3 common mistakes that are made when planning corporate awards ceremonies by Logan Lenz

Planning a corporate awards ceremony can take a lot of time and effort. As your event is work-related, it’s likely you’re going to want to impress and portray your company in the best possible light. However, it’s all too easy to fall victim to a number of mistakes. Let’s have a look at three common mistakes and how you can avoid them when you’re organising your next awards function.

1. Hiring an inappropriate venue

Where you choose to hold your ceremony is one of the most important factors. Before you even consider specific venues, you will need to establish how many guests are likely to attend. Having at least a rough idea of how many people will  turn up should enable you to determine the size of venue you’ll need, meaning you don’t choose one that is either too big or too small. The location of the ceremony should be given some careful consideration too. It is vital to find a place that is positioned in a convenient setting. For example, a venue that is close to a motorway may be beneficial to your guests, especially if they will be travelling from afar to attend.

2. Choosing an irrelevant host

Hiring a host for your awards ceremony is a great way to keep your guests engaged and entertained throughout the evening. However, selecting a presenter who isn’t relevant for the occasion may leave your attendees less than impressed. Think about what type of speaker your audience will want to listen to. For example, you may want to hire a motivational speaker to uplift and inspire or perhaps a comedian to add an element of humour. You could go one step further and also arrange for a band or entertainer to perform during or after the ceremony. Finding suitable acts is easy too. Talent booking agencies such as NMP Live offer a whole plethora of personalities, musicians and politicians so you shouldn’t struggle to find a suitable host for your evening.

3. Having too many awards

It’s likely that many of your attendees will be nominated for an award. While you may be tempted to cram in as many gongs as possible, this could make the evening last for much longer than you anticipated, leaving your audience looking at their watches. So, to keep your event concise and to the point, try to limit how many you give out. This will also make receiving an award more exclusive and exciting for your winners.

So, before you start planning your next corporate awards ceremony, keep these three mistakes in mind to help ensure your event goes as smoothly as possible.

Get Excellent Financial Apps for Your Android Phones by Logan Lenz

Android is improving day by day as an operating system and is well known for its different apps. If you want to know your status of investments, or whether you have any dues left, the financial apps of Google’s Android are ready to help you. Let us get introduced to some of the top financial apps in the market.

Virtual Wallet: With this Android app, you can enjoy various banking features like money transfer, bill pay, remote deposits etc. This particular package therefore helps in monitoring your bill payments and expenditure properly. It is also absolutely free of cost.

Karl’s Mortgage Calculator: Developed by DrCalculator, this free app is very simple and legible. It helps in calculating adjustable-rate loans as well as payments on fixed rates. The features can keep a record of amortization schedule which can be used for extra payments of principal. If you want more features, you can upgrade to the professional calculator app by paying a bit.

Auto Loan Calculator: This free app is developed by Xinify Networks Apps and has really got some attractive features. It can provide you with flexibility of calculating different loans by using different variables. When you can obtain all information about purchase, you can easily get cash rebates. This app also helps in calculating the lease and loan payments.

Cashbook Expense Tracker:  The Frank Android Software Company has developed this special cashbook expense tracker app. It is very useful to the developers and is priced above $5. You can easily import and export the data and can even change the categories. The Lawsuit Funding Companies can save documents with this app within cloud based service like Dropbox.

Anza Money Free: Developed by the Anza Software LLC, this is a very strong tool that can help in managing your bank accounts. It helps in tracking your income or expenses in various accounts. With the free version, you can even customize the categories according to your preference. Just upgrade to the professional version with $9.95 if you want more features.

Mint.com Personal Finance: Intuit Inc has developed this free app combined with financial website. You have to keep in mind that you need to register with the website before using this Android application.

AllPoint: This free app will help you to locate surcharge free ATM nearby. This is for avoiding the fees in some ATMs of unfamiliar areas. Developed by LocatorSearch, this app helps you out with landmarks and directions for locating the actual place very easily.

Debt Snowball: Priced at only $1.49, this financial app helps in creating as well as managing your payoff plan. As soon as you have set up your accounts, you can easily track your debt repayment amount and duration. The only drawback is that, you are required to input and maintain the right data all the time for getting benefits from this app.

