4 Ways Tech Is Transforming Healthcare

With the huge leaps in tech that occur so quickly and often that we barely even register them anymore, it’s nice to know that those who protect our health are not failing in their adoption of new means to treat us quicker and more efficiently. Whether you’re using technology to look after yourself, such as checking your heart rate by using an app on your phone, or using an automation system to book a doctor’s appointment, technology is simply the natural progression of the healthcare industry. Here the four key ways that technology is being used by healthcare professionals to update their treatments.


There are so many apps relating to health these days that it’s almost impossible to identify them all. From TalkSpace for those with mental health concerns to doctors using smartphone apps to utilize eye-testing technology, it seems that there is an app for every area of healthcare these days. Even something as seemingly fad-like such as the Fitbit is actually a very useful tool for monitoring your exercise levels and even sets you targets on a weekly basis. For ease of use and the all-important convenience factor for users, technology is making it easier than ever to ensure that you have access to the most valuable information when you need it.


Artificial Intelligence might seem like something from a sci-fi film, but you might be surprised to learn that AI is already making changes to the healthcare industry. It’s a growing area, and as more and more advances are made, the more that we’ll see AI take its position as one of the more important aspects of looking after the healthcare needs of a population. It is already being used to assess patient responses to medication, mine patient data to prevent future issues and give advanced aftercare advice. In ten years time, AI may have completely transformed healthcare.

Market research

Information is power, as the old saying goes. It’s why it is vital to have access to as much information as possible when ascertaining the needs of patients. Market research can identify the views and needs of your customers, as well as a way of finding out opinions that you might not have been able to get by simply asking in the doctor’s office. Healthcare market research has a vast potential and finding an established company to help conduct your research will be able to provide you with a variety of solutions to common customer complaints.


For medical professionals, a key issue has always been the ease with which one can get advice from specialists. Whether it’s for diagnosis confirmation or recommendations for specialist treatment, often these would require long waiting periods. Technology has enabled health professionals to maintain communication with ease, and by speeding up the consultation period for each patient, doctors can ensure that they can give the best service in the fastest time, reducing the amount of confusion or suffering of those that need it most.

As technology becomes more and more a part of our lives, it’s good to know that health management is in good, tech-savvy hands.

Guest PostsLogan Lenz