5 Qualities of Successful Teams

What makes a successful team? From communication to appreciation, in this article, we highlight 5 of the top qualities that make a team successful.

1. Communication

Successful teams communicate openly and clearly. They share their thoughts, feelings, ideas, opinions, and insights with all team members, and feel comfortable expressing themselves in this way.

Part of effective communication is listening to others, so successful teams also consider others’ feedback, respect others’ opinions, and are able to be honest about what is and isn’t working. 

Transparent communication enables teams to work together efficiently and effectively and also ensures conflicts are resolved constructively before they damage the team.

When everyone on the team has a voice and is heard, team camaraderie is strengthened and ensures team success.

2. Shared Goals & Clear Vision

Teams succeed when they are working toward a shared goal, have a clear vision, and all team members know exactly what they need to do to achieve this goal as a group and as individuals. 

A clear purpose unifies the group as they are motivated by their mission and are united behind one common cause.

Each team member is confident in the value they provide in achieving the objectives.

They understand where their contribution fits towards the company’s larger vision and long-term goals.

They know what needs to be accomplished and have a plan for how to get there.

When teams understand their purpose, goals, and vision and how they will get there, they will succeed.

3. Strong Leadership & Direction

Successful teams have strong leadership and clear direction.

An inspiring leader is invaluable in outlining the team’s vision and objectives, keeping the team updated, and setting the pace of the project.

A leader will delegate tasks, make decisions, and organize how the team will communicate. 

They can offer encouragement and ensure development.

A strong leader with clear direction will make sure goals are being achieved and the team succeeds.

4. Organized

A successful team is highly organised.

Organisation will ensure the team is on track to achieve its goals.

This involves managing workloads, having regular meetings to ensure everyone is up to date, ensuring deadlines are met, prioritizing tasks, streamlining processes, defining projects, and setting work in motion.

When everything is running smoothly and the team is on track, your team will be set up for success.

If organisation is not up to scratch, chaos ensues and the team will be doomed to fail.

5. Appreciation & Respect

Having appreciation and respect for other members of your team and the work they do will help your team succeed.

  • Recognize each others’ work and value each other’s efforts.

  • Give positive feedback and say thank you.

  • Give rewards and praise.

  • Have mutual respect for your team’s individual skills and talents.

This positive encouragement will motivate your team to continue producing great work as they are more invested in the work they do and how it is moving the whole team forward.

This post was written by James Carruthers, a teambuilding expert who runs ClueGo, an events company providing exciting, action-packed team treasure hunt experiences for corporate groups in the UK and beyond.

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