Key Ring:  This free app helps in storing all your loyalty cards in a single location safely. It is also helpful for displaying coupons, sales, and special offers and can track your loyalty points easily.

Mint Bills:  The app helps in managing all your accounts at a place so that you can pay all your bills by avoiding the late fees. You can also set reminders for the notification of the bill payment due date. All your bank accounts can be synced up with this app so that you can monitor your expenses by dividing into your customized categories.

All these apps can be helpful in combining your important financial information from banks and financial institutions. The apps are totally secured and reliable. You are required to go through the user agreements though before registering with any financial app to secure your privacy.

Author Bio: Michael Felix is a well known app developer. In this article, he is talking about the advantages of financial apps and how the Lawsuit Funding Companies can get the benefits from them.

Using online websites to get the best deal in Home and décor by Logan Lenz

It is about that time to spruce up your home and you need to find indoor and outdoor décor.  The good news is, shopping online has made things a lot cheaper and easier. You do not have to go browsing from store to store which can take the entire day. You can simply log in online and find thousands of options around your area. Here are some tips for using online websites to find the best deals.

Create a budget

Before you do anything online, you should start by creating your budget. A budget is crucial because it is the measuring tool that you will use to identify what deals are worth it. Know how much you are willing to spend on each aspect of design and décor from your indoor space to your outdoor space. This number should be your guiding force and although it is not cast   on stone, it is advisable to spend within your comfortable means.

Review websites

Review websites are a great place to gather information about the best companies and websites in the business. Review sites that deal with specific topics like home décor are the best to check out. You will find some of the most highly recommended home décor companies and links to their websites, where you can find out more about their products and services. You can create a list of the companies you are most interested in going into the next step.

Compare quotes online

Many websites will often respond to your initial contact within a matter of minutes or hours because they want to maintain you as a customer. You should take advantage of this customer service to find out more about what the company can offer. You can even request an online quote to get a rough idea of the kind of pricing they have for their products and services. Compare quotes from more than one company and find the one that is most competitively priced with the biggest package. You can also check for special discounts and promotions that most customers get when they make a commitment through a down payment.

Buying storage sheds online

Garden sheds are a great addition to your back yard. You can get additional space without having to move into a new house. When buying storage sheds online, there is a lot of information available that can help you make your purchase. Read the product description carefully to find out the dimensions of the shed, the materials used to build it and the installation process. You can use these detailed descriptions to find the shed that suits your back yard in the best way.

Recycling websites

In order to keep old and unused items out of landfills, recycling websites are where people can give out stuff for free. You can find unique items that you can get creative with for your home décor. For instance, an old tractor tire can make a great kiddy-pool when painted colorfully, lined with water proofing material and filled up with water. 

How to Make Your Corporate Christmas Cards Have an Impact On Your Clients by Logan Lenz

Sending out Christmas cards to clients has generally been thought of for decades as a good thing to do in terms of relationship building and promoting a positive brand image. However, in recent years, as we live in a world that is ever less concerned with sending and receiving things by 'snail mail', Christmas cards on the whole are becoming less and less expected, with far fewer people buying them in bulk and giving them out to everyone they know. This actually means that any cards you do send will have a bigger impact, as they are less likely to be just one of dozens the recipient opens that day, however it also means that you need to make your cards really interesting or memorable, so there is a reason for someone to take it home or keep it on their desk rather than just discarding it.

If you want your Christmas cards to really make the most of this once a year opportunity to get your clients' attention and win a few brownie points with them, then here are a few ideas:

Charity Christmas Cards

Some people are starting to think Christmas cards are a bit of a waste of money, and an outdated concept. Others think they are bad for the environment. A popular thing some people now do instead of giving cards to their friends is to instead donate that money to charity, but of course, that doesn't help you in terms of marketing unless you write and tell all your clients you've done that, and informing people of your charitable donations can look a bit tacky.

