How to Successfully Launch a New Website

To compete in the modern marketplace, you will need an aesthetically-pleasing website to showcase and sell your products and services. Understandably, you will want a launch to be successful from day one, which is why we’re offering tips on how to successfully create a new website.

Create a Beautiful Website

The first thing you must do is consider your website’s design. Consider everything from the homepage and landing page aesthetics, through to the navigation experience and onsite SEO. Of course, it may be wise to enlist the professionals when developing a new site, such as a web design Birmingham company. Talented web designers will listen carefully to your branding requirements and goals to create a site that complements your needs.

Market Your Upcoming Site

There’s no reason why you cannot market your website before its launch day. Build intrigue on social media by offering sneak peeks or teaser campaigns that will encourage people to follow your pages. As a result, you will have an audience who will be excited to visit your website once you push it live.

Publish Multiple Content Pieces on Day One

There’s no point developing and marketing a stunning website if there is next to no content on your pages. Not only will it disappoint visitors, but it may prevent them from returning to your website in the future. Don’t allow sparse content to ruin your credibility. Instead, write multiple landing page content and blogs that offer engaging copy your potential customers will enjoy.

Develop One Standout Piece

All website content should be written to the highest standard and must complement your brand. Yet, we recommend writing one standout article to use as a promotional tool on launch day. This may help your website to go viral from day one, which will drive a considerable amount of traffic and improve your profits.

The two best forms of viral content to create on a website launch day are:

  • An extensive guide (an expert’s insight into your industry)

  • An expert roundup post (experts answering questions for your audience)

Set Launch Day Goals

Obviously, you will want to attract a significant amount of traffic to your website from the moment it launches. That’s why it’s essential to set launch day goals to maximize your company’s potential from day one.

Some of your launch day goals will more than likely include visitors:

  • reading your content

  • subscribing to an email newsletter

  • sharing your content or products on social media

  • engaging with your articles by writing onsite comments

The right web design and call to actions can encourage all the above from day one. If you fail to reach your launch day goals, it’s never too late to test and alter your website to boost brand engagement.

Set Up Google Alerts

Want to know if people are talking about your brand? Set up Google Alerts with keywords to suit your brand name, personal name and URL. Google can then monitor any web activity and will send an email when another website mentions your brand. You can then use any positive articles to promote your business on social media, and you could even thank the website for their kind words to develop a professional network.

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