How to Improve Working Relations with Remote Employees

Many businesses will have a trusted group of employees in their office, who will be able to help them carry out the day to day running of their business. However, most will also indulge in the remote efforts of a select team, who may provide freelance writing or design work. Often, these employees or contractors may feel a disconnect between you and your office team due to the nature of their position, and it can be hard to communicate briefs and important updates over email. Improving working relations with these employees is integral to the smooth running and growth of your business, so follow these key tips to help you get back on track.

Communicate Effectively

This may sound like an obvious point, but you would be surprised at how little communication gets passed back and forth between bosses and employees. Although daily briefings will be sent, it is less likely that praise or feedback is channeled to the respective employee. Briefs themselves can become misread over email. Although this may seem tedious, it marks the difference between your remote employee seeing a person behind the email screen or a faceless business. It also means there will be less room for slip-ups if the problem is corrected, so your business can run more effectively. Take an extra few minutes out of your workday to feedback to employees properly, by placing them on your internal LMS system or organizing weekly catch-ups over Google chat. Offering your assistance and guidance will make your workers feel more supported in their role.

Set up a secure IAM service

Sometimes, workers can struggle to access the material you have asked them to complete, especially if they are in a far-away location. Yet, with the rise of cloud-based storage and IAM services, you can give the people you need the perfect access to all their work at a moment’s notice, from the comfort of your office chair. Using a system like this allows everything to be stored in one place, so you don’t have to worry about losing it when deadline day arrives. It also makes communication much easier when everything is together and provides a more seamless remote workspace for them. When you are researching which IAM service is best, make sure you consider one run by a trusted company, such as the Simeio IAM service, which places security at its heart.

Organize Excursions

It could be that you have a team of remote workers that are scattered across the area, country, or globe, which can mean they feel separate from both the main business and each other. This can happen even if they are working on the same project or in the same field. The best way to get around this is by organizing work excursions where they can meet up and collaborate their ideas for your business, whilst also being able to indulge in a new environment. Cultivating this sense of community will help conversation flow back and forth, and for your workers to feel less lonely than during their working days.

Guest PostsLogan Lenz