A good way to show you are keen to give something back while still sending cards is to buy cards made by a charity, or, if you want to show support to the community if you are a local business, by a local school. Christmas cards for schools are a popular fundraising approach with primary schools, and by buying sets of these to send out you not only help the school and get your cards, but also send a good message along with them about your business!

Truly Personal Messages

Receiving a generic card with a bunch of signatures on it is not that interesting, and even less so when it comes from a business rather than someone you know well. To make your cards fun to read, have someone in your team write a truly personal message on each card. This can take time but will wow your clients, whether it is because you remembered the names of their kids to include in the card or because you made a joke about something you remember about them or their business.


Socially, an e-card can be seen as a little cheap, and not really any better than no card at all, however if you send an email card with a link to some cool, fun Christmas functionality on your website or something else the receiver will enjoy, it can actually be a fun and memorable diversion, which will also appeal to the people who think physical cards are a waste of resources or bad for the environment.

These three ideas can help you take advantage of this opportunity to impress you clients and set you up for a positive year ahead working with them!

How NEBOSH training can benefit your workplace by Logan Lenz

The National Examination Board in Occupational Health and Safety (NEBOSH) is a globally-recognised awarding body that offers a range of different industries the opportunity to achieve health and safety qualifications. This training can equip your personnel with valuable skills and knowledge and create an overall safer workplace. Let’s have a further look at how NEBOSH could benefit you and your organisation.

Safer work environment

With the help of NEBOSH training, your members of staff will be able to understand the importance of health and safety and how this can be incorporated into the workplace. As safety training specialist Sheilds mentions on their blog, holding a NEBOSH qualification is highly valuable as employees are able to identify and minimise risks, adhere to health and safety legislation and reduce the number of accidents or injuries that happen within the workplace. In short, investing in NEBOSH training for your workforce can ultimately create a safer work environment for everyone.

Loyal workforce

If you’re seen to be taking health and safety seriously, it’s likely your members of staff will feel valued and cared about. Happy workers that know that their safety is being looked after could be less likely to move on and find other places of employment. Consequently, this could save you the time and effort of having to attract and recruit new members of staff.

Reduction in absenteeism

NEBOSH training could also help reduce the number of employee absences due to work related accidents or incidents. With the appropriate policies in place, you should be able to provide your staff members with a healthy and safe working environment, meaning they will be less likely to require time off due to sickness or injury. This will also reduce your expenses and save your company the costs associated with staff absences.

Strong reputation

Obtaining this professional health and safety qualification could not only prove popular with your employees, but it could impress your existing and potential clients too. Taking the wellbeing of your company’s workforce seriously could help you build a strong reputation within your market, which, in turn, could attract more custom and improve your sales figures.

Avoid legal action

Work related accidents and incidents are not only harmful to the health and wellbeing of your employees, but your business could suffer too. Between legal fees, fines and compensation payouts, the effect of a mishap in the workplace could potentially cost you big and have an effect on your reputation. However, having a well-trained workforce could reduce the likelihood of an accident taking place and therefore save you from having to fork out.

After reading these five benefits, you should be able to see how enrolling your employees on a NEBOSH course can be advantageous not only to their personal safety, but the safety of your business too.

Intricacies of Branding: A guide to a better functioning brand by Logan Lenz

Your logo is not your brand and neither is the design. Though, Branding and design are two factors that work hand in hand. You cannot talk of branding without touching on designing. The two are basically inseparable.

Case in point, you have the power to design your professional brand. Your design will depict how you want to be perceived by the world. By extension, this also shows the world how you perceive yourself.

There is more to a brand than just a logo, flashing colors, beautiful fonts and a catchy slogan. It is not as easy a topic as people think. A brand carries a lot of weight in defining an organization, a company or an individual. People will remember you or your work through your brand. So remember to include your information in your brand.

What is branding?

Branding is creating a company’s corporate image and being able to promote that image by use of visuals. Most people confuse a brand identity for a logo. Although they both create the company’s image; brand identity unlike a logo is larger and is very distinct. In other words, you should be able to recognize the company’s brand without looking at the logo. The brand is then incorporated as an emotional yet corporate image by the logo and the visually powerful brand identity. A brand carries your concepts, ideas and perceptions all together.

