Mistakes You're Making Trying To Manage Your Business

Your business may be hanging in there, but it’s possible you’re not completely satisfied with your performance lately. The reason this could be is that you’re making a few common mistakes managing your business. The good news is that you can identify what these are and get back on track in no time at all.

It can be difficult to face what’s going wrong and admit to your errors, but it’s in your best interest to do so as soon as possible. Turn your future around before it’s too late and you aren’t able to make amends. Face the reality of what is and then do your best to create a new path for you and your business going forward that brings you the results you desire.

Trying to do it all Yourself

There’s a lot of work and tasks that need to get done on a daily basis when you’re managing a business. One mistake you could be making is that you’re trying to do it all yourself. You may be familiar with this way of working because you’ve had to build your company from the ground up alone. However, this approach is likely to backfire as you grow and develop into a larger operation over the years. For example, you may want to consider outsourcing a few responsibilities in particular such as parts of your marketing efforts. You can read more here about why this might be a good idea, and what to look for in a company you may be considering hiring to help you. Now is a good time to start learning how to delegate and trust and depend on others who are experts in certain areas so you can succeed.

Making Assumptions

What you don’t want to do is ever get in the habit of making assumptions and moving forward with important matters without first gathering all the facts. This is a big mistake that will likely end up setting you back in the long-term. Although you’re busy, it’s always in your best interest to investigate a matter further and come up with valid reasons for why you do or don’t want to proceed. Guessing and assuming can get you into a lot of trouble in business and cause you headaches when you come to the realization that you’ve made a major mistake. Work on eliminating distractions and not being pressured into making big decisions when you haven’t had the proper time to think through the details.

Choosing Poor Hiring Decisions

When you’re the boss, it’s easy to turn to your friends or family and hire them to come onboard at your company. The issue is that these are sensitive relationships and it may soon become uncomfortable working with people who you’re so close to. You also don’t want to start filling seats without first doing your homework and thinking about who would truly be a good fit. Insert yourself in the hiring process, and offer positions to people who you know meet your criteria, will fit the company culture well and that you’ve spent time talking to and interviewing. Poor hiring choices are costly and will make it more difficult for you to meet your goals in a timely manner. You’ll thank yourself down the road when you’ve taken the time to build a solid team of employees who you can count on to get the job done right the first time.

Not Taking Care of Yourself & Failing to Manage Your Time

Another mistake you may be making with your business is that you’re not taking care of yourself or managing your time. It’s easy to get busy and wrapped up in what you’re doing or trying to accomplish and push these important matters aside. However, know that the consequences to you not attending to your self-care or properly adhering to a schedule can truly cause you a lot of unwanted stress. Be sure to fit in daily exercise, eat healthily and get plenty of sleep so you can perform to the best of your ability at work. Also, keep a calendar, hire an assistant and avoid over-committing yourself so you can feel more in control of your time. You and your business will be much better off when you make these to-dos a priority and stop coming up with excuses for why you can’t attend to your needs first.

Refusing to Listen or Gather Input

As the boss, it’s going to be tempting to always want to call the shots and make the important decisions. However, this may not always be the best approach or work out to your advantage. What will help is if you listen to others and gather input from those around you so you can take several viewpoints and opinions into account. You’re making a big mistake if you assume you’re always right and that the people who you work with don’t have valuable insights to offer. It’s a wise idea to open your ears and gather as much information as possible from multiple sources before you move in a certain direction. This way you can weigh all your options equally and won’t be forgetting about important pieces to the puzzle. Not considering all angles could cause you to regret your final choice in the long run. It may help you to see just how beneficial doing this can be by holding regular company or department-wide brainstorming sessions on intricate topics.


Managing a business isn’t an easy job and will definitely keep you on your toes as the year's pass. Be willing to admit to and recognize your mistakes and also make changes that will help you to have a brighter future. Focus less on the fact that you made an error and more on what you can be doing in the present moment to improve the situation. Everyone makes mistakes, but it’s how you deal with them that will help set you apart from the rest. Have confidence knowing the benefits that will come from you facing these mishaps and putting forth an extra effort will all be worth it.

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