How To Boost Website Traffic To Your Instagram Brand Page?

Social media is a lot noisy now, and it's not easy if you want to get your voice heard distinctively. Digital marketers are in search of innovative ways to reach to more audience and also get them diverted to their business page and ultimately into results. So, is it possible to enhance your website traffic through social media without the use of automated bots or spamming? Let's discuss.

Social media traffic generation

Even though many of the leading businesses across the globe tap the potential of social media to attract new customers, there is even more room for business promoters, including that of smaller brands, to attract new customers to your website and convert. To make an impact, you need top-quality content and also an engaging tone.

Before starting with your activities, some basic points to note are:

  • Learn to write a short, but mighty bio for social media which tells the followers what you do and what is unique.

  • Don’t forget your website page URLs to the profile.

  • Use logo and professional headshot as profile picture or background.

Some advanced tips to drive in more traffic to your pages as below:

Be informative on social media than being a marketer

You need to use social media to drive in traffic along with sharing worthy educational resources. Most of the successful marketers follow the 80:20 rule, where 80% of posts consist of informative outside content and 20% inside and original content. This percentage may vary based on the nature of your business, but this can be kept as a thumb rule to follow.

Optimize the schedule for publishing

If you work on increasing Instagram followers and check for the best time window to share your content for optimum reach, you may see many claims. However, the problem with such estimations is that these are mostly very generic, but the in the actual scenario, ideal timings may change based on the industry and the marketing conditions. You need to research it over your initial efforts to identify.

    • When your ideal target group people flock to social media?

    • How many times do they check their feeds in a day?

    • How long on an average one remains active on the specific social media platform?

    • For what they spend most of their time online?

Participate in chats, groups, and communities

Twitter chat, Facebook groups, and Instagram following not only gives you a chance to connect with other similar-minded people or brands, but these can also strengthen your relationships building day by day. For a marketer, participating in social media communities helps to increase brand visibility and awareness in a natural way. Find out communities related to your specific industry or products/services you offer and be not only a part of it but also try to be an active contributor to it.

Overall, when it comes to social media promotions and traffic generation, the key to success is not to stop experimenting ever. There are new ways opening day in and day out on this fast upgrading platform, and you need to test your mettle by being innovative and competitive to succeed.

Guest PostsLogan Lenz