Leasing Business Apps for Your Convenience & LeaseQuit

Are you thinking of leasing a car? Or are you thinking of quitting a car lease early? The 

plethora of smartphone apps in the market today practically makes it a real impossible task 

to locate the apps that are truly effective and appropriate for car leasing. 

The business experts at LeaseQuit.com, the leasing company that offers short-term leases, 

assists you in quitting long-term leases or in trading your auto lease to another person 

without any listing or membership fees, have tried and tested various leasing business apps 

on various smartphones. Here are some of the most effective leasing business apps.

PocketWear: Car Lease Kit

This definitely offers much more as compared to a calculator. It is a truly complete 

collection of seven essential tools ideally meant for the auto leasing consumers. This 

comprehensive tool kit is especially designed for auto leasing consumers, who actually 

wish to have a total control over their lease deals. The kit is effective in making you 

understand the complex leasing terms and concepts, identify dealer abuses, avoid costly 

mistakes and save money. PocketWear Car Lease Kit has been designed especially, for auto 

leasing consumers across Canada and the United States.

Lease Miles: A Mileage Tracker & Overage Calculator

“Lease Miles” is a useful app that helps car leasing consumers in keeping track of their lease 

miles and provides an idea about the possible overage costs at the end of lease. This 

application is known to get adjusted to your unique driving habits. This app would be 

calculating average daily or monthly miles you should be driving, to successfully avoid 

excess miles when your lease term ends.

Suppose you have actually exceeded the total miles that was allowed in your auto lease, 

then the application helps in computing the overage cost. This is really helpful in giving you 

an idea about the exact amount of money you need to save for covering it. So Lease Miles is 

best for tracking not only your lease miles, but also, computing possible penalty costs at the 

end of lease term.

Car Finance Tools: Car Loan Calculator and Loan Comparison

This app is useful in simulating leases and auto loans. Its results usually include loan/lease 

breakdowns, detailed estimates, and complete amortization schedules so that you are 

having absolutely no problems in understanding any auto lease or loan scenario. Once 

entered you are able to compare your leases and loans side by side. It helps you in 

answering vital questions such as which is the right loan for you  or whether leasing or 

buying is a better option for you or is it better to refinance your current car loan.

Car Loan Calculator is used for estimating the costs related to a car loan, you may be 

considering. You have the option of switching to the Affordability Mode for estimating the 

amount you could actually afford to borrow in order to buy your car. This app is excellent 

in simulating any auto leasing scenario. You could now view a complete and detailed 

breakdown including lease costs and payments. This app is especially effective for loan 

comparison. It can come out with a comparison of your leases and loans side by side in 

diverse areas including loan interest, monthly payment as well as total ownership cost.

Carticipate: Social Transportation App

Once you have a car lease, your main concern is to minimize your lease miles. Carticipate is 

a useful app that assists you in finding others in the same area, and who are most 

importantly Carticipate users so that you are able to find someone to carpool with. You 

simply need to mention where you wish to go and when you would be going so that you are 

able to find someone else on that particular route. 

Carticipating with family, friends, groups or even co-workers helps to cut down your lease 

miles. Coordinate your driving plans, or a ride share or a carpool by mentioning where you 

would be going, when and then post your ride. The app would be matching you to local 

carticipant, who would be going your way.

Author Bio: Peter Blumenthal is an accountant with a private sector firm. He works with

several clients a day, helping them navigate through lease and bankruptcy by managing

finances and visiting reputed leasing sites like leasequit.com.