4 Ways Web Development Companies Can Build a Larger Client Base

When a business is looking to have a website developed for them, they really are looking for something more than an awesome design.

Although that is a wonderful start, that isn’t going to get them very far if that’s all there is. Almost anyone can take programs like Dreamweaver or Front Page and build a lovely site but if the site is empty other than pretty pages, it won’t perform at all. What your clients are going to be looking for is a site to be developed that will help their business grow so what you need to focus on is ways to build and keep a larger client base by giving them what they need.

1. Rank with Google

The very first thing your clients will be looking at is how well their site ranks with the search engines. Not only should the initial site be populated with content that ranks well with the SERPs but it should also be updated often with high quality SEO content. Is this a service you can provide? If you are looking to build a larger client base, keep professional content writers on staff or at least contract with outsourced writers. 

2. Pages that Convert

After providing text and graphic content that ranks with the SERPs, you should be focusing on how to construct a site that converts. One of the best ways to do this is to make it a site of authority which means a plethora of good information that explains the why’s and how’s of the products / services you are promoting. If you don’t construct landing pages that convert, your clients’ pages won’t bring them revenue and they will go elsewhere to get what they need.

3. A Social Following

In recent years all the buzz has been on building a huge social following and for very good reasons. If you are going to work towards building a larger client base then you should also focus on building a massive social following. There is nothing like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn to build a following of loyal ‘fans’ so if you want to excel as a web development company, get social!

4. Web Hosting

Many new startups don’t really understand that a web development company is a separate entity from a web hosting company. It only stands to reason because they are not techies and most people don’t really understand just what it is a web development company does. If you want to simplify matters for your clients, why not offer great reseller hosting. Not only will this give them a great service they need but you will most likely get your own service paid for and make extra money in the process! Simply sign on with your hosting company for a larger plan and then sell data to your clients. It’s really a win-win situation for you and your clients.

This is just the beginning of what you should offer if you want to build a larger client base, but the point is made. The more services you can provide, the larger market share you will capture. That’s the key. Give them everything under one virtual roof and they won’t have reason to go elsewhere.