4 Foolproof Tips to Increase Your Blogging Community

If you are struggling to break into the internet market, it is highly likely you are not using the right marketing strategy. Many website owners have fallen for scams in a bid to increase online visibility. Such schemes end up ruining website ranking and it is advisable to only use tested and proven strategies.

Blogging is one of the most effective marketing strategies if you are looking for organic traffic. It is a white hat and Webmaster-approved tool to boost your ranking on search engine result pages (SERPs) while also positioning your brand in your industry. A blog is also invaluable in building customer relationships.

Well, while many websites now boast a blog, most website owners complain about poor traffic to their platforms. It is widely said, and rightly so, that building a blog can take minutes but building a successful blog with a significant following can take months if not years. 

Luckily, creating a blog is easy and faster using the following tips:

1.       Inviting Interaction

Many blogs have fantastic content yet they don’t enjoy much traffic. It is normal for readers to leave a comment and leave but as a blogger, you have to think of unique ways to inspire more readers to interact.

A call to interact is easy to implement by simply asking readers to comment about your products and services, asking questions, writing discussion-type posts which will elicit response, polls and challenges, and off-blog invitations among other strategies. 

2.       Utilize Influencers

This is a unique and highly effective strategy to attract serious readers. To do this, you have to start interacting with influencers in your niche by visiting their blogs and asking them to contribute to your blog. This networking might take time to bear fruits but once they are ready to write for you, make sure everyone knows about it. This strategy gets you quality content and access to better distribution through the influencer’s networks.

3.       Use a Conversational Voice

This is a cardinal rule when blogging. Make sure you don’t talk at readers but rather talk to them.  This is a trap most authorities in different niches fall into. Just because you know a lot about a particular topic should not be a reason to turn away interested readers.

Make your content conversational and interesting. However difficult the topic is, break it down just like you would in a conversation. This is a simple way to invite more readers to come back for more. Tell stories, use personal language and share opinions if you want to grow your blogging community.

4.       Use Challenges

Readers go online because they want to learn and interact. If your content is just informational, it will bring in traffic, but not as much traffic as it would if you included a challenge. Many top blogs today grew their communities through challenges which brought on more and more participants. You need to assess your target audience and the blog’s objective when creating a challenge to ensure you have a relevant following.

There are other strategies including face-to-face meetings, putting your readers in the spotlight, repurposing your content in line with SEO and industry changes among other strategies.

Guest PostsLogan Lenz