Explore Effective Strategies for SEO in 2018

If you wish to rule the SEO scene in the upcoming year, you would require following a number of rules. However, in this article let us explore only a few of the important rules that would help you attain your SEO goals in 2018. Rest assured to achieve higher rankings on the Search Engine Results Page.

Examine Your Page Loading Speed & Make Necessary Amendments

You could consider using Page Speed Insights from Google for determining all those areas that require improvement to upgrade your domain. If you boost your site’s loading speed to a great extent, you could be successful in hugely enhancing your site’s potential visibility. You could consider using effective tools such as Varvy, Pingdom, and GT Metrix. If you wish to boost your page speed, you must take care of the following areas and make effective improvements wherever necessary and possible.

  • Consider reducing the response time of the server to requests.

  • Try eliminating render-blocking JavaScript and CSS above your website fold.

  • Consider leveraging effectively browser caching for enhancing page elements’ speed.

  • Minify your CSS, HTML, and JavaScript wherever necessary and possible.

  • Remember enabling compressions such as GZip.

  • Consider optimizing all visuals with effective loss-less image optimizers such as Compressor.io.

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Generate Effective Content that Boosts Value

It is essential to always come up with an excellent content. Google’s ability to track exceptional content is becoming sharper and sharper by the day. You must dedicate yourself to the creation of unique and authentic content. When you generate top-quality content, it would be effortlessly engaging visitors and traffic to your site will increase automatically. Here are some important elements to concentrate on while generating high-quality content.

  • Write only lengthy content that is at least, 2000 words.

  • Come up with a robust link-profile including both relevant outbound and internal links.

  • Present all your back up facts and sources with studies and statistics.

  • Your content must be divided into sections for easy reading.

  • Use only high-quality and relevant pictures as featured image.

  • Make use of keywords effectively but abstain from overusing or stuffing keywords.

  • Generate informative and instructional content that acts as a tutorial for solving a problem.  

Concentrate on Improving the UX

A great user experience is mandatory for a well-ranked site. If you make things easy for your visitors, from navigating through the site and searching for specific or categorized content to sharing things, you will find that more visitors spend time on your landing pages, and your rank improves organically. Some pointers for that are:

  • Using breadcrumbs in the navbar for easy navigation.

  • Implementing fast search across the site.

  • Eliminating unnecessary graphics which are only for cosmetic purposes but are confusing and slow to render.

  • Making an intuitive main menu.

  • Using tags and categories to extensively categorize content and pull up relevant pages at the bottom of any page for further reading.

  • Avoiding or minimizing pop-ups.

  • Use infographics, audio, and video to supplement content.

Engagement Is a Big Deal

Google carefully monitors how much time users spend on different websites. Higher bounce rates, i.e. people leavingthe site after a very short time, are indicators of poor quality of content. If you build useful content that is engaging, by writing well and using relevant media, you can increase average session times and boost rankings.


You must concentrate on mobile responsiveness. Make sure that your site is actually optimized for all mobile devices and could be effectively utilized across diverse platforms simply by executing a CSS library such as Bootstrap. Leveraging social media could be effective in driving more and more traffic to your site. Keep track of all these SEO tips to stay well ahead of the competition in 2018.

Author Bio: Mark Pratt is an SEO expert at a digital marketing-based startup. He has written a number of articles on how companies can leverage SEO and SMM in their business and work with reliable companies like Sand Crest SEO.com.

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