7 SEO Tips Every Web Designer Must Know for 2016

2016 is here, and my oh my what a ride it has already been. With constant changes in the virtual and physical world, it’s setting up to be a major year for SEO companies. Today we are giving you a list of the latest SEO tips for your new client’s website proposal.


1. Social Content Is More Important Than Ever

Social media is here to stay. More and more of the SERP’s are giving more weight to these social profiles a booster to SEO. Many marketers and large companies are seeing the benefits of such a craze.

You will need to merge your SEO strategy with your social media in order to stay competitive in the coming years.

2. Videos Are Still King Of Content

Videos have long been the king of content. They are the best way to engage your audience and drive up conversions. In 2016, this is no different. But the SERP’s are beginning to take video content into mind when ranking a page. Google is now reporting that 62% of all searches online are now video related.

Not only should you rank your content as a webpage, but also as a video, as more and more searches are bringing merged results with webpages and videos.

3. Mobile Optimization Is No Longer Optional

Your website should already be optimized for mobile. Global network traffic coming from mobile phone is now passing 15% and 4 out of 5 users are now using their mobiles to shop.

If your site is not mobile friendly, google will simply not put it in the search results on a mobile device. You must have a mobile optimized site.

4. Voice Search Function Is Required

Modern users are coming around to the idea of voice search. When out and about it is much easier to give a voice command then have to type things in manually. With the advent of voice activated assistant like Siri and Cortana, voice searching is becoming a day to day trend.

5. Content Aggregation Is Growing

Users are starting to expect to find a massive amount of information in one place. 85% of searches are now made up of Wikipedia, maps, social media, news, images and videos. It is becoming more incentivized to aggregate a wide range of content on your website.

6. Mobile Apps Are Continuing to Grow

52% of all time spent on mobile devices is done using an app. This can range from user to user, but people are finding an app for certain content and sticking with it. Most large websites now prompt users to download their apps and you should be doing the same.

7. Local SEO Is Paramount

Since the Pigeon update, google has started giving prominence to local searches and SEO over a broader term. With 50% of mobile searches being used to find out information about local sites, it should now be the focus of the SEO efforts. Especially for small business.

Guest PostsLogan Lenz