How to Boost Lifetime Value with Good Content

A lot of brands and companies are focusing their online marketing efforts on generating sales and converting traffic into customers. These goals are great and will help your business grow as you focus more on them, but there is another important metric to also keep in mind when running internet marketing campaigns: customer lifetime value or CLV.

CLV tells a bigger picture about your customers, far beyond the first purchase they make after discovering the quality content you provide on your website and social media channels. Here are the things you can do to utilize the same internet marketing approach to boost lifetime value.

Continuity Matters

If you’ve been focusing your content marketing efforts on developing valuable content that everyday users love to read, it is time to redirect a portion of those efforts towards tailoring your content for regular readers. The process is actually much simpler than you think.

You can start by having a more streamlined and continuous content marketing plan. Instead of talking about different topics sporadically, start organizing the main topics in succession. Customers now have something to look forward to after reading an article, keeping them coming back for more.

Auster Box, a well-known ejuice box supplier, improved their online performance massively using this very approach. The company started posting on its ‘The Edit’ page and now regularly provides customers with reviews of new flavors and updates from the vaping industry.

You can even be more specific with continuity. Mention the topic for the next article you will be publishing at the end of your current article and ask readers to subscribe to receive notifications. Divide longer articles into several parts for a better flow. Lastly, update any of your older posts and add a strong call to action to direct readers to the next article once it is published.

Keep a Safe Distance from Your Products

Content marketing is always a bit of a balancing act. You want to promote your products and services, but you have to do so in a subtle, soft-sell way so that the content can be the star of the show. When maintaining that balance is difficult, however, you should always prioritize good, valuable posts than promotional ones.

In fact, studies suggest that content focusing on tutorials and other resources that the customers find valuable are more effective in improving lifetime value. The more value you give the viewers, the more value you will get in return.

The Right Point of View

One last thing to keep in mind when trying to boost lifetime value using content marketing – and internet marketing in general – is to adjust your focus towards building relationships. This means using a very personal point of view, which allows viewers to relate better to the content you publish.

A good example is how we never see news articles published by the big outlets as relatable. They are sources of information, but that’s just about it. We relate better to blog posts written from a very personal point of view, especially when that point of view matches our own.

Using these simple tips, you can fine-tune your internet marketing campaigns for better long-term customer value. The return on investment and sustainable growth you get from implementing these tips is definitely worth pursuing.

Guest PostsLogan Lenz