Costly Mistakes That You Should Take Care To Avoid While Building Links by Logan Lenz

For SEO practitioners link building is perhaps the most important task of their endless endeavor to drive up the ranking of the website in the SERPs. It can be an extremely expensive process to acquire links that point back to your site from websites that have a good standing. You surely do not want to waste your SEO budget by committing mistakes that can be avoided with a little attention to detail. Some of the most common link building mistakes that you can dodge:

Not Checking Backlinks for ‘Nofollow” Attribute

Because Google algorithms still smile on sites exchanging links, SEO practitioners lay a great amount of focus and energy in trying to attract backlinks from reputed sites and sites that are considered to be authorities in their domains. However, the entire process can be extremely costly because it can be quite difficult to attract genuine natural backlinks, and you might have to shell out cash for the pleasure. The problem arises when after you have paid for a link; it unexpectedly disappears, leaving you high and dry. You should make it a point to inspect all your backlinks to verify that the links are present and they have not been tagged with a ‘nofollow’ attribute, making them completely useless for SEO.

Not Verifying the Quality of Anchor Texts

It is natural to feel excited when you get a link from a site with a good status but you should really investigate whether the anchor text is of the quality that will get you results. For example, you are in trouble if you find anchor text like “Click here” because Google really doesn’t like it at all. Any internet marketing company should try and endeavor to get the keywords included in the anchor text because without them the value of the backlink is greatly diluted. It can be a tough job to check out the anchor texts of a large number of backlinks manually, but luckily you have tools that can do the job for you. To find out more about what anchor text to avoid it is best to consult with a competent Utah SEO services company.

Not Getting a Text Link

Because webmasters often work under a lot of pressure they can skip details such as availability of anchor text when posting backlinks and use attractive images instead. While undoubtedly an image backlink can get you a lot of visitors, especially when it is of high quality and attractive, there’s nothing really like a good quality text link with anchor text to boost your SEO. However, in case an image link is the only feasible option of getting the desired backlink, don’t reject it but instead try and make sure that your keywords are contained in the image’s ALT text.

Not Keeping Your Backlink Focus

As per Google’s algorithms, it is very important that not only the site from where the backlinks are being obtained is of good quality but more importantly it should have a high relevance to the site that it is pointing back to. For example, if you are administering the SEO of a finance site, getting backlinks from a dating site is not going to do much for you. The good thing is that unless you site is extremely niche, it is possible to locate a huge number of websites that can qualify to give you backlinks.

Backlinks from Web Pages That Spiders Cannot Crawl

While a link may appear as completely legitimate inasmuch that it has anchor text with keywords and “nofollow” attribute is also absent, it may still be a dud simply because the search engine spiders cannot discover it. It may happen due to a variety of reasons such as lack of link exchange reciprocity; links on dynamic pages or pages that cannot be indexed by Google due to a bar by robot.txt. You should definitely make it a point to periodically check whether the links can be accessed by web spiders. While doing this manually could be a pain, a tool that simulates spiders can make it effortless.

Since links are vital for getting superior page rankings it is recommended that you pay attention to the quality of the links being acquired, and also to keep on monitoring their effectiveness with tools that are freely available.

Author bio: Jim Henderson is a senior consultant at a leading internet marketing company. He frequently coordinates with a reputed Utah SEO services agency to boost the page rank of his website in Google and other leading search engines. 

Ways to Get Rid of Google Chrome Hijackers by Logan Lenz

When you have opened your Google chrome browser, have you come across some unwanted toolbar on the top of your page? Sometimes the unwanted malware comes suddenly without any warning. These malware will decrease the speed of your browser at its worst. But luckily, within a few minutes, you can restore your browser in a pleasant condition.

Now, How They Are Actually Coming?

These programs with issues are not intentionally installed by the hijackers or any kind of trickery. For example, you must have noticed the Ask search toolbar opens by default combining with the Oracle Java. These features are unimportant as the users can easily obtain search bar features elsewhere. Simply by typing within the address bar, you can create a short cut to social networking sites like Facebook.

Every time the Java needs an update, the boxes already remain checked. The users will have to remember to uncheck the boxes. By mistake, if you ever forget to uncheck the boxes, then removing that unwanted toolbar will surely become your nightmare!

