How To Offer Your Employees Added Security

As an employer, it is vital that you take steps to protect your employees and the business from outside threats. This is particularly true in today’s day and age where cybercriminals will constantly target businesses because they know that there will be a lot of sensitive data which could be devastating to lose or be breached. Fortunately, there are several ways that you can offer your employees added security which will protect them, the company and also any customers/clients that you may have. Read on for a few steps that you can take to provide added security to your company.

Complex Passwords & Multi-Factor Authentication

One of the best ways to provide added security is to encourage your employees to generate random and complex passwords for their accounts to stop people from hacking in. Additionally, it can be beneficial to introduce multi-factor authentication where there will be another stage to logging in such as having a code texted to your phone which you will need to enter to gain access. This should protect their various accounts and help them to protect important data and information.

Network Security

It is also vital that you take steps to secure the network to stop outside threats. You can do this by password protecting the network, by adding a firewall from a specialist like Sonicwall and by using a virtual private network (VPN). These should be used on employees’ own networks at home, and they should also be wary when connecting to public Wi-Fi which is not secured. If the network is unsecured, never access any sensitive data or log in to email accounts, social media, banking, etc.

Virus & Malware Protection

There are many threats out there and constantly new ones being developed by cybercriminals. Investing in high-quality anti-virus and malware protection will offer employees added security and remove anything harmful on all of the devices. As mentioned, there are always new threats being developed so be sure to keep this software up to date.


Having a cloud backup solution and a physical backup option with regular backups being made is important for adding security and protecting important data. Many of today’s cybersecurity threats will target sensitive data (this could be both business and personal data) which can make it corrupt or inaccessible. Without a backup, this could be disastrous for employees, the business and customers, but with regular backups, the data can easily be restored.


One of the best ways to offer your employees added security is to educate them on how they can stay safe and avoid cybercrime. When people are aware of the threats they will know how to use their computers safely and with confidence which will provide protection and peace of mind for all.

These are the main ways that an employer can offer their employees added security in the workplace. Cybercrime is a huge threat to businesses and it is vital that steps are taken to protect employees, the business and customers through enhancing digital security. This will enable employees to work confidently knowing that they are protected.

Guest PostsLogan Lenz