Innovation in a Technology Driven World

As times have changed technology has continued to advance.  We are connected to it every day through the gadgets we use.  Perhaps right now you’re sitting at a laptop, watching television, with your new mobile phone sitting next to you.  Technology has completely infiltrated our lives, but not just the lives of adults.  Children at younger ages are becoming more tech savvy and will know about new devices and popular internet sites long before those of us that are over the age of 30.  If we look at this trend it becomes obvious how important it is to start to cater to these advantages in the class room. 



One of our previous articles discusses the advancement of teachers learning how to code and why this is an important step forward.  It quotes Steve Jobs as having been a strong advocate for everyone everywhere learning to code as a new way to look at the world.  With more and more of the workforce moving online, Jobs seems to have a point.  Knowing how to code can be a big advantage for the new generation once they reach adulthood and need to move out into the workforce.  They will know a valuable, marketable skill that many of their competitors will not.

There are countries around the world that are beginning to jump on board with this new tactic and some have even begun to offer after school programs aimed at teaching kids to code.  One of these is Code Club which has opened 2,154 after school programs across the UK.  According to their website they are educating more than 30,000 9-11 year old children.  When adolescents are being taught so young, imagine how knowledgeable they will be by the time they hit the job market.  All of the children that used to run straight home to sit on the couch and play video games will now be learning how to create their own.  These new learning techniques will keep children on task and out of trouble through interesting and interactive platforms. 

While all of these technological advancements are great for the marketplace and for up and coming workers, it is also important to remember that older practices still have their uses and are evolving. Steven, an expert from likes to explain to customers that “the exposure and ROI that businesses can attain through brochures and flyers is as good if not better than it has ever been.  This is in part because the print world has continued to advance with the times.  3-D printing is quickly emerging as an exciting new print option for print companies around the country.”  It is interesting to note that while companies have been doing everything they can to advance online, offline there is now less competition. That is the funny thing about the world, it is cyclical in many arena.

As the world of technology continues to advance around us it is becoming more important to consider the value of tried and tested methods for advertising, learning, and lifestyle. It is easy to lose focus of the past. 

Many of us find new music and fresh ideas through visiting the local coffee shop or book store.  There are flyers on the windows and brochures on the tables. Teachers in a hurry just looking to grab a cup of tea could instantly be opened to a new world of teaching innovation through a flyer they find at their favourite morning stop.  Innovation doesn’t have to mean completely forgetting the past, sometimes it’s simply a matter of incorporating it and developing a blending approach of new and old ways of doing things. 

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