many situations in your line of work where you will find that you need to merge PDF files.

If, for instance, you work in a marketing department or an advertising firm, there are certain projects that will have more than one person working on them.

A newsletter or company brochure is one such project. Different designers will work on different images. Article content will also be written by different contributors. You will then have to merge everyone’s work into one to come up with the final piece of work.

You can merge your PDF files using an online PDF editor.  Below are 2 useful online editors that will merge your files in a few simple steps:

Combine files using Docs.Zone

Docs.Zone  is an innovative and simple to use online PDF merging tool. When you open Docs.Zone, you will see six tabs that allow you to perform different editing tasks on PDFs.

One useful tool within Docs.Zone is the help area that is located just below the file upload area. You can click on the help area to learn more about the conversion processes. The help material changes, based on the task you click on.

Docs.Zone has an inbox section. This is the area where your files are stored after every conversion. 

To merge files using Docs.Zone, you can do the following:

1.       Choose the tab that reads ‘Combine files to PDF’.

2.       Select the files that you would like to combine.

3.       A dialog box will open. Add more files to the dialog box.

4.       In the region marked ‘Enter file name’, provide the name of the output file.

5.       Click start and your files will be combined.

6.       Download your file in the inbox area.

Merging PDF files using SmallPDF

1.       Search for ‘Smallpdf.com’ on your internet browser and click on the link to open. On the home page, you’ll see several options that indicate the functions you can perform using small PDF.

2.       Select the option labeled ‘Merge PDF’. A page will open and you will see a box with instructions to drop PDFs into the box.

3.       Select PDF files from your documents folder and drop them into the box. At this point, you can preview the uploaded files.

4.       You will also see two options: file mode and page mode.

·         File mode allows you to rearrange the sequence that the files appear in. You can also upload new files while in file mode.

·         Page mode allows you to work with single pages. You can peruse through your files, delete any unnecessary pages, rearrange the page order or add more PDFs if you want new pages.

5.       When you are satisfied that you have all the files and pages that you need and that they all flow in the correct order, you can merge them by clicking on the ‘Merge PDF!’ button that is just below your PDF preview area.

Your files will be merged and downloaded into the downloads-folder in your browser. You can locate downloads folder by using the short cut key combination, Ctrl + J, which is the universal shortcut for all browsers.

To find more online editors, do an online search and you will find many free and paid tools that merge PDF files. 

A Cloud Web Hosting Service Would Be a Good Place to Start If You Want to Go Into Big Data Web Hosting Business by Logan Lenz

Web hosting is an interesting, but complicated, business to run. Starting a web hosting business takes a lot of persistence and requires you to have a wide spectrum of technical computer knowledge. Whereas it’s possible to run a web hosting service using control panels, if you really want to be successful and not risk having anything going wrong with your servers without your being able to detect it, you should be well trained.

There are different types of web hosting services and the kind of service you choose to launch into will have different requirements. Client hosting needs also vary and your choice of specialty will depend on your interests; you could for instance choose to specialize in providing enterprise hosting solutions for big data clients. All these needs should be addressed in your business plan to help you stay on course.

Before you even start on your business plan, ask yourself the questions below to be sure you want to provide a hosting service:

1.     What amount of time is required to run a hosting service, and do I have that time?

Customers only subscribe to services that will give them 24 hour customer and technical support every day of the week. If you know you cannot be on call for every hour of the day, you have to hire one or two people to assist you with the barrage of queries you will receive from your customers.

When you get clients who want to sign up for your service, do not give them a reason to leave. There are many alternative hosting services available and migrating to those hosting sites is so easy that you could actually lose all your customers in one day if you are not available to give support.

Until you are sure you can provide service when it’s needed, do not launch your hosting service.

2.     Have you performed sufficient research?

You have to do sufficient research on the existing market needs. You also have to find out everything that a web hosting service provider needs to run a successful hosting business.

Familiarize yourself with the software requirements, hardware needs and the security features that you need to have in place in order to provide a good service. 

3.     Financial Investment

You will need to make an initial investment. The amount of money you use to start your hosting company will depend on the scale of service you intend to offer. It will also depend on the caliber of customers you want to attract.

Servers and software cost a lot of money and you should be prepared to spend quite a bit. If you want to minimize complaints, invest on the best hardware so that your service runs without a hitch from the moment you go live.

