Gas Vs Diesel Trucks – Which One To Choose

Trucks these days have arguably become one of the most sough-after cars in anyone’s garage. Truck drivers are mostly loyal to their preferred model or brand of trucks. For the new buyers one thing that they should take into consideration is gas vs diesel debate. First compare the merits and de-merits of both and then should choose the brand or the model. Let’s look at some of the drawbacks and merits of gas and diesel fuel as they apply when buying a truck.


When you compare a diesel and a gasoline truck which has similar engine, you will figure out that without any doubt the gas engine offers more hp (horse power) than the diesel ones. However, in recent times the trend has sort of changed. The margin of horse power has been narrowed and just a slim difference is there now if you compare both. In addition to horse power there are other areas of focus as well prior to finally reaching a conclusion.


Gasoline engine pickup trucks might have edged past truck engines in terms of horse power but when it comes to capabilities the diesel certainly have an advantage. Diesel engine trucks have more significant torque than the gasoline engine trucks possess. Horse power gap is narrowing between the two, but the torque power is getting bigger. If you compare both, you will see that diesel engine trucks offer over 300pound-feet of torque. Since torque defines the amount of stuff you can load or in other words who can pull a heavier boat. The torque which is generated by the engine helps the truck to pull more stuff. In this case diesel trucks win hands down.

Fuel Economy

Previously the diesel engine had a definite advantage over the gasoline ones. The difference was around 30 percent a decade back. However, one will have to say that gasoline engine trucks has done a fine catching up as the gap is less than 10% now. One can credit transmission technology for this change as it has played the crucial role in cutting the gap. In other words, if the transmission has more gears then it is more efficient. As of now, the diesel trucks have an advantage though not significant to bother the buyers.

Cost and Convenience

It might be hard to tell that truck buyers care about cost of the vehicle. However how convenient a truck is something in which a buyer is most interested. Diesel trucks can be upgraded to gasoline by spending few thousand dollars. As of now diesel trucks are costlier than the gas ones. However, in the long run it can be covered as it consumes less fuel than the gasoline ones. One more advantage that diesel engine has is that diesel stations are easy to locate than the gasoline ones.

With the above differences, you may have a better idea about which type of truck to choose. Many drivers follow Diesel swapping methods to change their fuel consumption aspects, and you can learn about it at black smoke media.

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