5 Ways You Can Successfully Improve Your Brand Performance

Image is everything when it comes to business. It only takes one typo, security breach or customer service gaffe for your company to start fraying at the seams. Unfortunately, many companies can be so concerned with their bottom-line, deadlines or weaknesses that they take their eye off the ball when it comes to their branding.

However, as any successful business will know, your brand is your bread and butter, so you must find ways to successful improve it at every opportunity. That’s why we are providing five helpful tips to help boost your brand performance.

1.     Don’t Forget About Your Audience

Do you know your target audience? If so, you could probably describe your typical customer in detail. We, therefore, recommend writing down the different types of customers who shop with you – as they will determine your image. Once you have written them down, we advise you to go away and look at the recent data.

Does the average customer reflect your depiction? You might just be surprised by the results. Brands change over the years. A 20-year-old established company may no longer attract a younger audience, therefore, a company needs to grow alongside their audience or rebrand to cater to a new demographic.

2.     Secure Your Image

Customers or clients are looking for businesses they can trust. If you experience a security breach, all the rebranding in the world may not be able to recover from a significant data loss that put customers’ sensitive information at risk.

To protect your brand, you must heighten your security levels at every opportunity, so you do not experience a threat to your business.

For example, Bytes can provide the third-party CloudFlex solution that can tighten security control. You can, therefore, benefit from a host of reliable security services that aid your Office 365 environment, such as email archiving that can improve data redundancy to ensure you meet your compliance obligations.

You can also take advantage of their backup and disaster recovery tools, which can protect your business against human error or malicious malware. From endpoint security and archiving to email and document encryption, there is a security solution that can secure both your data and image.

3.     Create User-Friendly Experiences

A poor website load time, bad content marketing and an unfriendly navigation experience will reflect a poor performing company. You must therefore effectively manage your brand’s image to provide a user-friendly experience that reinforces your brand. Customers are looking for attention to detail, and a misspelt word, low-quality product image or complex checkout experience can be all it takes for a customer to visit a competitor.

4.     Consistency is Key

It is important to remain consistent with your tone of voice, message and offers, which will ensure every marketing campaign reflects your company branding. You must, therefore, provide clear communications that not only match your image but can take your brand to the next level. Be inspired by the likes of Innocent drinks which are experts at effective branding.

5.     Keep it Simple

Many brands think they need to overcomplicate their marketing materials to develop a brand. However, less really is more. If you want to develop a tone of voice, keep it short, simple and to-the-point. If you choose your words carefully, customers will easily engage with your brand and will remember your company easily.

Guest PostsLogan Lenz