What You Need to Consider When Choosing WordPress Themes for Writers

Using WordPress themes will save you time and money and also ensure that you keep up with the latest technologies. However, not every theme out there will meet your needs. If you are a writer or wish to set up a blog, you will have numerous themes to choose from. But what exactly should you focus on? This post looks at the important considerations you ought to make before picking a theme.

Premium or free themes

Most people find themselves in a quagmire when deciding on whether to use a paid or free theme. The two options have a number of pros and cons. However, the premium themes are a better choice because of the benefits they offer among them:

  • More updates
  • Improved security
  • Better documentation
  • Ongoing support
  • Less recognizable design
  • No attribution links

The features you wish to have are what will dictate your choice. Make sure you understand an option profoundly before making a choice.


An important assumption you need to make is that your audience are pressed on time. Therefore, you need to strive for simplicity. If it is difficult for your visitors to access and read your content, they will click away. If you need a unique website or blog, heed the advice of one of the best artists who ever lived; Leonardo da Vinci – Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.


Internet users access the Internet using both desktop computers and mobile devices. What this means is that creating a responsive website is no longer an option; it is a necessity. Google has also started ranking websites with responsive designs higher. The WordPress themes for writers you select should desktop and mobile ready.

Browser compatibility

Don’t assume that simply because the theme runs over WordPress it will be browser compatible. Your readers will access your website using different browsers. Make sure that the theme you select is compatible with all major browsers. The last thing you want is for your website or blog to be broken in certain widely used browsers. Test your theme on different browsers and on mobile devices too.

Supported plugins

Plugins are there to make work easier for you when customizing your website. There are various must-have WordPress plugins for a writer’s website. Make sure that the theme you select supports all the popular plugins. Do not be afraid to contact the theme developer on matters relating to plugin support.

Page builders

Page builders are plugins that make it possible to create a page layout using the drag and drop user interface. Most premium themes come with the page builders pre-installed. As much as this is a good thing, it can be limiting when you decide to switch to a different theme. Select themes that come with the most widely used page builder plugins. It is also possible to purchase the page builders separately.

To determine whether a theme is right for you or not, go through the user ratings and reviews. These information will help you understand what recent users are saying about the theme and whether it is a reliable theme or not.

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Shaun Quarton is a freelance blogger based in the UK with a passion in content marketing and all things WordPress. When he is not giving advice on blogging and WordPress themes for writers, you will find him playing tennis or rocking a guitar. 

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