Basically, claim your worth. Talk about your services or your product or the entire organization. How you promote your brand will define how other people see and view you. Interestingly, people will choose your products or services based on awareness, interests and desire. It is through advertising and most importantly, brand identity that your products, services will stay relevant to the audience.

The essence of a brand is to maintain a good relationship with people, business or otherwise. Your brand should be able to answer the ‘who, where, what, why and how’ questions, that the audience might have pertaining to your abilities and value to the market world.

Reasons why branding is important

1.      Branding provides an added advantage to the company – with thousands of companies ‘competing to stay relevant to the business world, making your brand recognizable can be daunting. However, when done appropriately a brand should be able to catch the audience’s attention and help your company create a name for itself. To emerge a winner, your brand should also mirror your calculated plans on how to move the company forward to your esteemed audience.

2.      Branding is an asset – with such a competitive business market, some companies succeed while others fail. Whether you are losing your company or gaining enormous profits as the days go by, your brand is your asset. Your legacy is carried in the brand. Being the most suitable asset that will stick by you, ensure that your brand is unique, elaborate and strong enough to hold your overall strategies together.

3.      Your asset speaks for you – being your most important visual asset, your brand should speak to your audience. In short, your brand should be able to say what you wantjust from a glimpse. The bottom line is, a brand is a set of expectations and promises that the company makes to positively influence their consumers’ decision making strategies.

4.      Branding provides economic value – economic value of your company will be providedby not just the tangible assets but the intangible as well. Branding being one of your intangible assets will play a part in your general value for business.

5.      You can set expectations through your brand – the business world is a promising world. Behind a good branding, your company makes remarkable expectations to its audience. For example, you can tell them who you are through your brand, or prove your worth to them through your brand.

6.      Branding influences decision making – customers, clients and the audience at large will make decisions on your products or services based on your brand identity. For example, if you are an organization dealing with custom packaging, custom folders, binders and boxes, you would want buyers to choose your products because they love your brand, right? Convince the audience that you have the best through your brand identity. At the end of the day, everyone walks awaya winner.

Consistency in branding

A brand needs to supplement persistence with consistency in order to be readily identifiable and easily recognizable. Consistency here refers to the continued practice of creating brand longevity by uninterrupted visual symbolism of a corporate image. This is to mean that, a brand should NOT change its visual representation too often that it creates confusion in regard to its real identity. Examples of consistent brands that have been making it big in the world of business are Coca-cola (since 1886) and Johnson and Johnson (since 1888)

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Mobile Telemetry Presents a Host of Advantages by Logan Lenz

Telemetry is referred to the wireless transmission as well as reception of measured items for remotely monitoring ecological conditions or even equipment parameters. The term telemetry may be used in the context of signals comprising such data.

A telemetry transmitter is said to contain a number of measuring devices, a modulator, an encoder that converts instrument readings into signals- both analog and digital and a wireless transmitter having an antenna. A telemetry receiver comprises an antenna, a demodulator, RF Amplifiers and recording devices. A computer could be used for processing as well as storing the information received.

Mobile telemetry solutions certainly are a great way of automating all your business processes. They effectively provide communication facility from one machine to another through an automatic exchange of vital data over a wireless network. Mobile telemetry can be used by any business to boost work efficiency of the employees, to augment the dependability of its operations as well as cutting down running costs. Contact Mobile Telemetry LLC for efficient mobile telemetry services.

Real-time Data Are Received

You can use wireless telemetry systems for measuring and gathering data from remote or inaccessible places and this data would then be transmitted across extensive distances in real-time. Thanks to telemetry you can now observe events as well as processes as they happen. This is really beneficial to you as you can monitor the events live, as they are taking place and you may also, exercise more control over the outcomes of all those events or processes.

No wait time is required anymore. You simply need to follow telemeter position, or wind speed, wind conditions and some other information required for generating graphics demonstrating progress in sporting events such as The Yacht Regatta live.

Patients whether at home or in the hospital may use telemetry for being warned of critical health related changes. This facilitates immediate medical attention. Telemetric nursing is excellent for close uninterrupted monitoring.