A cheap alternative you could go for is to get a lease for a dedicated server with a lot of bandwidth. You can start off by hosting your clients on that server, then slowly migrate to your own servers as your business grows.

However, if you opt for this option, be double sure the company that owns the servers has installed the necessary redundancies to deal with power outages, server crashes and network fluctuations and outages. If these are not in place, you will have a lot of disappointed customers who will not hesitate to give you a negative review on your website and other customer review sites.

4.     Can you fulfill the necessary manpower needs?

Dealing with customers can be time consuming and will drain your energy. Assess your skills objectively and then decide which area requires you to hire immediately. Be conservative with your hiring requirements at first and increase the number of employees as you go.


Cloud web-hosting could be the way to target big data customers

Having assessed the above, one area that you might want to venture into for a start is a cloud hosting service.

Web hosting on the cloud is fast becoming a cost effective alternative compared to the more conventional method of hosting. The scalable quality of web hosting on the cloud is a real attraction especially for large companies who would otherwise have to spend a lot of money in servers that will satisfy their storage needs.

There are several benefits that cloud hosting promises its users. They include:

·         Scalability:

You can hold a lot of data on cloud servers without having to spend more money or investing in other resources. To make your cloud hosting service scalable, you have to invest in sufficient infrastructure to handle the data load.

·         Easy to manage:

Cloud computing is very centralized hence very easy to manage. This makes it easy to ensure great performance without compromising on quality.

·         Cost-effective:

Most users are drawn to cloud hosting because they find it cost effective. Customers do not have to pay for dedicated services that they will not use, and this can help you control your server space and bandwidth.

This makes running a cloud hosting service cost effective for you as well.

·         Expandable Storage:

Companies that handle a lot of data find the cloud useful as they can get enough bandwidth to manage large quantities of information. 

It’s an issue of great concern for most website owners to pay for a service only to have it deliver limited space.

·         Easy to set up:

Companies have found that deploying a cloud hosting service is less complex and less costly than deploying a server hosting solution on site. Customers don’t have to worry about having to license software and invest in a lot of hardware.

Additionally, the process is fast, and in today’s business environment where every second counts when it comes to making decisions, this is of great benefit.

·         Reallocation of resources:

Website owners and companies know that by outsourcing their hosting to other parties, they free up resources to be used in other areas of the business. All companies today, regardless of size, are looking for ways to cut costs, and if they can outsource, they welcome the opportunity.

As cloud services continue to improve in their security standards, more businesses are feeling confident about taking advantage of their cost effectiveness.  

·         Support:

Customer support and the absence of downtime are some of the favored qualities of cloud web hosting. As a service provider, you should be able to provide these with the least effort.

About the author

Ezekiel Passamani is a technology blogger. Some of the articles he has written for the last 7 years are on web hosting services. You can read more to see some great web hosting services that he recommends on https://inexpensivewebhosting.reviews.

Why Your Business Needs Cloud-Based Backup and Disaster Recovery Systems by Logan Lenz

New models of backup and disaster management offer a persuasive argument for business continuity

Where business continuity is concerned, investing in cloud storage is a win-win for virtually every enterprise. For started, cloud-based solutions are structurally comprised of lattices of resources located sporadically across the globe. Should one of the resources cease to be available, requests automatically re-route to the next available site. As far as availability goes, you’re looking at high availability, which is a plus for everyone.

In fact, the rise of ‘as a Service’ business models can be attributed to this level of availability. From yester-year solutions like SaaS and IaaS, today we have cloud backup and recovery systems such as Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) and Backup as a Service (BaaS). Such models provide value especially for smaller and growing businesses, which don’t have the resources to invest in real estate and equipment to house on-site backup systems and disaster recovery sites, whether hot, warm or even cold.

In this arrangement, the cloud itself is your ‘backupsite’. Where you only pay for facilities as and when you utilize them, which make great economic sense and provides for unlimited scalability.

Importance of cloud-based business continuity solutions

According to statistical evidence, the DRaaS market has enjoyed a 36 percent annual growth rate over the last two years, a trend that will likely be in place until 2022. Cloud-based disaster recovery and backup solutions make it easier to retrieve application data and files in case of unavailability of your in-site servers and/or data centers.

By moving to the cloud, you significantly reduce the ramifications of theft, damage or vandalism on your physical data storage units, meaning you won’t have to store your physical backup tapes, drives or disks in a different site.