Java bundles can therefore become a junk program to you. If you want to maintain your browser properly, start doing a wellness checkup on a regular basis. Though, you are not being attacked by the malware, the check up will help in preventing them.

Reset Settings Of Chrome: 

The key configuration options can be customized and can be taken back to the original state. The default settings will help in the clearing the settings of the home page which can become your New Tab section. The home page button from the toolbar can be removed. You must clear up the new tab page, cookies, site data, startup data and the installed themes and extensions must also be removed. The Google chrome browser hijack can therefore be prevented by clearing the unwanted extensions. You can click on the ‘settings’ option from the menu of Chrome and can choose the ‘show advanced settings’ from the three horizontal lines. Finally choose the ‘reset browser settings’ for performing the resetting functions.

Scan Malware: 

If you have installed any anti-malware software, you can easily identify the programs that are hijacked by your browser. All your anti-spyware and anti-virus tools must be updated frequently to ensure an entire scan in your desktop or laptop. If you cannot detect anything, you can use utilities like Microsoft Safety Scanner for running an additional scan without disturbing the security applications.

Third Party Applications and Extensions:

The main reason of browser hijacking can be the usage of third party applications or extensions. If you can disable some add-on features from the extensions, you can easily get rid of the troublesome software from your system. You can reset the browser by selecting ‘extensions’ from the ‘Tools’ menu. You can also uninstall a program from the control panel of the computer to remove unwanted applications from the system.

Uninstall And Reinstall: 

For clearing the malware from your computer, the uninstalling and the reinstalling functions will be very helpful. After performing these functions, you will be ensured about running the most updated versions of chrome. When you have performed the resetting functions and could not identify any effect, you can uninstall the program from the control panel. Finally, reinstall the program from the Google Chrome website with their latest released versions.

You must be aware when you get the message ‘installed by a third party’. This means that you have not installed the program and it can definitely be a malware or a spyware. Though they often attack without a warning, you must remain safe by checking up all the issues and clearing up the unwanted themes and extensions.

Author Bio:  Parker Jones is a software programmer. In this article, he speaks about Google chrome browser hijack and the different ways to get rid of it.

Is your company at risk of future power cuts? by Logan Lenz

You no doubt have enough on your plate running your company without experiencing the added problem of power cuts. Unfortunately though, it is impossible to rule out the risk of mains electricity failures, and warnings from one organisation suggest that the danger of these outages may be set to rise this winter.

Calls for an increase in capacity

The Industrial Communities Alliance (ICA), which represents 60 local authorities, has suggested that the recent closures of a number of large power stations in the UK has increased the risk of electricity shortages this winter. In a briefing document, the group called on the National Grid to act now to fill the energy supply gap by issuing new contracts to help generate an additional 2,500 megawatts of capacity. It also asked ministers to reconsider the current level of carbon taxes.

The ICA noted that a number of major plants, including Rugeley, Longannet and Ferrybridge - which were online in winter 2015-16 - will not be fully operational by the time the next cold season arrives. About this, the organisation remarked: “The problem - and it is a problem for every electricity consumer in the country - is that if all these closures go ahead, there won’t be enough generating capacity to keep the lights on next winter.” This could mean that demand for backup diesel generators and other standby power solutions rises over the coming months.

In its briefing document, the ICA also suggested that other coal-fired power stations, such as Ratcliffe, West Burton, Aberthaw and Drax, may soon be proposed for closure.

The potential impact on your company

In response to the comments made by the ICA, the government issued reassurances that extra capacity has already been secured for next year. However, it is important to consider what would happen if electricity supplies to your company were suddenly cut. After all, the capacity of the National Grid isn’t the only variable that can impact on power supplies. Flooding to substations and damage to power lines caused by high winds can also result in unexpected electricity failures.

If your company suffered a power outage, your operations may grind to a halt. In turn, this could have disastrous consequences in terms of your bottom line and your reputation. So, to give yourself added peace of mind that you would be able to cope in such circumstances, it’s vital to have a backup plan in place. For example, by investing in a diesel generator that meets your firm’s power requirements, you can ensure that even if the mains network fails, you will still be able to carry on functioning.

