Get Excellent Financial Apps for Your Android Phones

Android is improving day by day as an operating system and is well known for its different apps. If you want to know your status of investments, or whether you have any dues left, the financial apps of Google’s Android are ready to help you. Let us get introduced to some of the top financial apps in the market.

Virtual Wallet: With this Android app, you can enjoy various banking features like money transfer, bill pay, remote deposits etc. This particular package therefore helps in monitoring your bill payments and expenditure properly. It is also absolutely free of cost.

Karl’s Mortgage Calculator: Developed by DrCalculator, this free app is very simple and legible. It helps in calculating adjustable-rate loans as well as payments on fixed rates. The features can keep a record of amortization schedule which can be used for extra payments of principal. If you want more features, you can upgrade to the professional calculator app by paying a bit.

Auto Loan Calculator: This free app is developed by Xinify Networks Apps and has really got some attractive features. It can provide you with flexibility of calculating different loans by using different variables. When you can obtain all information about purchase, you can easily get cash rebates. This app also helps in calculating the lease and loan payments.

Cashbook Expense Tracker:  The Frank Android Software Company has developed this special cashbook expense tracker app. It is very useful to the developers and is priced above $5. You can easily import and export the data and can even change the categories. The Lawsuit Funding Companies can save documents with this app within cloud based service like Dropbox.

Anza Money Free: Developed by the Anza Software LLC, this is a very strong tool that can help in managing your bank accounts. It helps in tracking your income or expenses in various accounts. With the free version, you can even customize the categories according to your preference. Just upgrade to the professional version with $9.95 if you want more features. Personal Finance: Intuit Inc has developed this free app combined with financial website. You have to keep in mind that you need to register with the website before using this Android application.

AllPoint: This free app will help you to locate surcharge free ATM nearby. This is for avoiding the fees in some ATMs of unfamiliar areas. Developed by LocatorSearch, this app helps you out with landmarks and directions for locating the actual place very easily.

Debt Snowball: Priced at only $1.49, this financial app helps in creating as well as managing your payoff plan. As soon as you have set up your accounts, you can easily track your debt repayment amount and duration. The only drawback is that, you are required to input and maintain the right data all the time for getting benefits from this app.

Key Ring:  This free app helps in storing all your loyalty cards in a single location safely. It is also helpful for displaying coupons, sales, and special offers and can track your loyalty points easily.

Mint Bills:  The app helps in managing all your accounts at a place so that you can pay all your bills by avoiding the late fees. You can also set reminders for the notification of the bill payment due date. All your bank accounts can be synced up with this app so that you can monitor your expenses by dividing into your customized categories.

All these apps can be helpful in combining your important financial information from banks and financial institutions. The apps are totally secured and reliable. You are required to go through the user agreements though before registering with any financial app to secure your privacy.

Author Bio: Michael Felix is a well known app developer. In this article, he is talking about the advantages of financial apps and how the Lawsuit Funding Companies can get the benefits from them.

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