Digital Marketing for Small Businesses

Nowadays, businesses have more places and ways to market themselves than ever before, thanks to the internet. However, deciding on a digital marketing method, especially when you are small business with limited resources and a small budget, can be downright difficult. While social media marketing generally doesn’t cost anything, it demands a lot of time and the same can be said for blogging. In contrast, digital advertising and traditional print advertising is expensive whereas SEO tools also require time and effort. Which strategy to use for a small business? Here are some of the top digital marketing strategies that a small business can implement for getting the desired results:


Blogging is one of the best digital marketing option for a small business. You can use your blog to provide non-promotional and informative content to clients and prospects and establish your business as an expert in the desired field. This also has a positive impact on your search engine optimization strategy. Blogging at least twice a week provides you with plenty of traffic via Google and other search engines as fresh content is being added to the website. Furthermore, if each post has a call to action in it, you may also generate some leads through them. Websites can also be linked in blogs so it is a win-win situation.

Social Media

If a small business isn’t taking advantage of social media, it is making one of the worst mistakes in terms of marketing. Social media has the power of producing almost double the marketing leads of direct email, telemarketing or trade shows. There are numerous social media networks and this can be overwhelming so it is best to stick to those where you can engage with your target market. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn are the top social media networks being used today and you can start from there.

Email Marketing

You can also engage customers by leveraging email marketing effectively, but don’t keep it solo. It is best to incorporate this strategy with your other marketing campaigns in order to get the highest possible return. Reminder emails, especially have a very powerful impact, and it can be extremely useful if it is used in the right way.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising and Google AdWords

Being a small business, it is likely that your product or service is location specific so you have to be targeted with your marketing efforts. One way to accomplish this goal is through pay-per-click advertising. They are a cost effective method of dipping your toe in the digital marketing world because you can use your dollars for specifically targeting the terms and regions that are relevant to your business. Another lead for a small business is Google AdWords where you can use targeted keywords for luring in potential customers. The performance of both these strategies should be measured through some SEO tools in order to determine their effectiveness for the small business.

A combination of these strategies can make your digital marketing campaign powerful enough to get your small business the attention it needs.