You might not have control over the National Grid, or over the weather, but by including backup power provisions in your business’ disaster recovery plan, you can prevent outages from disrupting your operations. 

Why flexibility is the new watchword in office design by Logan Lenz

Rows of characterless cubicles may have been commonplace in offices around the world for many years, but times are changing. Employers are increasingly switching onto the benefits of designing more flexible workspaces. By creating different zones for people to use and generally offering personnel a more varied and adaptable office, companies can reap a range of rewards. Here are just a few of the reasons why flexibility is the new watchword in office design.

Giving workers greater freedom

Sometimes, employees may need to focus on demanding tasks, meaning they require a quiet, private and peaceful workstation that promotes concentration. At other times, they might want to be in a more frenetic environment where they can speak freely to colleagues without feeling self-conscious or inhibited.

By being savvy with their workspace design, bosses can ensure their staff members always have somewhere suitable to get on with their tasks. They can provide their workers with mobile technology to give them the physical freedom they need to move around and they can focus on creating specially adapted areas within their offices that are suited to specific tasks. For example, they could use sleek, attractive desks, executive chairs and calming décor to create a zone that promotes quiet work and concentration. Separately, they could design a more sociable area complete with fun and quirky breakout furnishings. If you’re on the lookout for furniture and accessories to create different zones within your office, whether you’re searching for colourful modular seats, sleek glass desks or anything else, you can get inspiration in specialist magazines or blogs, or you could visit specialist websites like

Promoting collaboration

Structured discussions that take place in designated meeting areas can play an important role in business operations. However, it’s important to provide workers with the chance to have informal meetings too. Highlighting this fact, a study conducted at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology found that up to 80 per cent of the best business ideas come from casual and even chance encounters between colleagues. By creating a more flexible workspace complete with breakout areas, firms stand to increase creativity and promote collaboration.

Striking a balance between work and play

Forward looking firms are also starting to blur the lines between work and play. To give their employees a chance to unwind and relax while on their breaks, many companies now provide special games areas where people can do anything from play computer consoles or watch their favourite TV shows to test their skills at table tennis. These spaces can encourage colleagues to bond and, by giving them a better chance to de-stress during the working day, they can boost morale and even raise productivity.

Given the myriad advantages associated with creating a flexible, multi-purpose working environment, it seems like the days of stuffy, samey offices may be numbered.

The 5 Best databases for web development beginners by Logan Lenz

A few of the desirable qualities of a database include robustness, scalability and efficiency, among others. Developers are usually interested to find out what features the DBMS (database management system) has and how it works with different technologies. However, these are not the only important aspects; they’re certainly not what a budding web developer is interested in, at least not initially.

Below is a list of five of the best DBMSs on the market based on set-up and installation costs, user interface layout and support, which are especially important for beginner developers.

1.      MySQL community server

This is an excellent platform for beginners, and its open-source, which is another great plus. Once you get to large scale commercial applications, there are premium versions with extended capability. It can also be run on Mac, Windows and Linux systems. If you also use the open-source MySQL Workbench, you can additionally get a neat graphical user interface to help with your visual designs and database tables. The help documentation is also decent.

2.      Microsoft Access

This one is not free, but it does come as a part of Microsoft Office, which means you probably have it already. Before investing in the full version, you can use the trial version for 60 days to find out if you like it enough. Unlike MySQL, Access has just one installation, both for the design tool and DBMS.

However, it does have a few limitations, including inflexibility regarding the OS platforms on which it can be run. Also, with too many simultaneous connections, the performance begins to go down, which means it is ideal for use in low traffic sites only.

3.      MS SQL Server Express

This is first in the list that caters for the ‘big guns’ and is one of the three most popular DBMSs. The server applications and design tools have to be installed separately, and its functionality is actually very similar to DB2 Express and Oracle Express as far as functionality and tools go.

Its differences, however, come in the SQL syntax, which means that for the next three, no one is listed to be superior to the other. MS SQL has only one major downside: it’s limited in the OS platforms on which it can be run.

4.      Oracle Express Edition

This also comes with separate installation procedures for the design tools and server application. It offers more OS functionality options than the previous one. In addition, it also has a wider range of download options than any of the other four discussed in this list.

