Underestimate the Importance of Google Cache at Your Own risk

One of the surest ways to stay relevant and get high rankings is through the uploading of fresh content. But how does one know whether Google has crawled their website, or even if the search engine knows their website exists? Confused yet? Well the Google cache checker tool is available to help.


Before getting into the benefits, it is important to understand exactly what Google cache is and what it does. Google cache is simply a screen shot of a webpage, which is normally stored by Google. Every time the search engine crawls a webpage, it backs up the site’s screen shot. When a user conducts a search, it is this cached version of the site that the search engine uses to decide whether the search matches with the keywords. The search results listings will therefore contain cached versions. When the user clicks on these links in the results page, they are taken to these stored cache versions instead of the real site.

The cache checker tool

Every time the website is cached, there is a record that remains of that activity.  When one traces the previous cached versions of their websites, they can then be able to know just how much the search engine crawls them. If the website does not have a cached version, this is a definite clue that it is not getting as much attention from Google or from potential visitors. However, this is not always the case as sometimes Google does not crawl the site because of penalties.


The Google cache is basically a temporary version of the website. A website that has been cached has several advantages. For instance, if the site is down temporarily or if it is taking too much time to load, normally these problems are not transmitted to the user. They can still access the information they need from the screenshots.

Traffic and penalties

Perhaps the most important advantage is the fact that from checking the cached versions, one can very easily determine the level of traffic and activity that goes towards their site, and just how frequent the activity is. It is also a magnificent way of determining whether there is something wrong with the site. Sometimes sites are not cached because of penalties by the Google algorithms.

New information

When one uploads new information of their site, it is important to understand just how the much of an impact the information has made. After uploading information, the search engine cache checker can help determine the popularity and usefulness of that information.

Text version caches

These versions are almost always mostly overlooked, but are some of the most important in the SEO world. The importance of text should not be underestimated, and the text version cache helps users see the text just how Google might have seen it. With this text cached version, one can confirm whether the text elements are in the right order, whether the links are visible and other smaller elements like the effective use of header tags or how effective the text has been in interpreting the images.

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