4 popular changes in the focus of SEO in 2015

The SEO today is dramatically different from that of a few years ago. 2015 has brought with it a whole lot of new practices in search engine optimization. In fact, the SEO industry now is almost unrecognizable from that of 2011 or some years earlier. The goal of these changes is always to improve traffic towards a particular website. At the same time, it is encouraging customer satisfaction. People are able to enjoy using your website when they get to use it. There has been a change in the execution of SEO campaigns. Some of the biggest changes in SEO 2015 are:

1.       Focus on technical elements

Once upon a time, experts used content marketing and SEO interchangeably- this is not so in recent times. There is a great overlap between these two it is therefore not such a surprise. Nevertheless, the SEO of 2015 has increasingly focused upon the technical components of online marketing while content marketing is nowthe main driver of ranking on the search engines. They are both very important. You should get an SEO Utah company that focuses upon all aspects of SEO including content marketing.

2.       Optimization for mobile SEO and user intent

As any recent internet marketing guide will tell you, the main focus of search engines like Google and Bing is on mobile usability. Google has been penalizing websites that produce errors for mobile users. If you do not have a website that is accessible from tablets and smartphones, you can be sure that things will not augur so well for you as far as ranking on search engines goes. Therefore, you should optimize your site for mobile search. Also, take some time to make sure that the features of your site are all mobile friendly.

3.       Social media goes a notch higher

Social media is here to stay. There is not a single day that you will not hear about some social media platform be it Twitter, Facebook or YouTube. They are a personal favorite for many people. People are using social media marketing for their websites and blog a little bit more than the previous years. The goal is to make sure that people are able to spread word of a particular site. At the same time, there are the widgets for social media integration. People share content directly from your website and that makes for more traffic.

4.       Pairing up with PR

People are making use of industry-specific journalists and such. Companies are integrating public relations into their SEO campaigns. This is working out quite well for a majority of them. The only problem is that few know how to go about it. There are those that will focus upon creation of press releases while others will pay attention to marketing on social media as aforementioned. These are great ways to get the attention of the public.

These are just some of the very popular SEO practices that have become even more popular in 2015. People want to make great strides through their websites and they are now able to do that more effectively thanks to the use of search engine optimization strategies formulated by experts in the industry.

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Maria Strauss has been doing SEO work for close for six years now. She has seen all the changes that could have ever happened in this profession. 

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