Web Design Tips That Are Useful For Startups

There are so many start-ups that appeared in the past few months and most of the modern companies that appear will need some sort of online presence. It is quite important to end up with a site that looks exactly as you want it and that would highlight the core values that a start-up has at the moment when it is launched. Unfortunately, in an attempt to come up with something great, companies end up working with designers that do not know much about start-up Sydney web design. You do need to think about some facts when you create a site for your new start-up. The tips below can help you out.

The User Interface Needs To Be Simple

Although counter-intuitive for many, the site of a start-up needs to be really simple. That is especially the case when referring to the interface that the user sees/uses. All the features that the visitors want should be included like navigation icon, logo and functionality. More focus has to be put on:

  • Headlines need to always be visible and larger as this is the most important thing for the visitor.
  • Always avoid a sign-up process as much as possible or any forced action that would be too time-consuming.

Focus On 2 Brand Colors

So many start-up sites out there are built around too many colors. This is a huge mistake. Take a look at the really popular brand sites like Twitter and Facebook. You will quickly figure out the fact that the entire site is basically made out of various shades of one color. This is something that makes the site highly attractive. The same strategy should be used by the start-up site designer so that no distraction would appear for the user.

Consistent Font Use

Font consistency is much more important than what you may believe at the moment. Every single professional out there will tell you that you need to be careful and that you should never use too many fonts. When you do that, the site ends up looking dirty and inconsistent. Content appearance should be clean and consistent. You can do this by being highly consistent in the fonts that you use for the start-up website.

All Content Has To Be Readable

In an attempt to make everything more attractive, the site can end up with content that is not at all readable. That is something that you have to avoid at all costs. For instance, using light blue writing on a white background is not a good idea even if you use light blue in your company logo. Always categorize content with the use of bullet points, sub-headlines and headlines.


It is important that you do not start your online experience with just one site version. You can always test different dashboard interfaces and landing pages. If you are always focused on main home page content it will bring in great results but do experiment so that you can see what works and what does not work.