7 Plugins to Speed up Your Google Analytics Game

No one can argue with the fact that keeping track of your metrics is essential. Small and medium-sized businesses frequently use Google Analytics, and for good reason. The marketing insight it provides on traffic sources, or how successful a business is in converting traffic into sales is pretty amazing. Also, it helps you find out what your audience wants to see and what type of content they love. However, if you’re not a tech pro, adding it manually to a WordPress site will turn out to be quite difficult, to say the least.

This is where the plugins step in. All you have to do is download, install them, and enjoy a Pina Colada while they work for you. But there are a lot out there, so how can you tell which ones are the best? Based on certain ratings, here are the seven best plugins that will speed up your Analytic game.

1. Google Analytics by Yoast

The benefits are obvious: it can ignore user levels, give you a lot of metadata, detailed demographic tracking, and analysis; it supports customization with tags, categories, users, and the list goes on. Undoubtedly, this plugin is very popular – about 14 million WordPress blogs are using it. It is important to look for the 1.7.4 upgraded version, since the ones before were vulnerable to an injection that could project spam links and even malware on your site.

2. Omnibug

Specially designed for Chrome and Firefox, this Chrome extension decodes and displays the outgoing web metrics request. Popular among Google Analytics Implementation Specialists, this plugin checks every outgoing request for a pattern and displays the URL in a DevTools panel and decodes it to show its details, if a match takes place. Needless to say, the requests are all logged to the filesystem. Also, it can be useful to know that it supports analytics providers like Omniture, WebTrends, Facebook and a few more, besides Google Analytics.

3. Google Analyticator

This plugin seems to be a one of a kind gem since it is often mentioned in lists like “Most PopularWordpress Analytics Plugins.” The very good rankings come from traits like usability and reliability for complex or simple WordPress sites. Known as being “simple and intuitive,” it relieves you of logging and coding. The installing part is simple and is later template coding – friendly. Any feature that you don’t want, can easily be disabled. As a bonus, it offers a widget for front-end visitor stat displays. Some other highlights are that it gives you an analytics panel on your WordPress dash. It shows searches, top referrers, hides from your clients the analytics panel and lets you see how the users are acting on the pages of your website through the In-Page feature.

4. Analytify

One of the best thing about this plugin is that it costs only $29 for personal and $49 for small businesses. The dashboard shows everything you need, it tracks several WP sites from the same installation – so it is MultiSite compatible, and it is fine for all standard keyword, SEO, browser tracking, social media.  Its creators rely on the fact that it is easy to install and also to use. You can say that this is a quite intuitive plugin.

5. Datalyser

Also a Chrome add-on, it Debugs and tests tag management, such as Google Tag Manager and Tealium and analytics implementations. Also, it provides information about current dataLayer variables, hierarchy, and GTM events. The pageviews are shown in different tabs. An important thing is that the data entry is in real-time, with storage in a central database.

6. Event Tracking Tracker

Event Tracking Tracker is a plugin destined to help marketers monitor calls to actions. It can help you track and verify your event tracking implementation. It was created for web developers to track click-to-call actions as events in Google Analytics.

7. WASP Inspector

WASP stands for Web Analytics Solution Profiler and is a plugin that works best for implementation specialists, managers and marketers who wish to debug, audit and validate the data they are receiving from their sites through beacons and tags. The crawler options are of high quality as well, and the exportable Tableau visualizations are working quite neatly.

In hopes that this article will truly help you in choosing the plugin that best suits your needs, you are invited to share your thoughts on this, and underline other potentially helpful plugins in the comments section below.

Author Bio: Michael McCaffrey, Sr. Account Manager at Sherpa Marketing