Enlisting services of cloud-based backup and disaster recovery solutions providers eliminates the need for implementing site-to-site replication, including the cost of supplementary DR infrastructure and real estate and their subsequent maintenance needs, which are real for the average business owner today.

You place your IT assets in the cloud, meaning that you have access to them from any location on the globe, and files can restore within a few hours of breach, damage or other situation resulting in unavailability.

In addition, BaaS and DRaaS solutions run independent of the deployed computer model i.e. whether you run physical servers, virtual machines, or a combination thereof, you can still use your cloud-based backup solutions. You can configure them from the outset, so that the cloud backup files immediately become available in the event of failure in your primary resources.

One last advantage is that cloud service providers take time to ensure their software and hardware systems are up-to-date, which means that your systems are constantly in sync. If you’re hosting your applications on-locations but turn to cloud solutions for replication or data backup, you won’t have to be concerned about your failover resources ever going out of date. 

Staying Safe While Using Finance Websites by Logan Lenz

Staying safe on finance websites requires you to be proactive whenever you want to shop or bank online. People do a lot with their finances online from downloading apps to help them track their budgets to shopping.

Keeping your money and personal data safe involves being cautious. Preventing the adverse effects of security threats online will ensure that your money is protected whenever you want to carry out a transaction.

App Security

If you want to download an app to your device that is related to finance, verify its security first. Many apps that are used for financial purposes feature proper security systems that are accessible for customers. If there is no security information or you are reluctant to share your personal data, it is advisable to avoid downloading the app.

Poor Web Design and Pop Ups

Websites that are not well designed or numerous pop ups may indicate that the retailer or site is not trustworthy.  It is always a good idea to deal with reputable retailers and sites that provide well known payment sites whenever you want to purchase something.

Suspicious Hyperlinks in Emails

Avoid being a victim of scams by ignoring hyperlinks that require you to open attachments and input your personal information. Such requests are typically made through emails that are aimed at giving people access to personal data such as passwords.

Avoid Open Networks

If you make purchases while using your mobile device with an open network connection you risk giving other people access to your information. It is better for you to make online purchases while using a secure network.

Sensitive Information

A legitimate business will not expect you to share certain information because of its terms pertaining to privacy and confidentially. Any site that requests for certain numbers that are not necessary for the transaction to take place should be avoided.

Credit Cards

You can use your credit cards for online transactions because they offer protection from fraud. Credit cards provide you with extra protection to keep you safe from fraudulent activities. If you notice a scam or any form of fraud taking place, you can get in touch with the credit card company to get your money back.

Different Passwords

When surfing various finance websites, you may be asked for your passwords. Using one password to access numerous accounts increases the possibility of people finding out your password. For essential accounts, it is important to use a strong and secure password that will not be easy for someone else to figure out. It is also a good idea to change your passwords as regularly as you can.

Be Informed and Cautious

While being tech savvy and using finance websites to make it easier for you to manage your money is an attractive prospect, you need to be aware of the risks of placing your financial information online. Being informed and taking precautions will ensure that your financial transactions are carried out securely.

Along with monitoring your account data digitally, you also need to keep track of it offline by using a notebook or records that hackers will not be able to use to find your passwords. Your firewall and anti-virus security software should be updated as often as required. Frequent scanning and ensuring that your firewall is on before you bank or shop online is essential.


Andrew Walker is a journalist by profession and regular online contributor. To know more about debt reviews please click here. 

Top Questions to Ask Before Selecting the Best Team of Remote DBA Experts by Logan Lenz

Before appointing a Remote DBA services firm, it is vital to understand their competence and capability of supporting the company database that is often crucial to its business operation. It must be appreciated that not all remote database service providers have the same capability or even the same commitment for delivering the required level of services and a wrong choice is a sure formula for operational disaster. It thus becomes vital to evaluate the credentials and expertise of the service provider thoroughly. The following questions and explanations may help:

What Is the Experience of the Team of the Service Provider?

Since the health of the database and its uptime is crucial for your business operations it should be ensured that the team providing the database support services has a minimum level of field experience. Experts suggest that you should only look at teams having a minimum of 5-7 years of experience in Oracle besides evidence of proven expertise in remote database administration and trouble-shooting. The provider should have a system of monitoring by senior database administrators so that problems are identified and addressed before they escalate.

Are There Specific Administrators Assigned to You or Is It A Call Center Operation?

