Top 3 Places to Sell Your Stock Photos

The great thing about being a photographer is that you can turn your passion into a viable income, or at least a neat passive income on the side. All you need is your camera, some creativity, and the right website to place your photos. Then it is as simple as sitting back and watching the royalties pour in. Assuming your photos are any good, that is.

There are numerous websites available right now that have their own system for uploading and selling stock images. However, only a fraction of the sites are viable, as they not only have a better system in place but a reasonable amount of potential buyers available. Listed below are three of the best.


You’ve likely seen this website’s watermark on images all over the net. This is because Shutterstock is one of the biggest stock photography sites running right now. Unfortunately, this doesn’t only mean a larger list of buyers but also more competition. So be sure that your images are unique and worth every penny.

Registration is free and commission rates start at around 25%. Be sure to start off with your best pictures because of the first ten you upload, seven have to be accepted.

Getty Images

While Shutterstock may be the most popular, Getty Images has been around for the longest. Their authority has garnered a long list of high-paying clients but their commission rates are a measly 20%. Photographers still consider this site viable though because photos sell fast.


This quirky-named website is a little newer, being founded by Bruce Livingstone just five years ago. Many photographers prefer Stocksy for their fairer business model that focuses on providing reasonable rates to photographers, with up to 50% commission, more than double that of Getty. Being a little newer, Stocksy doesn’t receive the same number of clients as the former two, but as long as your images are good, there’s bound to be a buyer.


While these three sites may be the best, they’re only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the number of markets and hubs available for photographers to turn their snaps into gold. Taking a few photos every month and uploading them in hopes that they will sell may prove to generate some decent cash. And if it does, there’s no doubt that you can turn your passion for photography into a full-time income.

Websites such as provide a variety of articles that discuss methods and tips to help you become a full-time photographer.

Imagine being able to work for yourself, using the tool you love most to make art. Or, you know, just take pictures of people getting married. Whichever path you choose to take, just know that becoming a successful photographer takes time and effort. Be sure to read as much as you can before you quit the nine-to-five, and whatever you do, do it with the same amount of passion you had before you took pictures for the dollar incentive.

Guest PostsLogan Lenz