Graphic Design is Changing The Way We See The World – Its Influence on Marketing, Website Design, and Communication

At the beginning of this millennia computers, design and online marketing were not as familiar as they are today. Right now, they are almost common concepts we throw around during work or post-work conversations with colleagues. Little had we thought about the impact this era of design would have on our lives almost 20 years ago! Today we are not only enjoying the perks of excellent design, but we are also comfortably sure that there is more to come. This promise of the evolution of design assures us beyond measure.

The evolving trends of design in the recent times

Graphic design finds importance in almost every field. It was always a keen part of product design, but right now, it finds use in portfolio designs, signage, website design, animations, advertising, and marketing. Several fields of businesses are enjoying sharp increases in their ROI with the popularity of graphic design. We have traveled far from their old days of the digital revolution, and right now, we have made space for digital design in our everyday lives.

Graphic design now enables multiple companies to enjoy an increased online exposure. Thanks to better designs, they can now interact better with their existing customers and their potential new ones. An intriguing mix of technology and design has enabled these brands to analyze their customer data in real-time. They can see which sources drive more traffic, which design changes influence a high number of buyers and existing graphics that get more response.

Graphic design changes the marketing and sales equations

More companies are investing in design for marketing and exposure. Their main aim is to improve communication with their customers. It is one of the most significant advantages of having a great graphic design and Sacramento SEO team to work with you on your website. It increases the tangibility of your brand, and it helps you reach out to your potential buyers. Good graphic design helps in telling the brand story and capturing the visitor's attention. The best way to find the most efficient designs is to employ A/B testing to determine which design changes on your website or product profile garners the most likes, shares, views, and comments.  

Best marketing ideas ever!

Multiple conglomerates are now using graphic design to capture the attention of their markets. It includes the likes of IKEA that has employed a virtual 3D modular kitchen experience that incorporates IKEA products and designs. Potential buyers do not have to go through catalogs and trial-and-error processes while buying. They can explore the potential of a new IKEA kitchen by donning 3D glasses and visiting the designs. The virtual-reality kitchen can gather user feedback and suggestions. IKEA can actively use this information in real-time to improve their product marketing strategies.

Design turns portals into portfolios

Hotel and hospitality are experiencing all the goodness that comes with the rise of content marketing and graphic design. Have you checked out the Virgin Hotel website? A hallmark of Sir Richard Branson entrepreneurship, the site is a delectable blend of user-friendly designs, continuously updating information tiles and excellent content design. Even for other hotels, the last couple of years have been quite rewarding thanks to the constant evolution of web design tools and the online market that is receptive towards these changes. The leading sites are always A/B testing their layouts and their content on their landing pages. They are considering the websites to be more than booking portals! They are the online portfolio people evaluate before making a decision.

A touch of design in real life

Stepping out of the digital world does not leave graphic design behind. Take for example – Peerhatch, this is a design company that creates customizable wall surfaces. It is an excellent venture that can turn any dull office space into a nexus of color and vivacity. Employers can turn their personal desks into stunning works of art that inspires. Technically all they are doing is setting a dull space into stunning visuals, but in reality, they are contributing to team spirit, morale, team output and company profits with simple graphic design solutions. Peerhatch is a unique endeavor that integrates the concept of graphic design into daily work and productivity.

Winding things up

Did you know? Adobe expects to make over $8.7 billion for the 2018 fiscal year. It is possible due to a shift to cloud-based services and the streamlining of software like Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.  Creative Cloud is a much welcome idea in the ever-evolving and updating work of design. The sheer amount of the profits shows how vital and indispensible graphic design has become in our daily lives. It is no longer the effort of secluded designers working for product marketing and packaging. It is a part of almost every marketer's life and every consumer's life too.

Author bio: Nancy Hayes is the founder and CEO of a design corporation cum Sacramento SEO Company that serves several websites in their efforts to optimize customer communication. She is a dedicated blogger, and she has several tutorials that explain the concept of design in marketing.

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