Learn the art of creating link requests that form the foundation of effective link building campaign

Are you aware of link requests? Yes, we are talking about the basics of the link building process for new websites that revolve around sending out a request for links to other sites. The secret to success in SEO is to do the basics right, but we often seem to forget. How well you are in acquiring links depends on how good you are in sending out a request for links that the recipient accepts in the right spirit and agrees to shares links.  

But sending out a request may not be as easy as it sounds, opines the experts at Services SEO – AlaQueue. So many things can defuse your attempt to coax others in sharing links with you. The e-mail request you send may simply fail to garner the attention of the recipient and finds a place in the trash. The recipient ignores it because it is uninteresting. Sometimes, you receive a polite no as a reply. Whatever may be the reason for refusal, it boils down to the fact that the manner of requesting was not good enough to elicit a response. Requesting for links is an art and requires skills that you have to acquire. This article should help you to do it in a better way that would be effective.

Think as if you are the recipient and not the sender

Unless you can pitch for links in the right way, you will never be able to acquire the links your target. Only those who know doing it rightly reap the rewards. Perhaps this is the reason that the quality of your website does not always matter in acquiring good links. Even not so good sites boast of rich inventory of backlinks. Likewise, there are good websites that deserve good links but unable to acquire it due to their inability to create requests for links in the right way.

For requests in the most efficient way, change positions with the recipient and start thinking as if you are the recipient. This would help to discover what interests the site owner and see how much it matches your interests.  Link sharing can only happen between two websites when it serves the common interest of both website owners.

Highlight what benefits the site owner

It is natural that when some other site shares links with you, they would first like to know how they would help by associating with your website. This factor influences their decision about whether or not to share links.  Since there is an exchange of links happening, you must create the request in such way that makes the recipient's benefits from the sharing quite evident. The request that you send out must contain some essential information about your website that explains its quality, relevance as well as legitimacy.

Relevance of content

Relevance is a crucial factor because it creates the bridge between the two websites. Only when the person you invite or send request finds that your website is relevant and meaningful that he or she would be eager to link with you. The content of both sites plays a critical role in determining how closely the two websites can associate.  There must be a clear hint about the possible closeness of the websites that would help to draw the attention of the recipient to the request and make him feel interested. Only when the linking results in mutual benefits, the request that you send out could prove fruitful.

High-quality content

Create high quality and comprehensive content for sharing with other websites. To create content that has useful and interesting information, you must base it on good research. By thumb rule, long-form content more than 2000 words usually give indication about good quality, but it is not the only parameter for judging the quality. The reason for considering length as a sign of quality is that you just cannot keep writing trash that runs into pages. Moreover, long-form content needs good detailing to substantiate the points and this you cannot do without proper research. Besides readers liking long-form content, other websites like it too and this helps to earn links that enhance search rankings.

Writing quality matters

How well you write the content contributes to its quality.  The content must be free from grammatical and spelling errors, written in a language that is easy to understand, should make interesting reading and the message that it carries must be clear and understandable to readers.  The quicker it is possible to realize the content more attractive it becomes. The simple and attractive writing style that has an element of uniqueness increases the attraction.

With an eye on creating trust, link your website to the social media profiles you have so that it generates confidence among site owners who would find reasons to connect with you.

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