Creative Ideas for Attention Catching Party Foods and Drinks at the Office

When you’re going to have a party, you might pull out your best flatware or a pack of disposable paper plates, depending on the theme, the crowd, and your budget. Whether your next party is going to be in honor of a popular national holiday or because a co-worker is soon to retire, you want your menu to be a homerun. Next up you will learn how to make jello shots in a syringe, bake cupcakes that are nothing short of addictive, and serve up a seafood dish that’s tasty and inexpensive to cook up. Here’s how you can add some edgy creativity your next workplace event.

The Secret to Good Jello Shots

They’re sweet but they have a kick that can sneak up on you if you’re not careful and don’t keep up with how many jello shots you’ve consumed. They’re fun to drink, they look cool whether they’re in a shot glass or a test tube, and they’re definitely going to stimulate your taste buds. Make jello shots in a syringe by filling up your syringes with the mixture while it is still in liquid form. After your syringes have setup in the refrigerator for a couple of hours they will be good to go.

Serving Cheap but Gourmet Seafood Appetizers

Seafood dishes aren’t always found in potluck styled events where various co-workers bring dishes to share with the rest of the office. One of the reasons this isn’t a normal occurrence is because seafood is expensive. Could you imagine the receptionist at your job coming into work with a huge platter full of lobster tails for everyone to share? That probably wouldn’t happen, even on your luckiest day. What you can do is make various dips and appetizers that contain seafood and other filler ingredients that will make use of a bit of crab meat, fresh fish, shrimp, clams, calamari, or even oysters.

Classic Cupcakes Made Simple

Who said that box mix cupcakes are a no-no? Well, most classically trained pastry chefs would cringe at the idea of using store bought cupcake mix, but they aren’t going to be the judges of your dessert. To spice things up you can sprinkle in some colored gelatin into the batter so that your cupcakes come out with a marbled effect. Using a piping bag to fill up the inside of your cupcakes will also give people a big surprise as they take a bite and get a mouthful of sweet frosting. So, in a nutshell you can make any type of cupcakes, from red velvet to classic yellow or even rich chocolate, finish them up with a selection of delicious frosting and never have anyone believe that they weren’t made from scratch.

If you have an office full of people who are waiting for you to bring in one of your signature dishes, make sure that they don’t get let down. Try jello shots in syringes for a bit of unconventional fun, or go with some creative cupcakes if you are hoping to satisfy their sweet tooth. Mix up a seafood dip with artichokes, cheese, or even regular stuffing that can be spread on bread medallions, raw vegetables or regular, plain old potato chips.

Guest PostsLogan Lenz