Tactics for Conversion and Sales Improvement

Online marketing generally showcases an impression of being direct and up-front. However, a lot of businesses are still struggling hard to get satisfactory traffic on their websites.  

The key to increased visitor traffic on your website is to focus on the representation of the services and its optimization. No one will look at your content if the website is not well optimised and updated.

Especially, if you have a business online, it should be pitched carefully as the visitors of your website would get the same pitch. Also as an owner of the business, if your sales improve, the visitors will also benefit.

You might have experienced a day on which as a salesman you were the winner. People purchased whatever you pitched without even analysing the product much. This is the power of a page that is well optimised for conversion.

Are you ready to amplify your online business?

Here are the 5 ultimate tactics that can help you improve conversions and sales for your online business.

  1. Showcase your recent sales and build trust by using Proof

Customers are allured towards the companies having improved sales and performance. You can win the trust of your visitors by showing them your current sales and performance. Proof is software which gathers the recent purchases on your website and reflects it in your sales page.

Through this, the visitors would be able to see a notification which would show what another person purchased from the website. It is a proven fact that people often get interested in what others do and thus, this will redirect them to the purchase page.

When the visitors see other people purchasing a product, they will mark the product as safe and might purchase it. Through Proof, websites has witnessed 300% boost in conversions. The best part is that Proof offers a 14 days free trial version and users will start witnessing improved conversions straight after the installation.

  1. Use Slack and Drift to communicate with the users, live

It is a fact that chatting with an online customer will increase the conversion rate.  While purchasing a product, a customer will have multiple doubts and when the queries are solved, the chances of the customer purchasing the product rise. Drift and Slack are the two tools that would simply pop up the message on your screen as soon as a customer wants to connect and you can convert a customer using this opportunity.

Drift also supports Artificial Intelligence and helps you know the visitor on your page and sends a personalised message. You can also connect Drift to your Slack channel and get better results.

  1. Add those press logos to your website

No matter if you are a company having mentions in ample of presses or are a start-up having 3-4 logos in which, your company is mentioned, you must add those logos in your website. Customers believe what they visualise and the logos will help the customers think of your company as a trusted and credible brand.  You can also a friend’s podcast or some basic references to build credibility. Start from somewhere and add the logos which will give a quick boost to your website conversions.

  1. Make your customers your strength while posting their testimonials

When a customer sees another customer purchase and give good reviews about your website, the chances of conversion increase.  There are no sales copies, beautifully designed explainer videos or marketing tactics that can surpass the value of a genuine and positive customer testimonial. Customers directly read the reviews and comments before purchasing a product and this showcases the power of testimonials and reviews. The business testimonials, customer testimonials, social media shout outs or video testimonials are the best ways to improve conversions.

  1. Set a timer on different deals for quick conversion

You have to provide a limited offer deal. To get quick conversions, you will need to set a time limit on any product or service. When the customer becomes aware about the timer, he will purchase it soon. People delay purchasing the products if the deal on it is forever. Thus, keep a timer and let the customer rush a little for conversion. Offer something grand or something extra on purchases made in given time limit and your conversions will boost.

Making some small and smart decisions will help you get speedy conversions. These are the promising 5 tactics you can use for improving traffic on your website.

Guest PostsLogan Lenz