Operational Costs Are Cut Down

Telemetry effectively slashes the operational expenses. There is relatively less request for human resources for gathering data manually. Data collection and transmission are automated thanks to mobile telemetry. This effectively reduces operational expenses to a major extent.

Life Risks Minimized

Your work may involve your presence in many perilous circumstances. For example, you may be responsible for monitoring a tornado or tracking an active volcano. Thanks to mobile telemetry, these situations no longer present any risks to life any more. It is not required for you to be physically there in any of these life-threatening situations. All the necessary information or data could now be gathered quite successfully from the safety of a distant laboratory.

Natural Disasters Could Now Be Averted

Wireless telemetry systems are best for disaster management cases. Mobile telemetry is a truly cutting-edge system that may be used in the measurement of rising water levels in rivers or keeping track of the wind speed and velocity.

Data Gathered From Objects in Motion

Telemetry helps in accumulating data and information from things that are in constant motion. For instance, this state-of-the-art technology may be utilized for tracking the exact location of a train in motion across an extensive railway network or may measure the train’s speed also. You could now easily gather information from a really fast moving turbine shaft, or gather information from a weather balloon. Tracking moving animals is now pretty easy.

Data is Now Shared

You now have the opportunity for sharing data with diverse units at a time because now data is gathered as well as transmitted wirelessly. For instance, you can now share flood alerts etc. with various units such as disaster management agencies, healthcare agencies, governmental agencies, transportation agencies etc.

Author Bio: Jonathan Rogers is an IT expert, who is currently attached to a private firm offering mobile telemetry services. He is an avid blogger and has an impressive fan base. He recommends Mobile Telemetry LLC for all your mobile telemetry solutions.

The Differences Between US and UK Offices by Logan Lenz

They may be united by language and general appearance, but there are plenty of differences to be found between offices in the US and the UK. Here, we take a look at some of the ways in which workspaces in these two countries contrast.

Layout and design

In terms of overall design, not much separates the typical American office from its counterpart across the Atlantic. Open plan layouts are still popular in both countries and the fixtures and fittings that companies choose for their working environments reflect this fact. For example, office screens, which are used to help control noise levels in these large spaces and to give employees extra privacy, are popular accessories in both the US and the UK. Office furniture ranges from Furniture At Work™ and other specialist suppliers tend to include a broad range of screens designed to stand either on the floor or on desks.

However, some differences are beginning to creep into design trends in the two nations. Forward looking companies are increasingly seeking to create innovative, unusual work areas - and American tech giants like Google and Facebook have been leading the charge. Although this fresh approach has started to catch on across the globe, these pioneering US-based firms are still setting the standard, incorporating everything from designated games zones to slides within their workspaces.

Snack time

Snacks are ubiquitous across American and British offices, but the sorts of foods and drinks that people consume at their desks does differ. One trait that the Brits are renowned for is their love of tea and biscuits, and this time-honoured combination shows no sign of falling out of favor in workplaces across the country. This can come as a surprise to people who aren’t familiar with the custom of supping this milky brew at regular intervals throughout the day, but it’s an integral part of the 9-5 for many UK employees.

The way people talk

The conversations people have in US and UK offices can be very different too. Whereas speaking in a direct and assertive manner tends to win people kudos in the States, British workers often favor a more delicate approach. One woman who has experienced this contrast first hand is American Amy Peterson. Speaking to the BBC about her experiences in Britain, she explained that rather than saying he was unhappy with a project, a manager might say something like: “I see what you’re trying to do here, but let’s chat about what else you could do.”

Work-life balance

There is a difference in approach to the work-life balance too. While studies have shown that many employees in both countries work more than a 40-hour week, Brits do at least get more time off in the form of holidays. Full-time workers there are entitled by law to 28 days of paid leave per year. In stark contrast, US workers have no such rights (although many are given the ten days of national holidays). This means that UK workers tend to get more time away from their desks than their equivalents in America.

So, although there are many similarities between workspaces in these two nations, there’s certainly no shortage of divergences.