Choose a Career in Integration and Migration in Healthcare

Are you wondering what career to choose? Are you at the crossroads of critical career decision? If IT is your forte, you can opt for a career in the IT healthcare field.

IT plays a prime role in the improvement of service quality of a medical facility. In order to get to the correct conclusion about the recovery of patient, the facility should collect information flawlessly. Flawless collection of data helps in proper analysis.

The Current State of Medical Facilities

Several organizations are in need of experts. Such experts can efficiently conduct healthcare integration & migration functions to reach proper diagnosis of patients.

Data about the health of a patient is gathered from varied sources in different versions. The sources can be healthcare applications or diagnostic machines. But, a person who is preparing the final data, i.e., the person treating the patient needs integrated data. He or she cannot work with scattered information.

This is when data integration is required. This process helps in coming to a complete record and assists in drawing an accurate result. Medical arena is changing every passing day and different developments take place in the field of administration of facility and patient care. But, the change in practice leads to the present systems to become obsolete.

Bringing in new applications in place of current systems is going to increase the cost of operation in a medical centre. For this purpose, the organization needs to recruit someone who can proficiently update the applications as per requirements.

High Demand for IT professionals in Healthcare

With the improvement in IT functionality, the field of healthcare is opting for more and more IT professionals. These experts help in reaching an accurate decision regarding the condition of the patient and also that of the facility.

 A professional in IT healthcare usually deals with electronic coding, billing systems, networking of digital imaging and many more.

IT Healthcare professionals who adhere to meaningful Use or MU have a great future ahead. provides a web-session to all IT health professionals, so that the latter get information about both Stage 1 and Stage 2 MU.

Stage 1 of MU

This is the segment that takes care of important domains, such as setup, education, report generation, data capture and attestation preparation. The service offered by Mesu Solutions caters to active utilization of EMR, but need support to prepare MU status.

Stage 2 of MU

This segment looks after important domains, such as software review plus workflow, education, preparing attestation and generating report. Meaningful Use Stage 2 consultants cater to services already proved to Stage 1 of MU and needs support to prepare for the upcoming stage.

Healthcare integration & migration experts who do not implement and reveal MU of a certified EHR technology will get their Medicare physician fee schedule reduced by 1% in 2015. The percentage reduction will increase post 2015.

Professionals who accept, use, update and reveal MU of certified EHR (electronic health records) technology have the capability to get $63,750 through the Medicaid EHR Incentive Program. They are also entitled to receive $44,000 through Medicare EHR Incentive Program.

All eligible professionals must attest to MU.

Qualification Required for Starting a Career in IT Healthcare

You should attain a bachelor’s degree in healthcare or IT. If you have an MBA or MSN degree, you might have greater chances to a better payroll.

IT healthcare experts need to upgrade their skills with the evolving IT industry. As a professional, you must integrate healthcare procedures with functionalities of IT to produce better results. If you want to make a mark in this field, its time you make a career decision.