3 Effective Social Marketing Ideas for Dentists in 2016


These days all businesses need to have online presences, and social media is essential for companies in all industries. Dentists can take full advantage of these platforms to engage with new and existing patients, as well as professionals from related industries all over the world.

Working with a consultant like acceleratemypractice.com can be a fast way to gain the resources needed for successful marketing endeavors, but just about anyone with a computer or smart phone can take advantage of these tips.

With any social media platform, be sure you have fully filled out profiles, and always include a picture. Go for a headshot photo of yourself, but also include photos of your staff, from administrative to technical. Helping potential clients put faces to names makes them more confident that you are relatable.


While it is accessed by users around the world, Facebook can still be an easy way to increase your local and online presence. First of all, having a Facebook page will help your name be seen more in search results, which in some ways is the modern day equivalent of the phonebook. Having a full profile with hours, information about the practice, and related information can be just as important as having a website.

However, a Facebook page is also a way to promote engagement with your patients. You may want to encourage your patients to leave feedback for others to see, and with a Facebook page, they won’t have to sign up for different accounts on a variety of platforms. You can display your reviews right alongside your business information, making sure prospective patients feel confident that you are the best around. Include your Facebook information on your marketing materials and encourage patients to like your page.

You can also keep updating your page with related news, tips, and info for patients, who will be more likely to share with their followers.

2. Twitter

Twitter is great because it is an easy and immediate platform to use. Since you’re restricted to 140 characters, you’ll need to keep messages on point and relative, but it is easy to fall into a routine of maintaining an active account.

A great thing about Twitter is the ability to engage directly with industry influencers. While retweeting Kim Kardashian may not be relevant to your followers, showing that you follow and engage with people of influence in the dental and medical fields will help patients feel confident in your knowledge and expertise.

3. Instagram

Instagram can be a tricky platform for dentists to navigate, but when done right can generate great returns.

Try not to use your account as an explicit advertising tool by simply posting your marketing materials. Instead, try and take unique photos that will help followers see what your practice is really like. Use actual photos that you take around the office, and include your staff members both at work and at play.

Sharing photos of patients can be exciting to promote results and to show happy clients, but be sure that you have permission from them.