5 Reasons To Have A Strong Brand

When you are setting up your small business, there are many different aspects to think about. You need to ensure that everything is in place before you begin, and that includes your branding. Having a strong, recognizable brand is essential if you want to be noticed and remembered, especially if you are working in a sector with a lot of choice for customers. Here are some of the best reasons to have a strong brand when it comes to your business.

Improved Recognition

It is every business owner’s dream to have a brand (including and perhaps especially the logo) that is instantly recognized around the world, and this is what a strong brand can do for you. It might take a while to really get that branding out there and noticed, but once it is, this shorthand for the quality and deliverability of your business will be there for all to see. This is why it is important to get that branding right from the outset – if you keep changing it because you’re not happy with how it looks, it will be hard for the public to remember it.

More Trust

The more professional your appearance, the more trustworthy you will be, and that is crucial when building up a business. No one is going to use a company that they’re just not sure of. However, if there is trust involved, it will be a lot more likely that someone will choose your business over someone else’s. Making your branding evoke an emotional response wherever possible will push you even further and give you more sales.

Answers Questions

As mentioned above, your branding is a kind of shorthand for what your business is about. You need to be able to incorporate as much information as possible into your branding and logo without overloading it so that it becomes difficult to read. The best kind of branding answers questions. This applies to whatever type of company you are, and whatever services you are offering, be that design services, services for a particular line of business, or personal service, such as home insurance. Regarding any service and the way they market to their potential clients, that company will have also posed such questions to themselves as they developed their branding. For example, in this case, you may be asking questions such as ‘what is Lemonade Insurance,’ and through appropriate branding and logo, you will be clear on the answer. Work out what questions might be asked about your business, and have your branding give the answers.


Not everyone is just looking for a job. In fact, many people are actually looking for something that they can enjoy, that gives them options and progression; they want something to work towards. Without this information, it can be difficult to find the inspiration to work hard enough to make a difference. With the right branding, you can show your employees exactly what your business stands for. They will know what they are working for and towards, and see the goals that have been set. This will make them work harder and with greater passion.

New Customers

A business with great branding is much easier to tell people about. That doesn’t just mean in your own advertising (although it does cover that), but it also means in general conversation. A customer might be extremely happy with your service and want to tell their friends and family, but if they can’t remember your name or branding, they might have trouble doing that. A strong brand will help them remember the name and ensure that they can give you a good review, which will build up your customer base.

Guest PostsLogan Lenz