How Nationwide is using Tech to inspire the Future

Nationwide Building Society is a financial institution established in Great Britain. It is also the biggest building society in the world. Its headquarters are situated in Swindon. The building society was formed after more than a hundred merger deals. Currently, it is the second biggest savings and property mortgages provider in Britain.

Unbeatable customer experience

Nationwide was recently ranked number 1 in customer service compared to its competitors. If you want to be served like a king, Nationwide is the place for you. It also ranked second in the British Bank Awards. It is known for continuously adding new products and services. If you like a dynamic system that changes with changing times, consider Nationwide.

Nationwide is also a Fortune 500 company that puts great emphasis on customer satisfaction. This is an added advantage to them. This has enabled them to retain a lot of their customers. You will not leave this place, trust you me.

To speak to their customer care staff, the best way is to dial Nationwide contact. Their contacts are provided for both businesses and personal banking questions and advice. To save time during calling, make sure you have your bank details close to you. Such details include credit or debit card details, customer identification number and your telephone banking six digit codes.

Key financial player in the UK

In as much as Nationwide is a building society, it is one of the largest providers of financial services in the UK. They offer a wide variety of current accounts and savings accounts with excellent interest rates. They also provide loans to small businesses and mortgages to property buyers.

You may want to contact Nationwide customer service for the following reasons:

·         Information on ISA and savings accounts

·         Enquiries about personal loans

·         Car and house insurance

·         Complaints

·         Financial advice

Their telephone services run 24 hours a day. If you are stranded in the middle of the night, then there is no cause for alarm, just dial their number and get sorted.

Powered by technology

Other tech advances used by Nationwide include mobile banking. They have a banking app that enables you to access banking services at the comfort of your home. Apple users can log on to the app using the touch ID biometric technology. This is a security measure that ensures you bank safely.

Another tech that is unique to Nationwide is the NCR self-service ATMs. The new ATMs have additional features, such as cheque and cash deposits. They are also large enough to allow two users at the same time. This decongests the banking hall and gives staff enough contact time for staff to advise the customers on other aspects of banking instead of the common withdrawal and deposits.

Internet banking also remains at the heart of Nationwide bank. This enables you to do the following:

·         Make payments

·          Access your balances and statements

·         Manage your credit card

·         Set up regular payments

·         Get an instant response to overdraft requests

·         Keep track of your loan and mortgage

With the above tech, Nationwide endeavors to improve their services and grow with you.


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