It is important that your calls are not fielded by anonymous voices at a call center but instead addressed by appropriately-competent database administration professionals that you can ask for by name and who know the structure of your database as well as the nature of your business inside out. Without the best team of remote DBA experts specifically assigned to your account, you will end up continually wasting your time speaking to individuals who are clueless about your company and the database structure, and will need to undergo a learning curve time and again over the course of the contract.

Will Your Account Be Assigned to a Senior DBA Executive on a Dedicated Basis?

Look out for service providers who will allocate a senior database administrator to service your account on a fulltime basis. The availability of senior-level support will provide you additional peace of mind because now there will be no more delay of junior executive transmitting critical information to his senior for appropriate resolution.

Where Is the DBA Service Provider Firm Located?

If the service provider is located in a country with a completely different time zone, it may affect the service as it is quite likely their expert staff will not be available during your peak hours. There could also be complications of legal jurisdiction should there ever be any legal disputes. Apart from that the difference in language and style of communication can also create problems if you are engaging with support staff whose mother tongues could be other than English.

What Are the Credentials and Track Record of the Service Provider?

It is very important to verify the credentials and track record of the DBA services provider because this will be a major point of reassurance that they are established and have a certain level of expertise that has managed to keep them in business for long. Ask for their customer list and find out if there are customers who have been with them for a number of years. A long-standing relationship is an automatic signal that the services are appreciated by clients.

What Is the Procedure of Monitoring, Notifying, and Resolving Database Issues?

Ask for a detailed report on the processes followed by the service provider with respect to their support. Ideally only a company that employs modern applications and tools for supporting Oracle should be considered, as else they are unlikely to be in a position where they can offer sophisticated ongoing monitoring and resolution. Find out if they are using any proprietary tools that can be customized to your actual requirements. Ask for a complete demonstration of their monitoring capability and see if they are ready to provide you access to their tools through web portals equipped with the required reporting tools.

Author bio: Alex Mathieson is a senior IT manager at a prominent auto manufacturing company that makes extensive use of remote database administration services.

4 popular changes in the focus of SEO in 2015 by Logan Lenz

The SEO today is dramatically different from that of a few years ago. 2015 has brought with it a whole lot of new practices in search engine optimization. In fact, the SEO industry now is almost unrecognizable from that of 2011 or some years earlier. The goal of these changes is always to improve traffic towards a particular website. At the same time, it is encouraging customer satisfaction. People are able to enjoy using your website when they get to use it. There has been a change in the execution of SEO campaigns. Some of the biggest changes in SEO 2015 are:

1.       Focus on technical elements

Once upon a time, experts used content marketing and SEO interchangeably- this is not so in recent times. There is a great overlap between these two it is therefore not such a surprise. Nevertheless, the SEO of 2015 has increasingly focused upon the technical components of online marketing while content marketing is nowthe main driver of ranking on the search engines. They are both very important. You should get an SEO Utah company that focuses upon all aspects of SEO including content marketing.

2.       Optimization for mobile SEO and user intent

As any recent internet marketing guide will tell you, the main focus of search engines like Google and Bing is on mobile usability. Google has been penalizing websites that produce errors for mobile users. If you do not have a website that is accessible from tablets and smartphones, you can be sure that things will not augur so well for you as far as ranking on search engines goes. Therefore, you should optimize your site for mobile search. Also, take some time to make sure that the features of your site are all mobile friendly.

3.       Social media goes a notch higher

Social media is here to stay. There is not a single day that you will not hear about some social media platform be it Twitter, Facebook or YouTube. They are a personal favorite for many people. People are using social media marketing for their websites and blog a little bit more than the previous years. The goal is to make sure that people are able to spread word of a particular site. At the same time, there are the widgets for social media integration. People share content directly from your website and that makes for more traffic.

4.       Pairing up with PR

People are making use of industry-specific journalists and such. Companies are integrating public relations into their SEO campaigns. This is working out quite well for a majority of them. The only problem is that few know how to go about it. There are those that will focus upon creation of press releases while others will pay attention to marketing on social media as aforementioned. These are great ways to get the attention of the public.

These are just some of the very popular SEO practices that have become even more popular in 2015. People want to make great strides through their websites and they are now able to do that more effectively thanks to the use of search engine optimization strategies formulated by experts in the industry.

Author bio

Maria Strauss has been doing SEO work for close for six years now. She has seen all the changes that could have ever happened in this profession. 

