4 Reasons to Make a Dreamcatcher for Your Bedroom

Many bedroom features are coming into fashion these days. Yet, a lot of people do not know the history behind them and what they can stand for. Dreamcatchers are an example of something created originally for a function and then over time, they have been used more for their physical attraction. Making your own not only makes it more reflective of you, but it also homes other benefits too.

Cultural Reasonings and Beliefs

Originally the idea of dreamcatchers, originating from Native Americans, were ‘sacred hoops’, which are used for protection. More specifically, they were for children when they are sleeping. So, whilst hanging in your room at night, they are intended to catch all your bad dreams and nightmares. This ideology is a nice aspect to include in your room whilst adding something cultural to stand out amongst other designs you have. Being able to research into its origins in more depth may also open your mind to accepting other aspects of the culture into your ideas within your bedroom. Then before you know it, you have a running theme as well as a spiritual connection to these features. If you are a very sentimental person, a homemade dreamcatcher would make a nice present due to its meanings.

Many Variations and Styles to Choose From

Most people are aware of the more generic dreamcatcher being circular, with the beaded strings falling below attaching feathers. However, they are a diverse accessory, which include different materials, patterns and shapes. This way you can find one more personal and adaptable to your room and your personality preferences. Also, with different styles, some may be easier than others to make so depending on your creative abilities, you have the chance to choose your level of difficulty or how much time you want to commit into making them.

Easy to Make by Hand

A lot of design based accessories can be hard to replicate, but depending on how you make dreamcatchers, they can be simple. Dreamcatchers can be expensive depending on where they were purchased from and how much craftsmanship has been put into them. Making them by hand using a DIY formula can make it easier as it explains each step providing all the necessary information.

Materials Are Affordable and Easy to Find

An advantage of making dreamcatchers is that the materials used to create them may already be dotted around your home, or they are easily purchased. The items you will need are ordinary such as, wool, string, beads and feathers. This means you can dictate how much you want to spend and all these resources are cheap to buy from a range of different arts and crafts shops.

Even if you are not the most creative and ‘hands on’ person, making a dreamcatcher by hand is a great feature to have in your room or as a present for someone else. If you have patience and a little determination, it is sure to be successful. It is meaningful to its origins, functional in its beliefs and personal.

Guest PostsLogan Lenz