5.      DB2 Express-C

This is very similar to the Oracle Express edition with the operating systems that it supports and the installation options. However, it is less commonly used, which means that there aren’t as abundant resources online – articles, examples, tutorials etc. It is, however, adequate for most users.

Deciding which to choose

Your choice of DBMS will largely depend on the reason for which you are learning SQL. If for work, for example, you want to choose the DBMS that you will be using at work. If you intend to apply your knowledge in web development technologies, then it’s easier if you use the DBMS created by/for the web technology in question.

If, on the other hand, you’re just learning for fun, the first two options will be great as they have great online content for beginners. You can graduate to the next three when you have achieved some mastery.

Author Bio

Chris Haris is a web developer and has also been offering remote DBA support services for the last 5 years. For more information on web design and development and to learn more about remote DB services click here.

4 Reasons why working with an IT Outsourcing Provider is a Great Thing by Logan Lenz

When it comes to IT support, most businesses are torn between hiring an onsite team and outsourcing to an offsite team. The two options have their own unique pros and cons. However, when you consider them more keenly, you realize that outsourcing is a far better option. This post looks at some of the reasons why you should consider outsourcing over hiring an onsite team.

Control costs

It is obvious you are running a business and just like all other businesses, your everyday goal is to make more profits. This is achieved by keeping the operating costs low. Outsourcing converts the fixed IT costs into variable costs since you will only be paying for the services done and not monthly salaries and benefits. Simply put, when you outsource, you only pay for what you use and only when you need it.

Outsourcing will further help you reduce labor costs which would otherwise be used in hiring and training an IT staff. Considering temporary employees do not always live up to your expectations, outsourcing is the best way forward. You will be able to focus your human resources to where they are most needed.

Work with an all-rounded competent team

How do you ensure an employee is qualified if you are not trained in IT? The answer is to look at the employee’s training, experience and certification. IT companies thrive on their reputation. They hence invest on their team and equipment to ensure they render the most admirable services.

IT companies see related problems multiple times. They are therefore better equipped to handle even the most demanding computer problems you may have. Unlike an in-house IT team that leads an isolated life, the offsite IT team is exposed to innumerable problems and know how to fix them with ease. Instead of sitting down to Google latest browser, the offsite team will provide you with the best browser available.

Increase efficiency and competitiveness

Working with an offsite IT teams means that you are getting the best support services from a team with diverse skills. In addition to that, you will be able to concentrate on the core of your business because all your IT needs will be handled by a third party. This subsequently increases efficiency and competitiveness.

Reduce risks

Technologies, government regulations, competition, financial conditions and markets change very quickly. It is how fast you are able to adapt to the change that determines whether your business will flourish or fail. When you outsource, the service provider assumes and manages most of these risk on your behalf.

The team has worked with other companies and keeps a keen eye on the new developments. As a result, you can leverage on specific industry knowledge like compliance and security issues. Outsourcing providers are better at deciding on how to avoid risk in their area of expertise.

The benefits of working with an IT outsourcing provider are virtually innumerable. The only thing you have to do is make sure you hire the best team in the market. Not every IT support team will deliver what it promises.

Author Bio

Tim Bryan is a tech guru who spends most of his time researching and blogging on anything technology. He also keeps a keen eye on to keep up with the latest developments in IT like Google latest browser.

Different Methods to Grab an Expiring Domain by Logan Lenz

You may be in a position where you can register the domain which is owned by someone else. If you can identify that the domain is getting expired in a few days, you can simply grab them. You can place backorder for that particular domain through GoDaddy.

How Can The Domain Expire? Domains may not expire when they are ought to. It may get expired, when the owner forgets or intentionally does not renew the domain within the grace period. If a domain enters into this period, it is likely that the domain will get expire. But as the owner can simply re-register without any penalty, it might be the sign of the laziness. After the grace period of 40 days, the domain can be renewed with a redemption fee. Finally after the redemption period, the domain gets locked and enters the deletion stage.

Land Your Domain:  Domains can be made public after 75 days after the site have expired. Now, how do you grab the domains amongst all the competitors searching for the same domain? The three services, namely, and the can help you regarding this matter. A network of registrars is used by them through the servers at a regular interval. If you cannot snatch the desired domain name, you are not required to pay.

