The Holy Trinity of Inbound Marketing That Refines Lead Generation


Blogging, search engine optimization and social media promotion work hand in hand to generate new leads for businesses. A combination of these strategies helps direct random strangers from the internet to your website within a short span of time. Each of these approaches includes many sub-strategies and tactics that boost inbound marketing.

Here are a few tangible ways that will surely help you with inbound marketing lead generation:

On-page SEO

There are a few components of your website that determine your on-page search engine optimization. The page URL, title, header tags, content topics, keywords, and image alt tags are all part of on-page optimization. It is for the continence of search engine bots as well as for human readers, who will access your sites.

Off-page SEO

It mostly includes building inbound links to your content pages and product pages. Other strategies mentioned on also include social media engagement, blog directory submission, Q&A submission, engaging in forum discussions and guest blogging strategies. Off-page SEO can directly contribute to the popularity of a website and divert traffic directly from search engines.

Social media promotions

Social media can be a convoluted loop-de-loop if you do not know what you want out of direct customer interactions. First, you need to understand who your target audience is. Then you need to know where to find them. Employing social listening tools can help you diagnose the pulse of the different crowds on the various social platforms. The first few steps of social promotion are no less exciting than a good detective novella.

You need to design content that is well-suited for all your target audience groups across several different social networking platforms and social media channels. For example – if you want to publish content for YouTube, you need to focus on a good quality video. Yes, you will have to think of a title, keywords and meta tags to optimize the video, but In case you are targeting LinkedIn, you need to work on compelling and relevant content that can interest other businesses.

Blogging as an instrument

Here, inbound marketers usually rely on gated content to generate leads. That is offering good quality blogs, whitepapers and research material on the blog in exchange for an email address or contact details. The Gated content principle only works when the blogs are visible. It again brings us to the point of SEO. Optimizing your blog content gets your site higher ranks in Google, Yahoo, and Bing searches. All leading search engines have similar SEO requirements. Therefore, optimizing your content keeping the search engine majority of your visitors use is the best way to get your blog content ready for the internet.

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