Why Computer Performance Matters When Running a Design Agency

With the increasing demand for better visual content and the rise of internet marketing, design agencies are working on more projects than ever before. The popularity of social media makes the demand for high-quality visuals even higher; we haven't even begun talking about video marketing.

More projects mean more challenges for digital agencies. Designers and creative directors need to work fluidly with each other to keep up with tight deadlines and high standards. Capable computers with good performance are becoming a necessity.

Better Performance = Smooth Experience

Designers rely on inspiration and the power of their tools to create stunning designs. The more seamless design apps such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator you can run on a computer, the better the results will be. The slightest disruption in the process – a glitch or a computer that stutters when handling heavier load – can quickly ruin concentration.

The computer's performance also plays a significant role in helping designers keep up with more tasks. Smoother user experience leads to designers being able to complete projects faster and more efficiently. Design agencies can expand their capacity by investing in high-performing computers to support their talents.

There are ways to ensure smooth user experience and top performance. For design purposes, sufficient RAM and fast SSDs are key components to add to the computer. Almost every computer can be upgraded to have up to 64 GB of RAM, including Apple’s iMacs. There are iMac memory modules you can buy to improve the performance of your machines.

Access to More Creative Tools

Most design and video editing apps are coded to be as efficient as they can be. The latest version of Adobe CC 2017, for example, will run just fine on a system with 4 GB of RAM and 5,400 RPM hard drives. The performance of these apps will still be limited to the resources available to them.

Plugins, however, aren’t so kind to limited resources. Noise-reduction plugins are great examples of resource-heavy tools that your designers can’t access unless they are using capable computers. The plugin takes ages to load and longer to process images, rendering them almost unusable.

Video editing apps and the plugins that go along with them are even more resource-intensive. You need at least 16 GB of RAM and a capable processor for a complete editing suite to run smoothly.

Higher Quality Designs

Last, but not least, we also have the fact that good performance is needed to produce high-quality results. Clients are now expecting higher resolutions and more details from the visual contents you create. 4K is becoming more common and processing 4K content to get the best results requires more computer resources.

This is why computer performance matters when running a digital agency. Without capable computers supporting your talent, it will be difficult to keep up with tighter deadlines, work on multiple projects simultaneously, use the latest and greatest creative tools available, and produce better overall results at the end of the process. Capable computers are a great investment for your design agency.

Guest PostsLogan Lenz