Top PowerPoint Templates Looking Awesome in 2015

The use of PowerPoint templates is surely an ideal way of looking your best. Impressing your audience is easy if you know how to make excellent use of your templates. Sadly, today, many downright ugly and outdated PowerPoint templates exist. The million-dollar question is, how can you find the most modern templates? How do you get templates that do not look as if they were designed and/or created by a financial expert in the 1990s on a Compaq Presario?

Have you been looking for the best PowerPoint Templates? Well, look no further. Here is a comprehensive list of the top ten templates, which match perfectly with the current design trends:

The Maya Presentation Template

This is an exceptional tool to dazzle audiences. It brings with it an elegant and clean design. The Maya Presentation Template is easy to play with colors as well as modify shapes. Users also have an easy time changing and modifying charts and texts.

The Mega Empire PowerPoint

This awesome presentation bundles boasts of ten gorgeous templates. They cost approximately two dollars per template. You have hundreds if not thousands of slides to choose from. Therefore, regardless of the presentation you are making, this great tool should do the magic.

The SlidePro PowerPoint Template

The SlidePro PowerPoint Template is a great way to do your data-heavy talk in an interesting and colorful way. The template has plenty of color, icons, and charts options to select from. Use it today and discover its magic.

The Booker - Business Presentation

Are you looking for a template to help you make a professional and strong impact? Then Booker is your best bet. Booker has a formal and clean look. Use it for your upcoming big project and enjoy the impressive results.

The Yves Elegant Presentation

Yves stands out as a highly glamorous presentation. It is exceptional at making a bold statement. Yves contains more than thirty unique slides. Its streamlined and sleek look will definitely make your presentations stand out.

The Omni Creative Presentation

There is no doubt that Omni is an ideal choice for coming up with eye-catching slides in an array of color designs and schemes. You get more than fifty slides. This package is very easy to edit.


Vertex offers you a professional and super-sleek template. This tool provides very easy-to-read slides, which can pack plenty of information in a highly clean format. Grab yours today.


This is an impressive template from displaying information and images with a modern and sharp look. Abstrax brings with it more than forty-five slights. You also get two different templates to use.


PowerNote is a minimalistic and simple template that comes in handy for business presentations. With this great tool, you enjoy basic and simple color palette. You also get a straightforward way of displaying information.

Design Power

This is an excellent choice for those looking for a modern and sharp way to display statistics and graphics.

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