4 Important Criteria for Choosing Digital Signage Software

If you are in the market for digital signage software, you are probably overwhelmed by the amount of choice that you have. When it comes down to it, however, you want to have software that meets your most vital needs.

Companies like fourwindsinteractive provide modern digital signage solutions that have evolved quite significantly from earlier year’s systems that have come to be known for their clunkiness and resource hogging.

Find below some of the most important criteria for choosing digital signage software.

1.   Charges and costs

With the fast pace of technology changes in both software and hardware, digital signage has evolved quite significantly from a time when expensive and bulky components comprising mainly of hardware like computers and content management software were required.

Now hardware is as small as a USD flash disk and powerful enough to do the job, and software is light and on the ever present cloud which means a lot of other overheads have also been significantly cut down.

2.   Simple and easy to use

Traditionally, digital signage systems consisted of several different modules for them to function synergistically to produce and publish content for display. They mainly comprise of:

1.      A server for network management

2.      Reporting server

3.      Content design

4.      Media player licenses

5.      Other add-ons

These modules when looked at individually can be very costly and complex to manage, they often need different expertise and hardware resources to be effective. However, with the advent of cloud computing, things have become much more streamlined and efficient.

Work is done remotely, uploaded into the cloud and updated into localized systems so that content can change in several places all at once and with very little effort. The resources needed to make all these changes are greatly reduced which means managing such systems is easier and more efficient.

Users can now fully focus on the message and less on the background work it takes to present and display the message.

3.   Robust customer care and technical support

With the now aging digital signage systems, customer care is a vital component of the service. This is because several different modules all have to work efficiently and synergistically for the message to be displayed. For example, for software updates to be made, special resources have to be allocated to enable consistent and continued use of the systems. These are often charged at a premium.

With modern systems, customer care and technical support is still as vital, but because systems are more streamlined, managing systems such as updates is done automatically and the whole process is much more seamless. This means that most customer care departments have more time to deal with other more specific problems.

4.   Variety of choice

Modern digital signage systems offer the latest in software, hardware, and content creation solutions so that the creation and display of digital signage messages is not encumbered by formats and differences in platforms.

If you want to use a specific operating system, it should be available to you. For example, if you want to use Linux, Windows or Android systems, you should have the choice to do so.