Secrets an SEO Expert Don’t Want You to Know

Search engine optimization (SEO) scares most people. This is the mysterious aspect of Internet marketing that confuses anyone outside their specialized field. No matter how much you learn about SEO, there will always be something new that will come up and you will have to learn some more. This is mostly because search engine algorithms keep on changing. There are also so many trends you have to keep up with. To avoid the confusion, most people choose to work with SEO service providers. This is a good way to go.

There is some degree of peace that comes with hiring the most competent SEO service providers. Even so, it is important to note that the service providers will not disclose everything to you. The purpose of this post is to educate you on some of the things most service providers will be reluctant to tell you about.

No degree is needed to learn SEO

SEO is not something you learn in school. Although some background in analytics or marketing will be useful, you can learn everything you need to know about search engine optimization online. How good you are in SEO will depend on your experience and the tools you have mustered. You should also note that search engine marketing lives online and it relies on the impulses of major search engines like Yahoo, Google and Bing.

It has been estimated that on a daily basis, Google may change its algorithm by more than once. With that in mind, there is no way any expert, regardless of their experience and training, can keep up with this level of variability. It is the duty of dedicated individuals to keep tabs on the ever changing SEO scene.

No expert fully understands SEO

This is an obvious point considering how the likes of Google change their algorithms. In addition to changing their algorithms, search engines will further not offer full disclosure on their ranking factors. This means trial and error has to play some part when optimizing a website. Even the most experienced SEOs only understand the main ranking factors. They work around these factors to help their clients achieve a better ranking.

It is very important that you stay away from experts who offer guarantees in SEO. Nobody knows what needs to be done to achieve a certain level. Instead of offering guarantees, the SEO expert should explain the strategies he will use to help you achieve your desired ranking.

‘Build it and they will come’ is a wrong assumption

Some people still feel that once they build a great website, potential customers will come running. This cannot be further from the truth. The market is more competitive now. Although great content is crucial to your success in SEO, you will have to do more than come up with remarkable content. Quality content will help you increase your overall SEO performance but it will be useless if no one can find your content.

Once your website is set up, you will then need to signal the relevance of your content to Google. This is the key to getting the relevant readers/customers to your website. This means adding relevant keywords to your content and creating an attractive link profile.

There are no guarantees in search engine optimization

As aforementioned, no one can guarantee high ranking in search engine optimization. The service provider should discuss the things he will do to help you achieve the desired results and not just guarantee results within a specific period of time. Always avoid an SEO who guarantees the top spot on Google or any other search engine.

Anyone who claims they can get your business to the front page is simply lying. The best an SEO can do is use the best SEO practices and hope for the best. You should also note that some of the experts who guarantee results may end up using banned strategies. You might get the results you need with this option but the results will be short-lived.

Keywords matter

Keywords are what signal to search engines that your content is relevant. However, search engines are smarter today. Keyword stuffing will only hurt your ranking and annoy readers. Keyword research is the first thing that should be done. You should then create high quality content that is designed to answer the questions of your target audience. Focus on content that answers the most searched questions.

Most SEOs will not inform you of most of the aforementioned points. They will simply tell you what you want to hear. With time, you might realize that there is a huge problem with your ranking results and this is when the SEOs will start disclosing some of the aforementioned points. The more you know before hiring an SEO the better. You want to work with someone that gives you full disclosure.

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