5 Tips For Creating Excellent Content For Your Finance Related Website by Logan Lenz

Creating content for a website or a blog seems like such an easy task. So many factors at play need consideration if you want to create excellent content that goes viral the moment you post it. There are websites that seem to receive a lot of traffic every single day. What makes them become so successful? It is quite simple - they contain premium quality content. Companies that have armies of writers to get the content up there, own these websites. Can you compete with such a site?

It is possible to create fantastic content for your website as well. It all depends on the topic that you have chosen for your website and your understanding of the content. Finance is one of the hardest topics to get excellent content for. This is not the case, really. It is possible for you to get fantastic content with such impeccable ease and here are some tips to help you out here.

1.       Choose appealing topics

There are topics that appeal to large numbers of people more than others. Take for instance, these two topics: Investing in your children’s education and How to get out of debt quickly. Which of these two is bound to get more attention? It is definitely the second one. People want to know how they can get out of debts fast. A large number of people have debts everywhere- credit card debts, mortgages, auto loans and some personal loan somewhere. Any topic that addresses such issues is going to appeal to many people.

2.       Content must be helpful

For once, you can stop writing for the search engines and start writing for the consumer. Create content that helps the reader to solve a problem. Someone out there has some issue with getting capital to start their business therefore the content you post should focus more on helping the person than pleasing the search engines. Once people establish that your site is a trustworthy place for quality information, the site grows on its own.

3.       Dumb it down

There is no one who wants to use a dictionary when they are reading content online. Thus, try as much as possible to make the content as simple as possible. The rule of the thumb is that even if you are writing about rocket science online, make the content something that an eighth grade kid can understand. Of course, finance is not rocket science so you should not have a hard time doing this.

4.       Go straight to the point

Do not waste people’s time with irrelevant content otherwise they will zone off. Unfortunately, finance is not as interesting as a scandal. It thus helps if you go straight to the point explaining the issue at hand.

5.       Use images

In the event that you have lots of content to air, make a point of making sure that you break the content into paragraphs and use images. A picture is worth a thousand words and this cannot be truer than in web content creation.

Author bio

Eva and John Colt are experts in online content creation. When it comes to finance matters, they are the expert content creator to consult. To know more about debt relief visit our site

Get Your Entrepreneurial Cap on with Web Design by Logan Lenz

There has been a strong insistence on entrepreneurship all over the world. Recently, there was the Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2015 held in Kenya. This presents one of the many of such events that promote the entrepreneurial spirit. You are free to start a business in just about anything- this was the main theme of the event. Web design is probably the most popular field of business nowadays. This is because internet technology is becoming more and more affordable as well as readily available in all places.

If you are wondering what kind of business you can start, you should consider web design. The thing about web design is that you can teach yourself. It is a trade that many people have taught themselves and they have made careers out of it. There are the freelance web designers and there are those who work for companies. The demand for these services all across the globe is sure set to make for a great business venture.

What will you need?

Just like with all other businesses, you will need several key things. For starters, you need to get yourself the skill of web designing. This, as aforementioned, is a skill that you can teach yourself. However, if you do not trust your self-teaching abilities, you can always take a class online and learn how to do it. The thing with web design is that it is all about practice. The more practice you do, the better the results will be. You will become a fantastic website designer within a very short time.

Secondly, you will need to get the technology for the job if you are starting a business. You want to hire several people to come and work from some office then get for them the technology that they will be using for the activity. Get several computers and software that will make for excellent website design services. Definitely, you will not start with a hundred computers. Start out with a few workers. In the case of web design, with two workers you can do a lot.

Running the business

Stay up to date with the latest in technology. So many things are coming up on a daily basis on the technology front. Businesses that rely heavily on technology like web design greatly feel the effects of such changes. You will need to be up-to-date with new technology that comes in. It is also necessary to stay on top of the trends in web design. When everyone is doing minimalist designing and supersize typography, you should be able to do it as well. This is probably the best thing you can do to run a successful business.

When running the business, you should learn how to manage money. Do not fear taking up loans but at the same time do not take too many of them. Do not keep your profits stashed up in some bank account but still do not spend them carelessly. These are just some basic business dynamics that everyone should know if they want to run a successful business.

Author bio

Patrick Connor is an expert on matters of business finance administration. He is the go-to guy when you need financial consultant for your business. To know more about national debt relief click here