Groundbreaking Website Design Trends You Need to Watch Out for in 2018

We are eagerly waiting for 2018. More than the party and the kazoos, we are interested in the new design trends that are about to rock the world of website design. The New Year is going to be about a bunch of new trends and rich design experiments. VR, machine learning, chatbots, and voice are becoming mainstream by the day. To find out what you will have to brave the coming year, keep reading as we delve further into website design trends of 2018.

Flat designs

The website design world is undoubtedly going flat this year! Designer and developers are creating simpler designs that are better for mobile devices. That means the elimination of heavy images and animations. More and more designers are becoming SEO smart, and the trend will continue well into 2018.

Minimalism and UX are going to enjoy the highest priority along with clean and crisp edges. Lots of negative spaces and fast loading websites will draw your attention. Flat designs are going to be the best friend of SEO Company since they will be fast, light and clutter-free.

Flat designs do not need high-res, heavy images to be attractive. They will not eat up tons of data, and all pages will be quick to load. It will have two immediate perks – one, all users can enjoy the flat websites irrespective of their device of choice, and second, they can use any browser for an optimized browsing experience.

Interesting animated logos

Browsers now handle animations much better than they used to even two years ago. These new animated logo trends promise lighter and smoother UX, without distracting elements. We expect to see a lot of scroll-triggered animations and attractively animated logos by the time spring hits.

These do not require a lot of data. They will add a new charm to flat design, and they will keep the layout simple. However, if you want to include these elements in your website design, be sure to recruit professional and experienced designers in your team.

Creative typography

It is likely that more website designers will focus on expressive type fonts once they have to deal with much lighter basics. The simple and minimal backgrounds will leave a lot of elbow room for experimentation with typographies. There will be a lot of niche and special fonts. Each company will try to keep themselves distinct with the help of new and iconic typography.


Internet of Things, rather the Internet of Everything is already here. We have our phones connected to our speakers, we can control the temperature of a room with our phones, and we can also change channels of our TV without putting our mobile phones down. Every electronic item connects to another directly via Ethernet, and we just love it.

Many IoT based apps (like the ones which help you track your keys) are developing. There are websites selling niche IoT items. More and more retailers are becoming aware of this phenomenon that is shaping the world anew. In 2018, a lot of smarter websites should evolve that support data from IoT for the user's convenience. It will help create realistic buyer personas for better conversions. However, this also entails more complex backend coding that upholds direct interactions with the IoT devices.  

Virtual Reality

In 2017 we have already noticed a distinct rise of VR videos on YouTube. Even now, VR is a privilege and a treat for most. However, the trend is catching up with more tech companies coming up with Google Glass and Oculus competitors. What was once science fiction is now a reality.

With the advent of 3D viewing devices, more websites are feeling the need to develop 3D infrastructures. Now, that is something that is not at all easy. It will need more than a thorough knowledge of coding to design fully interactive and fully functional three-dimensional websites that these viewing devices can support. As of now, most sites are settling with 360-degree videos and interactive videos, but three-dimensional interactive websites exclusively for the likes of Oculus is not very far.

It is the time to buckle up for the future and steady your website for the new approaching trends. With these new technologies, we also expect to see improvement in security, voice search optimization, voice navigation options, AI in customer service options and improved design that facilitates the growth of SEO.

Guest PostsLogan Lenz