  • The exclusive partner of Network Solutions offers you the domain for $60 with an option of open bid auctions with the suitors. Though the snap names itself is a newcomer, with the affiliation of the Network Solutions, they are improving their success rates.
  • The prospective domain buyers prefer buying from this platform. Pool never discloses the total number of bidders in the auction. You can check expired domains and can offer a bid price. When they grab the domain for you, they will send an email by informing you that the phase 1 has been entered successfully. Sometimes it may so happen that you are the only bidder, but the Pool will not reveal the information. After that you are informed that you have 3 days for placing a new sealed bid. When you have successfully grabbed the domain, you obtain the full control over the particular domain.
  • This platform is well known for the ‘club drop’ service since 1 or 2 years. The fees were only $30 and they hoped to be successful with the bidding process. Later, they have increased the price a bit. They will send you a fax as verified bidder. You will be able to participate in the auction even if anyone bids higher than you.

Chase and Grab:   After the 75 days period when the domain has expired, you will receive an e-mail from that they have secured your domain. For the processing purpose, it will take the next 3 days. Within these 3 days, you will not have any idea where you actually stand. For example, if someone suddenly bids higher than you, the company may decide to snatch the domain for him. But you can try some basic things to make a secured position for the domain status. You can bid high and bid early.

These tips might help you in your quest for the ideal expired domain. If you are not much serious about obtaining the domain, you can use the free services in various websites. But if you really want to snatch the domain, try working with the big sites like Pool, Snapnames, and Enom etc.  Make sure that you are participating in the search game with the best agents in the web.

Author Bio: Patrick Jones is an SEO expert. In this article, he is providing some suggestions to check expired domains through various sites before buying it.

What You Need to Consider When Choosing WordPress Themes for Writers by Logan Lenz

Using WordPress themes will save you time and money and also ensure that you keep up with the latest technologies. However, not every theme out there will meet your needs. If you are a writer or wish to set up a blog, you will have numerous themes to choose from. But what exactly should you focus on? This post looks at the important considerations you ought to make before picking a theme.

Premium or free themes

Most people find themselves in a quagmire when deciding on whether to use a paid or free theme. The two options have a number of pros and cons. However, the premium themes are a better choice because of the benefits they offer among them:

  • More updates
  • Improved security
  • Better documentation
  • Ongoing support
  • Less recognizable design
  • No attribution links

The features you wish to have are what will dictate your choice. Make sure you understand an option profoundly before making a choice.


An important assumption you need to make is that your audience are pressed on time. Therefore, you need to strive for simplicity. If it is difficult for your visitors to access and read your content, they will click away. If you need a unique website or blog, heed the advice of one of the best artists who ever lived; Leonardo da Vinci – Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.


Internet users access the Internet using both desktop computers and mobile devices. What this means is that creating a responsive website is no longer an option; it is a necessity. Google has also started ranking websites with responsive designs higher. The WordPress themes for writers you select should desktop and mobile ready.

Browser compatibility

Don’t assume that simply because the theme runs over WordPress it will be browser compatible. Your readers will access your website using different browsers. Make sure that the theme you select is compatible with all major browsers. The last thing you want is for your website or blog to be broken in certain widely used browsers. Test your theme on different browsers and on mobile devices too.

Supported plugins

Plugins are there to make work easier for you when customizing your website. There are various must-have WordPress plugins for a writer’s website. Make sure that the theme you select supports all the popular plugins. Do not be afraid to contact the theme developer on matters relating to plugin support.

Page builders

Page builders are plugins that make it possible to create a page layout using the drag and drop user interface. Most premium themes come with the page builders pre-installed. As much as this is a good thing, it can be limiting when you decide to switch to a different theme. Select themes that come with the most widely used page builder plugins. It is also possible to purchase the page builders separately.

To determine whether a theme is right for you or not, go through the user ratings and reviews. These information will help you understand what recent users are saying about the theme and whether it is a reliable theme or not.

Author Bio

Shaun Quarton is a freelance blogger based in the UK with a passion in content marketing and all things WordPress. When he is not giving advice on blogging and WordPress themes for writers, you will find him playing tennis or rocking a guitar.