How Small Marketing Enterprises can favourably Compete Mega Corporations in SEO

SEO has revolutionised online marketing industry. Over the years, Search Engine Optimisation has established itself as the king of increased online presence. Consequently, multimillion-dollar firms like Walmart and Amazon have invested heavily in this internet marketing strategy and they are reaping significant benefits.

Search for a commercial product and the first few pages will be full of Amazon products. This has made small business owners to believe that SEO for giants; it’s never true. Perennial SEO entrepreneurs know that this is a field for everyone. It doesn’t matter how large or small your business entity is. For small marketing enterprises, you can favourably compete with top corporations. You only need to know what it takes. So how do you make this possible?

1.      Capitalise on local Audience

With each growing day, SEO localisation is increasing. Customers are being more specific in their searches. For small marketing enterprises, there is no better way of edging your top competitors that concentrating on your locality. If you are a printing firm in Atlanta, make that stand out. Generate high quality local content to increase your chances of getting more views in local searches.

Make use of local events and functions to capture your immediate audience. One notable advantage of doing this is that you will be able to gain more followers and popularise your brand within a specific place. Most importantly, you will be able to reach give highlights of the event online. The latter has a positive impact on search engine optimisation marketing campaign. By posting quality content on your website detailing the local events, you will be increasing your chances of gracing the first few pages of search engine results. Use local-specific keywords to achieve this.

Another possible way of making the locality count is capitalising on local reviews. Following Google’s recent Pigeon update, company’s reviews were given optimum priority. Businesses with higher volumes of positive reviews on review sites like Yelp and TripAdvisor are given priority rankings. For small business, this an excellent opportunity of increasing their online presence without having to struggle with inbound links and massive quality content. All you need to do is focus on motivating inspirational reviews from your clients. Simply engage your clients and improve the customer services; awesome local reviews will be on their way.

2.      Encourage Personalised Customer Experience

Another easier way of stepping up your SEO campaign against the giant competitors is by personalising your services. Larger corporations lose touch with their customers due to difficulties in controlling masses. As a small enterprise, you should take advantage of your limited audience to give them a humanised customer experience.

Capitalise on social media to bring closer your customers. Show concern to their quizzes and comments. It might not be possible to respond to all the comments but you should show that you appreciate their time by giving replies whenever possible. This will attract more posts, comments, sharing and liking from fans. The result is that you will have a more active social media engagement. Remember; the more active your brand is on social media is, the higher the chances of your company dominating top Google pages.

3.      Be Consistent in Content Publication

Most of the time, SEO entrepreneurs have stressed to businesses the importance of quality content when it comes to effective SEO campaigns. What they leave out is the fact that consistency in publishing your content counts. Search engines give precedence to latest contents and recent features. Use different avenues like webinars, podcasts, YouTube, on cast blogs and eBooks to circulate your publications.

To attain consistency in delivering your content, have a publication schedule and adhere to it. It might be weekly, after a fortnight or even daily. While doing this, have in mind that quality is the king to SEO.

4.      Attain Niche Focus

Every businessperson should learn this little secret; the easiest way of edging your competitors is by identifying specific niche and exploring them exclusively. Many small business owners are tempted into believing that the best way of getting to the top is doing everything at once. It is not true. If you want to get the most out of SEO, identify your niche and use specific keywords to exploit this area.

You do not have to focus on plumbing, construction all at the same time. Narrow down on what you need and make use of keywords that can perfectly bring out that need. For instance, someone offering plumbing services might decide to lay emphasis on indoor plumbing. By narrowing down to this specific service, you might lose the other general plumbing services. However, you will be certain of getting most clients in need of indoor plumbing services.

 Focusing on a specific niche gives you more credibility and makes you more reliable. This way, you will be able to edge out top companies offering nearly every service within your industry. Simply learn to focus and you will be on your way making fortunes with search engine marketing.

5.      Make Long Tail Keyword Strategy Count

This strategy also tends to explore specificity. Using longer keywords allows you to be more specific with what you offer. For instance, you can publish a content like; how to install kitchen bulb instead of just listing bulb installation. Increase in words creates room for addition of more niche-focused details.

Optimising long tail keywords does not have to be difficult. You can use SEO based tools like Webmaster Tools to help you in selection of the best long tail keywords for your content. By doing this, you will be limiting your chances of appearing in the general searches. However, you will be certain of maximum ranking potential for the specific less used words in your long tail list. It is the certain way of reducing competition from large firms.

Time to Embrace Long Tail Keywords

Apparently, there are no shortcuts when it comes to rising up the SEO ladders and sustaining favourable competitions amongst the giants. However, you can ease the work by focusing ion strategies that leverage your locality and narrowing down your customer focus as detailed therein.