How NEBOSH training can benefit your workplace

The National Examination Board in Occupational Health and Safety (NEBOSH) is a globally-recognised awarding body that offers a range of different industries the opportunity to achieve health and safety qualifications. This training can equip your personnel with valuable skills and knowledge and create an overall safer workplace. Let’s have a further look at how NEBOSH could benefit you and your organisation.

Safer work environment

With the help of NEBOSH training, your members of staff will be able to understand the importance of health and safety and how this can be incorporated into the workplace. As safety training specialist Sheilds mentions on their blog, holding a NEBOSH qualification is highly valuable as employees are able to identify and minimise risks, adhere to health and safety legislation and reduce the number of accidents or injuries that happen within the workplace. In short, investing in NEBOSH training for your workforce can ultimately create a safer work environment for everyone.

Loyal workforce

If you’re seen to be taking health and safety seriously, it’s likely your members of staff will feel valued and cared about. Happy workers that know that their safety is being looked after could be less likely to move on and find other places of employment. Consequently, this could save you the time and effort of having to attract and recruit new members of staff.

Reduction in absenteeism

NEBOSH training could also help reduce the number of employee absences due to work related accidents or incidents. With the appropriate policies in place, you should be able to provide your staff members with a healthy and safe working environment, meaning they will be less likely to require time off due to sickness or injury. This will also reduce your expenses and save your company the costs associated with staff absences.

Strong reputation

Obtaining this professional health and safety qualification could not only prove popular with your employees, but it could impress your existing and potential clients too. Taking the wellbeing of your company’s workforce seriously could help you build a strong reputation within your market, which, in turn, could attract more custom and improve your sales figures.

Avoid legal action

Work related accidents and incidents are not only harmful to the health and wellbeing of your employees, but your business could suffer too. Between legal fees, fines and compensation payouts, the effect of a mishap in the workplace could potentially cost you big and have an effect on your reputation. However, having a well-trained workforce could reduce the likelihood of an accident taking place and therefore save you from having to fork out.

After reading these five benefits, you should be able to see how enrolling your employees on a NEBOSH course can be advantageous not only to their personal safety, but the safety of your business too.

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