3 Reasons Why MOBAs Are One of the Best Ways to Use Your Phone

Playing games on a mobile phone can be a great way to pass the time when you are out and about. And, there are certainly a lot of games that give you that opportunity, from word games and quizzes to world building games where you can create your own town or your own version of Springfield from The Simpsons when you have a few minutes to spare. However, while these games can often be successful, the ones that tend to engage players the most tend to be those with more of a hardcore gaming feel.

Trivial casual games are all well and good for people when they are on the train or bored, especially if they aren't really ingrained in the gaming world, however for people who consider themselves hardcore gamers, MOBAs offer the best kind of mobile experience possible. Here are three reasons why, if you don't already play MOBAs like Arena of Valor, you should give them a go:

Serious Gaming in Small Portions

One of the reasons hardcore gamers tend not to consider mobile games is that when you play seriously, you need longer than a few minutes to really do what you want to do in your game. MOBAs understand this, and allow you to play rich battles that don't need to last hours, but use your skills and characters in a similar way to other games you may play on consoles or on a PC. You can have a quick PvP battle or even a team battle while you are on your lunch break or are waiting for your train. This means you have exciting, yet serious gameplay available to you whenever you want, even when you don't have hours to spend on playing.

Great Social Features

Another great benefit of MOBA style games is that you can either play with your friends, or be matched to other people who are online and looking for a game. This means you can bring your friends on board and play with them regardless of where you all are, or hook up with some new people who enjoy the game the same way you do. Add to this the messaging features a lot of these games have, including voice chat, and you should find that you can play, meet new people and also hang out with your existing friends very easily through the interface.

Big Communities

By joining a popular MOBA, you'll most likely be joining a huge community where there is almost always someone compatible with your play style that you can join forces with or team up against. Many of these games have lively online communities too, where you can discuss objects and quests and talk about your own gaming experiences with likeminded people.

There are so many types of games you can play on a smartphone, but for gamers used to a more hardcore experience, MOBAs really offer more than any of the others and are well worth trying out.

Guest PostsLogan Lenz