How to Nail Your Next Marketing Campaign

Businesses cannot survive without marketing themselves. There is just too much competition locally and especially online not to commit to it. Then, of course, there is the fact that relationship building is critical to any business’s success. You can attempt to build this relationship of course by encouraging people to come back into your store, but until they do so you will need to rely on good old digital marketing to do the trick.

There are so many ways you can further your business aspirations by simply committing to digital marketing and nailing your next marketing campaign. You can boost global recognition, win the love of consumers everywhere, boost your visibility and of course see a healthy sales quarter everyone at your company can be proud of.

To help you create and implement this marketing campaign that will accomplish all of your goals, follow this guide:

Know Where Future Trends Are Taking Marketing

Story might be the driving factor behind every marketing campaign, but the medium you use is certainly the driving factor. Write an ad on a stone tablet and no one will read it. Send an ad out to your demographic on social media and you are guaranteed to at least get your brand out there to the people that matter to you.

By not keeping up to date with which formats and platforms your users interact with on a daily basis you are making a huge mistake. Marketing is a big investment and if you create a huge campaign that won’t be seen by the people who are likely to use your company it will all be for naught.

You need to keep on top of future trends and respond accordingly. Building up a business profile on a new social media can mean getting ahead of your competition, but not all future trends are so dramatic. Some are as simple as behavioral shifts. For example, the fact that these two mediums will become the dominant form of consumed media in the future:

Voice Search

Voice search is made popular predominately due to the rise in popularity of personal assistants and smart home systems. From a person’s phone to a machine in their living room, people are becoming increasingly comfortable for asking their computers instead of typing out information. By optimizing your site so it can be indexed and understood for voice search, you will increase your chances of new customers interacting with you and trusting your brand.

To do this, you will want to make your content more natural. Think about how your demographic speaks and what words they use.

Video Marketing

Video marketing is expected to take over the majority of internet usage in a few short years. Short, subtitled, and information-rich videos are particularly popular on platforms like Twitter or Instagram because they can be consumed without the audio on. This way people can watch and enjoy these videos while in public spaces where noise is either a faux pas or it’s too loud to enjoy comfortably.

The content you publish in these videos will need to be geared towards your demographics interests, and marketing successfully so that you can achieve the greatest ROI. Creating video is not easy, and requires several steps to take an idea to its final published form. If you need help with your video marketing strategy, click here to get started. It is okay if you don’t immediately hit the nail on its head with your content, but analyze the response and adjust accordingly for future success.   

Commit to Regular Demographic Research

Knowing your demographic inside and out is the best way to create a custom campaign that will really resonate with the people you need it to. You will want to know:

  1. Who They Are

  2. Where They Are

  3. Why They Choose You

  4. What they are Saying About You

Create a Campaign Based on Their Values

Once you know their values, you can then work on developing a complementary brand strategy. This campaign should feel like it speaks to your demographic, so cater to their values and what they care about. Whether you do this through a narrative that pulls on their heartstrings, or if it follows a problem, answer format doesn’t matter so long as the ad in question appeals to the right people. Commit research before you commit to a high scale campaign to ensure that the message and impact levels you want are reached.  

Combine Offline and Online Marketing Efforts

Digital marketing is fun and easy to do. You can simply use online tools to put up your ads so that your specific demographic sees your ads, thus giving you a better return o your marketing budget every time you add to these budgets. You can do this on search engines and social media alike, making it an often cost-efficient marketing solution.

It is not, however, the only way. Though the saying might be that print is dead, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Brands are now finding it very lucrative to host exhibition spaces of art and design that showcases their products and gets the city buzzing about their top must activity of the month, and you can too. Be creative with how your real-life marketing efforts can be amplified by a digital marketing campaign and so on. Only when you can master this relationship will you be able to create an incredibly memorable marketing campaign that gives you the visibility and sales you need.

Your marketing campaign needs to be based on two main things: one, your demographic. It should cater to them so that the words you use, the problem you posit, and of course, the values you espouse are all in line with those who are most likely to buy from you. The second thing your company needs to remember when creating a marketing campaign is the trends, and to try to be at the forefront. Video, voice, and even art exhibition spaces are becoming very popular, and putting yourself at the forefront of these mediums can help give your marketing narrative the right platform.  

Guest PostsLogan Lenz