What Will The Future Of Marketing Look Like?

Marketing can be found everywhere. Walking through the grocery store, you will notice ads hanging from the ceiling, and copy written over product packages that describe it as unique and different to anything else you would buy. The process of marketing involves promoting or even selling goods or services and thus includes several types of campaigns and processes in order to achieve it.

At this point, the marketing industry already dates back to the early twentieth century, though it continues to drastically evolve with new technological innovations that become introduced on the market. What will the marketing world look like in another hundred years from now? Technology will change the landscape, but so will many other factors. Here are some ideas and notions as to what the future may bring.

A plethora of information everywhere

Already, marketing information and its practices can be found everywhere. You wake up in the morning and notice certain copy on your toothpaste that is different to another toothpaste brand. Online, there is a long list of platforms on which you can find information. With the power of the world wide web and search engines, the information is available to anyone who searches for it! As new forms of communicating with one another continue to change with time (such as how everything is now available on a mobile phone), the sources on which you find information will also grow. The presence of marketing will become even more widespread.

Technological innovations

Any new technology that gets introduced on the market and becomes adopted by industries and people will change the landscape of a certain workforce. In changing the workforce, it will change the platforms on which marketing is found, and even the way the information is distributed. Virtual reality can affect the way that people engage on social media, the same way expansion in artificial intelligence can affect the way data or analytics is stored, and even how decisions are made. The mobile phone has had an enormous impact on the marketing realm, due to the fact that many use it as their primary source of information, especially as they are on the go. Who knows what the next invention will be? Perhaps it will be one that is kept in people’s pockets or even holographic glasses.

More visual content

There is a chance that the future will be more visually oriented. Videos and images are already popular, as can be seen through social media, and the main source of storytelling could thus become visual. Perhaps the future of news altogether will be video-based or live-feeds. Should this be the case, marketing strategies will shift gears to create content primarily based on this style.

Hybrid agencies

People live in a society where multi-tasking is the norm, and there is thus this want to learn many things at once. You expect more, whether it’s from a person or business. This can be seen in companies wanting its employees to be multi-talented and professed in more rather than less, and the same can apply to the future of the marketing agency. At the moment, you may hire an agency that is an expert in digital marketing, or public relations or so on. However, there is a theory floating around that the future will be a hybrid agency. No longer will one agency be professed in one specific field of marketing, or marketing alone, but it will be a hybrid of several practices and strategies. The more sources of information grow, the more people and companies may expect from one another to also become jack-of-all-trades within their area of expertise. Already, this can be seen happening with some agencies, and those who do not follow suit are falling behind in the competitive market.


Tying back to the idea of information, with the widespread availability, there may also be an increase in marketing start-ups. The more knowledge people gain and the easier access they have to it, the easier they too can start their own company or speak to individuals that will help them make this happen. If the industry continues to remain and grow in popularity, it would not be a shock that more will opt to not only work in the industry but start their own agency.

An online career

A long time ago, the magic of marketing information was found in newspapers and other printed documents. Now, the online and digital world is its main platform. Even the work associated with a marketing career and learning more about the industry can be found online, which means that people from work computers and use the worldwide web.

There has been a progression towards online careers, whether remote or freelance in nature and marketing is one of those industries that fall under this category. Not only will this type of career grow in the future and become more common, but so will the processes by which it is completed. At the moment, a freelancer or independent worker is someone who must send their invoices to their clients and are at their mercy whether or not they will receive the payment. With a progression towards a freedom economy, there could be a growth in crypto-currency transactions as well as blockchain, both of which work to create secure financial transactions. While blockchain helps secure the agreement, crypto-currency would benefit both the client and freelancer due to the fact that it incurs lower fees.

Only living in the future, can you truly grasp how marketing and the marketing industry has evolved. By looking at the way it has advanced in the past 100 years alone, and reading more about the technological innovations being introduced on the market, you can get a general idea. The best courses of action for those that find themselves in this industry right now is to adapt. Due to its reliance on technology and the Internet, you can rest assured that promotion strategies and campaigns are ever changing. It’s best to mentally prepare yourself ahead of time, as you will better deal with change.

Guest PostsLogan Lenz