4 Cost-effective SEO tools

Which are the ones that are worth your time?

When it comes to anything that involves business, achieving the right amount of long term profits is the primary goal. Making some fast cash here and there is always a good thing, although they say that there’s no shortcut to success, yet it allow you to have a constant cash flow and peace of mind. SEO is the process of optimizing your website in the best possible way for a particular term. Using SEO tools can save your time and money. However, most of the tools are too expensive for the digital startups and the small business firms. So, if you’re a startup, here are some cost-effective SEO tools that can have a beneficial impact on your business.

1.      SERPS.com: This tool is available at a price of $48 per month and this is perhaps the dearest among the other tools mentioned in the list. Nevertheless, this is being mentioned first because it is used quite often. The most extraordinary feature of this tool is the SEO correlation testing feature. This is built to allow you to test the tactics and strategies that are actually enhancing your rankings and those that aren’t. The SERPS.com actually gets to the heart of what data marketing is all about. If you’re someone who has still not used tools to recognize and evaluate the connection between your attempts and consequences, you’re perhaps not utilizing the tools in the right manner.

2.      SheerSEO: This is yet another all-rounder tool available at various pricing options, ranging from $7 to $40 a month. This particular tool tracks search engine rankings and imports Google Analytics data. This SEO tools even includes an alarmingly large and helpful collections of tools in accordance with its price tag. Among them, one of the most noteworthy is the blog view request tool. That tool can be leveraged to create a message and send it to the bloggers, requesting them to review your site.

3.      Search Enabler: This is a tool that has its pro version available at $49 and the Starter version at $15. Although it doesn’t have any standout features, yet there are some well-acclaimed benefits. The web analysis tool audits your domain for errors and also looks for areas of improvement. The link analyzer tracks the links along with the links of three other competitors. This tool may lack Page Rank information but it allows you to discover anchor text and also amplify the spread of no-follow and do-follow links.

4.      UpCity: This is more of an educational resource and less of an SEO tool. All the small business organizations looking for doing SEO for themselves can reap benefits from this tool as it guides them through the entire process, assists them in selecting keywords and offers some of the nascent tracking features as well.

In a nutshell, you don’t require breaking your bank to place your safe hands on the best SEO tools. The above mentioned list comprises of the best price search engine marketing tools in the market. Purchase the one that is tailored to meet your needs.