3 Superhero Tips for Creating the Image of Professionalism

In business, the image of professionalism is almost everything, especially when it comes to impressing prospects, which is basically the name of the game no matter what industry you’re in. However, most businesses and offices aren’t living up to their aesthetic and technological potential, leading to workflow processes and office spaces that are grossly outdated. When you consider the fact that we’re approaching 2020 and many businesses are still operating exactly as they did a decade ago, it’s easy to see why early adoption has become the new superpower for progressive entrepreneurs looking to create an authoritative brand image. That being said, here are 3 things you can do to bring your company’s perceived professionalism up a notch:

1.      Max Out Your Office Tech Like Iron Man

You don’t necessarily have to go Tony Stark level with it, but you do want to make sure your office is cooler than most others. Some ideas for creating the “wow” effect in your office include: a giant touchscreen projector, desk holograms, and high-tech PC towers that you can use to make your existing PCs look like state-of-the-art goodness. You can get other ideas on how you can improve your office space with gadgets by browsing Hardware Secrets to see the latest tech trends and products reviewed.

2.      Turbocharge Your Productivity Like Superman

Now that you have the surface image to show you’re serious, you’ll need to bring a level of productivity that proves you’re a force to be reckoned with. In essence, after hyping up your aesthetics with all that tech, you have to be able to “walk the walk” in order to convince new clients, customers, and investors that your company is worth doing business with. The only way to guarantee that you can outdo the competition is by outperforming them in every possible aspect, so make that a goal and you’ll have completed the two thirds of your quest to becoming a business superpower.

3.      Crush the Competition Like Hulk

Finally, with a 5-star office/storefront and the workflow to match, all that’s left to do is set your prices and package your products/services in a way that just Hulk Smashes everything the competition had going on before you arrived. You don’t necessarily have to win on all fronts, but one landslide victory in either price, performance, or quality should be enough to secure a sizable share of the market. Put some emotion and passion into your line of work and you’ll find your company outgrowing its office space the way the Hulk bursts out of his clothes.

Putting Yourself on a Pedestal Without the Costume

You don’t need a cape, a flying robotic suit, or massive green muscles to be a superhero in business. All you need to do is perform and look good while you’re doing it. More importantly, you need to get results for your customers/clients and investors/supervisors to ensure the continuity of your company or career. When you start generating metrics and out-styling your industry competition or co-workers, people will start to take notice of your hero-like capabilities and confidence.

Guest PostsLogan Lenz