Different Methods to Grab an Expiring Domain

You may be in a position where you can register the domain which is owned by someone else. If you can identify that the domain is getting expired in a few days, you can simply grab them. You can place backorder for that particular domain through GoDaddy.

How Can The Domain Expire? Domains may not expire when they are ought to. It may get expired, when the owner forgets or intentionally does not renew the domain within the grace period. If a domain enters into this period, it is likely that the domain will get expire. But as the owner can simply re-register without any penalty, it might be the sign of the laziness. After the grace period of 40 days, the domain can be renewed with a redemption fee. Finally after the redemption period, the domain gets locked and enters the deletion stage.

Land Your Domain:  Domains can be made public after 75 days after the site have expired. Now, how do you grab the domains amongst all the competitors searching for the same domain? The three services, namely Pool.com, Enom.com and the snapnames.com can help you regarding this matter. A network of registrars is used by them through the servers at a regular interval. If you cannot snatch the desired domain name, you are not required to pay.

  • Snapnames.com: The exclusive partner of Network Solutions offers you the domain for $60 with an option of open bid auctions with the suitors. Though the snap names itself is a newcomer, with the affiliation of the Network Solutions, they are improving their success rates.

  • Pool.com: The prospective domain buyers prefer buying from this platform. Pool never discloses the total number of bidders in the auction. You can check expired domains and can offer a bid price. When they grab the domain for you, they will send an email by informing you that the phase 1 has been entered successfully. Sometimes it may so happen that you are the only bidder, but the Pool will not reveal the information. After that you are informed that you have 3 days for placing a new sealed bid. When you have successfully grabbed the domain, you obtain the full control over the particular domain.

  • Enom.com: This platform is well known for the ‘club drop’ service since 1 or 2 years. The fees were only $30 and they hoped to be successful with the bidding process. Later, they have increased the price a bit. They will send you a fax as verified bidder. You will be able to participate in the auction even if anyone bids higher than you.

Chase and Grab:   After the 75 days period when the domain has expired, you will receive an e-mail from Pool.com that they have secured your domain. For the processing purpose, it will take the next 3 days. Within these 3 days, you will not have any idea where you actually stand. For example, if someone suddenly bids higher than you, the company may decide to snatch the domain for him. But you can try some basic things to make a secured position for the domain status. You can bid high and bid early.

These tips might help you in your quest for the ideal expired domain. If you are not much serious about obtaining the domain, you can use the free services in various websites. But if you really want to snatch the domain, try working with the big sites like Pool, Snapnames, and Enom etc.  Make sure that you are participating in the search game with the best agents in the web. And there's always the option of directly contacting the domain owner yourself, run a whois lookup on the domain and you may be able to get their contact email.

Author Bio: Patrick Jones is an SEO expert. In this article, he is providing some suggestions to check expired domains through various sites before buying it.

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