Want Your Meta-Descriptions to Boost Your SEO? Use these Smart Tactics for Best Results

If yours is an online business, you know it by now. It is crucial to create SEO content first for the users and then search engine. It is the golden truth! Do you want to create action driven Meta descriptions and compelling content for web pages? For that, you need to blend in user’s perspective with SEO.

Furthermore, a rich Meta description can offer your website the competitive edge in SERP’s. You have increased click-throughs on your website. Moreover, the scopes to convert an online viewer to a lead are better. Search engines don’t resort to Meta descriptions for page rankings. However, they do use the CRT (Click Through Rate). Want to know what enhances the click-through-rate? It is when your online viewers find your meta-descriptions useful, which encourages them to click on your site’s links. So along with your online advertising initiatives, do count on generating better Meta descriptions to maximize SERP ranks.

Are you wondering how to go about it? If yes, take help from the smart ways to create better Meta descriptions discussed below.

Keep the meta descriptions to a maximum of 155 characters

The ideal count is between 150 and 160 characters. If you can keep it less, it’s even better. It might pose a challenge when you are trying to create an apt web page description. There’s always the chance to cross the character limit. So, what’s the best way to get it done? Merely avert all mid-sentence breaks. You will then be able to provide a complete perfect sentence. That will encourage the users to click on the link.

Offer a value proposition to your consumers

Before writing Meta descriptions, you ought to be careful about what your users will perceive. They will always ponder on what’s in the link/web page for him/her.  Here’s where you need to add in the value proposition. Articulate in a simple way what your service/product have to offer. So, in your mind, you need to address two questions as you create the Meta-description

  1. Why should anyone visit this page?

  2. What is this page providing?  

It is essential to make your value proposition unique. You need to stand out amidst other market players. So, take time and create sample Meta-descriptions for one web page. Compare which answers the above questions better. That’s the Meta-description that you should select.

Integrate an offer or a CTA (Call to Action)

The meta-description of your web page is an add-on to the sales text. Hence, make it work in your favor. Here you can add an offer or perhaps a short, smart CTA (Call to action). You could add this in the Meta-description somewhere, and it will enhance the click-through-rates as well. It will also act in your favor to make you leap ahead of your competitors.

Get into a little bit of name dropping

For specific industries, adding names of vendors, clients, certifications or brands with which your organization is associated with works wonders. It will highlight your credibility and expertise in front of online viewers, and that will compel them to click on your links. Hence, you will enjoy better click-through-rates. However, when you are doing this, exercise discretion and don’t sound very promotional. Also stick to the character limit as well. Know that Google strikes off descriptions that have double quotation marks. Hence, make sure you don’t have any non-alphanumeric characters while adding a brand or certification.

Keep it free of errors and welcoming

Your existing and potential customers and online viewers are always in a hurry, and their attention span is less! So, when they don’t find a compelling link, they would bounce off to another site. To prevent that from happening, ensure that the Meta descriptions are user-friendly and not uncomfortable. It should not appear forced or irrelevant. It should answer a reader’s queries. If you club on various keywords with no relevance at all, then the SERP’s will never work in your favor. So, keep the Meta description inviting and flawless.

Stay aware of Google AdWords competition

Google AdWords is gaining prominence now. Hence, for better SERP’s it is essential that your organic search listings should function at a higher level. Gradually you might acquire a higher rank in organic SERP listing for all your important web pages. Now you may want to gain majority click-through-rates. But this would need smart work. First, you have to manage what you’re up against in Google AdWords listings. And second, you need to make adjustments as required.

Are you successful in writing useful Meta descriptions, which are not at all “sales-y” as the paid ads? If yes, then you will move ahead of other market-players with maximized ‘click-throughs.’ So, ensure that your Meta-descriptions are clean, crisp and precise.

Always examine, manage and adapt

When you want to promote your business online, you will have many marketing initiatives to deploy. However, one of the key initiatives is to always, test, adapt and manage your activities. It will help you know what is working and what is not working for you.

The same rule is applicable for Meta descriptions and SEO initiatives as well. So, go all out! Be willing to experiment to check what is apt for your industry and website. Just in case any of the guidelines mentioned above work best for you, try to experiment the same with more web pages.

But do exercise one caution. Always steer clear from duplicates. What would this mean? For instance, you might identify that many of your web pages have the exact Meta descriptions. In this case, the SERP outcome will highlight a group of your web pages for one search. It will make the online users think that it’s irrelevant which will affect your rankings as well. Hence, ensure that there’s no duplicity of any sort.

Meta descriptions form an essential part of SEO. If yours is an online business, then you can’t afford to overlook this aspect. The digital domain is competitive. And this competition is increasing with new market players foraying in every day. So, you can’t lose out on SERP’s owing to low-quality Meta descriptions. Use these above-discussed tactics to come up with smart and useful Meta descriptions and boost your SEO.

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